GAME THREAD: Golden State Warriors (53-29) @ Memphis Grizzlies (56-26) - (May 01, 2022)

  1. Nah, of course he should always try to improve his 3pt shot but his drive-game is CRAZY good man. It's almost annoying how hard it is to defend, especially when you don't have a big shotblocker

  2. Coach should sit him down, duct tape his eyes open, and force him to watch Russell Westbrook Lakers game tape, asking “is this the future you want?” While slamming a yard stick on the desk.

  3. I dont know man, his statline says different for now. now when his athleticism slows down as he gets older, for sure i agree with you

  4. Yeah. He's a young athletic phenom, and the more he struggles with his technical game in the playoffs rhe better he will be. You saw it with MJ, Kobe, Bron. Not saying he's at that level, but Ja will learn. Give him two years and he'll be unstoppable

  5. They should have won?? They kept go away from what was giving them leads lol. This team is best in transition, not the half court. Not to mention just low iq fouls around the 3pt line

  6. Warriors ain't doing anything without Steph lmao. If you were to remove one of Steph, Klay, Wiggs, Poole and Green; removing Steph would make you lose the most.

  7. I don’t think he matters when the small ball unit was getting rebs. Memphis wasn’t even trying to abuse the paint without him there. Everyone on GS can setup their offensive ball movement even without dray. In fact I think looney set some great picks for curry at the the top for some nice looking 3s

  8. Damn, let Ja's dad live his life yall. You telling me if you had the chance you wouldnt wanna chat Steph and Klay up?

  9. You’re telling me that if your son makes it to the league, helps to revitalize a franchise, and is going up against a modern day dynasty in the playoffs you’re not gonna be getting drunk and hype as shit courtside the whole time?

  10. Why? He had a poor first round and his team could pull it out when the best defensive player the warriors have plays only 1 half.

  11. I’m still confused as to why that free throw rebound resulted in a jump ball and was not reviewed. They liters review everything else.

  12. Lmao at this thread complaining about Warriors fan behavior online like the whole NBA fandom wasn’t creating narrative after narrative since 2015 to downplay everything about this team

  13. This is what happens when you bench the best offensive rebounding player in the league in order to "match up with the smaller team." I think the Grizz are better with Steven Adams.

  14. All the haters were praying that the refs could call a foul on the last play, refs kept Memphis in this game and unless they get Scott Foster for every game the rest of the series Memphis is getting bounced

  15. Their offense with Ja at the top of the key dribbling off 5 secs off the shot clock while none of their guys back-cut is so maddening and predictable. It hurts them in crunch time, often with Ja digging towards the basket with no plan

  16. I don’t get the controversy about the out of bounds at the end. Refs can’t review that stuff anymore and neither team had a challenge. But overall, Warriors got hosed a few times that game.

  17. That is the problem. Refs can’t automatically review it. Which is crap. The game is tied and you just go for a jump ball? When any of the three refs can have a better angle. And nobody has the balls that it is really warriors ball.

  18. The controversy is that all three refs were in the half court and not one of them made ANY signal. It’s not like they disagreed. They literally did nothing.

  19. Yet another embarrassing performance from an NBA officiating crew. I’m no conspiracy theorist but I’m genuinely beginning to think the referees are being told to try to fix results. NBA officiating is the worst in all professional sports, and I watch a lot of sport. No other sport has such inept and confusing officiating.

  20. I’ve been saying for years the nba is rigged! It’s entertainment…nothing more. You don’t think a billion dollar industry would try to get favorable matchups for ratings? The players get their millions regardless so they know..

  21. 100. Plus grizz coach and players complain on the court and at the mic so NBA needs to protect that becoming news.

  22. Naw, it'll be a gentleman's sweep in 5. The Warriors will have a cold night from 3 and throw the ball away a ton and Ja will go off and they'll lose one same way they did to Denver.

  23. They were in the game because JJJ looked unstoppable, and the refs were unstoppable. But yeah Ja should’ve let Taylor draw up a play for someone else, likely would have been a better look

  24. He was scoring non stop in the clutch what are you even talking about. He had 1 turnover and missed the last shot which was a play specifically designed for that shot. Braindead take

  25. Warriors outplayed memphis by a very wide margin. Grizzlies got borderline every single break go their way and still couldn't win with the worst last second gamecall in NBA history have your guy sprinting literally as fast as possible to try to make a layup where the whole opposite team knows where he is going and meet him there and go home and lose now

  26. Lots to take away from the game. GSW has too much fire power and they can’t stop Poole and the ball movement. JA need to play smarter too. Refs handed u guys the game got curry in foul trouble but GS crashed the offensive rebs .

  27. I don't think JJJ will play this good again. But I also don't think Bane and Brooks will play this bad either. This series is going to take years off my life.

  28. I will never understand how sad of a life someone must have to try and talk bad about an NBA player making more money then they will see in their whole life. I'm a warriors fan but you are just a hater lol

  29. Lol Ja is the truth. He is no Steph Curry but there's only like 10 humans who ever lived who can compare to his level. Cut the man some slack.

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