Navy: “Best I can do is a force retirement.”

  1. Well, I was gonna remove this until verified, but I just went on the Hampton police page, and it's right there. So, flame away.

  2. High ranking officials just getting forced to retire instead of facing actual consequences is the biggest bull shit in the military

  3. Why? The outcome is the same between kicked out and forced retirement, they are out of the Navy. Why take away all of the benefits they’ve earned?

  4. Damn we’re just guessing now? How do we know he didn’t stab a man at the bar like the good old day.

  5. They'll handle it in the Wardroom. And boy howdy will he look embarrassed for the rest of his tour. Don't you worry about that

  6. It’s really crazy how much khakis get away with. This is probably not the wildest things you guys have probably heard but it was a chief married with family and got a junior enlisted pregnant they immediately got him off the ship (kept rank) and she was kicked out

  7. Looks photo-shopped. Background is different and white space beneath the photo is too big. All of the other people in the picture are listed in the website except Dennis.

  8. He's an American Hero. You can't just arrest him like a common criminal just because he tries to (and possibly does) kill people.

  9. Oddly enough, he did not get charged with conduct unbecoming of an officer or gentleman. Apparently whoever he did it to had it coming.

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