LeBron gets a couple of Pacer fans ejected

  1. He was pretty reserved in the press conf. He just said they said something over the line but didn’t mention specifics, or allude to racism. Might come out on twitter later.

  2. I’m pretty sure Bron has heard almost everything from fans. Especially with his time in Cleveland and Heat. These two must’ve said something really special

  3. There's a tweet/someone claiming they were there and the couple said things to the tune of "I hope Bronny dies in a car wreck" all game. Apparently they were asked several times to cool it, but didn't.

  4. Lebron is a vet in this league and he has heard almost every trash talk imaginable, but the only thing he wouldn't tolerate is racism or something about his family, so it's between those two things.

  5. I wonder if any other player could have the power to do that if the fan said something truly objectionable. Like could Sindarius Thornwell stop a game and drag a ref over to kick out two fans if he really wanted to?

  6. Shaq and Barkley gonna give him shit. "Back in my day, we'd let the ball go out of bounds near them and make sure to go backside first into his girl's face."

  7. lebron really went full menace to society mode then got some fans ejected and hit back to back dagger 3s

  8. I’m almost certain that right before the refs arm blocks LeBron a mouth in the shot he says “racist”. If she said something beyond simple trash talk, she deserves to go.

  9. Lebron is the only player in the NBA I can realistically see doing this in the middle of a tense overtime period.

  10. Yeah when it comes to trash talk, I think Bron has only reacted a few times to fans so it had to have been somewhat bad

  11. Apparently, according to other fans, they were talking about LeBron's family and saying stuff like wishing Bronny would die in a car crash.

  12. Plz let’s not everyone jump to conclusions and say they said something racist. I mean maybe they did but it’d be shitty if they got publicly shamed for making a yo momma joke or something.

  13. It was something racist I think. You could hear LeBron say, "Racist motherfucker(s)" can't tell if it's plural or not. Right about the 7 second mark of this clip. Not quite at 7, but shortly after.

  14. If you get ejected from a game by a player (especially lebron) you HAVE to go limp. Don’t resist, just make ‘‘em drag you out of there.

  15. The accusation is that the hecklers said “I hope Bronny dies in a car wreck” (those who by chance don’t know, that’s LeBron’s son)

  16. One thing is to trash talk but once you get the kids involved. It is crossing the line. Especially wishing dead on someone's kid, what the he'll is wrong with people? (If true)

  17. An accusation made by a random commenter on YouTube claiming to have been next to them at the game, screenshotted by some random Twitter account, posted on Reddit. ... and now spread throughout Twitter.

  18. Literally zero evidence or sources, stop fucking spreading false info from twitter its reckless. It’s from a fucking YouTube comment you idiots jfc

  19. I know money matters but I would love to see the NBA arenas remove some of those front row seats and give these players some space

  20. That is never going to happen. At Chase Center those seats go for $20K per game. And players themselves wouldn't be in favor of removing them considering they get a cut.

  21. lol, everytime I watch the Suns/Bulls finals ---- there's always those spots about the Bullets superfan that started following the Bulls on the road strictly to heckle Jordan

  22. My 3 year old loves SJ2 and hates the first. I've had the pleasure of watching the movie 4 or 5 times. It beats Trolls though, so I got that goin for me.

  23. Every player does. They tell the arena to kick the fan out and they do, then they probably get asked why after the game.

  24. I don't think Lebron would be dropping a "right f'ing here" on these fans unless they said something over the line, I'm sure he deals with hecklers every game but something set him off here

  25. People in these comments really acting like fans can get kicked out for regular, run-of-the-mill trash talk. Y’all are pathetic. Lmao

  26. I mean LeBron's been in the game 19 years. I don't think he's doing this on the reg. These fans must have really done some shit for him to put his foot down.

  27. Could we just wait and see what she said before inducting her informally into the KKK? Or is that not an option?

  28. people ITT making it seem like LeBron is soft or whatever, but the fact that she basically didn't deny it or argue at all proves that she said something pretty terrible and she knows it.

  29. The bigger thing for me was that nobody around them was shocked or incensed. They were just kinda like... yeah, that's fine.

  30. How are you going to argue in that situation though lol like this guy is calling you out and now the ref and security are telling you to leave it doesn’t matter anymore you’re done

  31. After seeing Lebron's post game interview, I'm pretty sure they didn't say anything racist, the fans probably used a few expletives he didn't like.

  32. I wonder if they said some really foul shit or if Lebron is being extra sensitive due to the events surrounding him this week. Basing his reaction to his entire career makes sense, but then again we also saw a career first for him the other night.

  33. He’s been in the league for quite a while and heard all kinds of shit from the crowd. If he’s that upset, then what those people said must be pretty fucking bad.

  34. He’s a huge and ridiculously strong man who could and would rip them limb from limb. The fans sit there and say horrible things about his kids and he doesn’t react. I’m impressed.

  35. Lmao at everyone bringing out their pitchforks without having any idea what they said. I’m a huge lebron Stan but you can’t just automatically assume she said something racist. I’m gonna wait and see what comes out before I accuse someone of calling him the n word

  36. That crying gesture at the end instead of shame or regret like a normal person just screams spoiled rich girl .

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