GAME THREAD: Boston Celtics (51-31) @ Miami Heat (53-29) - (May 17, 2022)

  1. Celtics won 3 of 4 quarters without two starters. They just need to get back to full health and shorten their rotation. Cut White and Theis minutes and pull Nesmith despite his energy on defense tonight.

  2. Pat Riley probably hired Rachel Nichols to motivate Jimmy Butler. That along with the headband done gave Jimmy Butler superpowers. Played like a Top 5 player in the league tonight and throughout these playoffs tbh

  3. I don't really have a dog in this fight, so good game to both. However, someone earlier today thought it absurd that I put Tatum and Butler in the same tier so I feel a little vindicated.

  4. I don't think Tatum is as good as ESPN and the media is trying to make him. Hell of a player, can lead a team potentially to a finals but they did the same with booker last year and a little this year. They try to ascend these guys too prematurely.

  5. Jimmy has been a monster for years and years. Dude almost always rises up to any challenge. I remember that last year on the bulls I was at a game after work and we were down big in 4th. I was tired and done and not getting up to cheer anymore but this guy would not fucking stop lead is to overtime and then the win. Jimmy butler is my father now and forever. Miss you bud, glad to see you doing well

  6. Yeah like score himself to set the tone. Whenever his team is looking down he doesn't try to give them assists he gets buckets and then they wake up. Dude is a leader

  7. The interview he had with Lisa weirdly made me understand why he’s jokingly called that. He kind of talks like MJ used to do after games

  8. At least we didn't give up in the fourth. GG Heat Bros. Don't listen to the excuses or ref blaming. Y'all came out in the third and took it, and we lost our composure and couldn't recover. Long series to go.

  9. He got replaced because he was burning on both ends of the candle...they had him doing morning radio and then night time sports centers

  10. we ran out of gas, gotta rest up and come back healthy. cant lose focus and make undisciplined mistakes, Jimmy is too composed

  11. We actually won 3 out of 4 quarters. Turnovers, missed free throws and that shit show of a 3rd quarter killed us. I just hope both teams are fully healthy for next game and the series is going to be fire. GG Miami, well played.

  12. Bro Williams got decked in the head and jaw several times. You'd curl up into a little ball and piss yourself if you got hit like that once

  13. Seems pretty fucking stupid we had a massive gap in the Bucks/Celtics series for TV reasons but then we barely get a day's rest for this one. Credit to the Heat, they did the hard work during the regular season and got the 1 seed, and closed out the 6ers. But I'm not sure that's in the league's best interest. Do they not want teams in the playoffs to be healthy?

  14. The playoff schedule has always been predetermined so idk what you’re talking about. You guys lose a game and scream conspiracy. Just take the L bro y’all got smacked by the 1st seed

  15. I have no dog in this fight but how can anyone dislike Jimmy Butler’s grit? Dude never gives up on games and isn’t afraid of anyone.

  16. I dislike both teams but I love and respect Jimmy Butler. As a basketball fan for 30 fucking yrs (jeez, I'm old), gotta give that guy his props

  17. Trying to fight his coach and Haslem really pushed me over the edge on him. I don't hate him, he just seems like he'd be fuckin annoying to have on your team.

  18. Smart over Pritchard overall but I mean Smart is prone to do dumb shit too so who knows how much of a true net it’ll be. Horford idk is as relevant this series compared to Mil but is still an upgrade over Theis.

  19. I didn’t watch most of it. Did the heat come back cause butler got most of the 18 ft’s in the second half? Seems fishy

  20. Nah I'd say it was more that the Heat came at the Celtics hard on D in the second half. Lots of Steals, lots of blocks, insanely physical.

  21. Maybe you should've watched the game..Boston had only 14 in Q3 with 10 coming from FTs, they had 8 TOs in that quarter.

  22. Nah celtics couldn't finish anything in the 3rd quarter. Jimmy got a lot of fts but I dont think it mattered

  23. Man this series seems like it's gonna be electric. This felt like a borderline must-win for Miami at home with Horford and Smart out. Jimmy popped off. Game on!

  24. Yah, idk what others are smoking. Such a solid team on both sides of the court with a stud in Jimmy. Dude was super coasting mode all season and they still got the 1 seed.

  25. Yeah. Their only reliable scorer gets half his points at the free throw line. Coming off a game 7 against Milwaukee and down two starters? Not worried at all surprised fans looked up from their phones to notice Miami won!

  26. wow good game, I was expect a blow out and easy series for celtic. hope it turn out to be a good series unlike the shit we got from suns

  27. They were in control the entire second half lmao? Boston never once gained its footing and Miami was on cruise control in the 4th

  28. No idea how this series plays out. Butler went god mode, Heat had an answer to every comeback Celtics tried in 4th quarter. Heat had good perimeter defense but Celtics still made some wild 3s especially in the 4th. Tatum cooled off 2nd half. Smart will return. Horford will return. Love this!!!

  29. I keep seeing these convos about where jimmy stands in the league but I watch this man and he looks like an all timer on a regular basis. How many two way players does the league have like this at a time

  30. especially in the playoffs, a guy who can slow the game down, draw fouls and score in the half court in valuable. you aren’t just relying on wild 3 point shots.

  31. The energy at the end of the game different than at the Half. 🤣 bozos. Let the game play out before crowning.

  32. This is awesome and all but stop acting like Kyle Lowry has as much of an effect on the game as Marcus Smart, he was the damn DPOY and Al Horford is averaging 3 more points, 2 more rebounds, and 1 more assist than PJ Tucker. So no, not the same thing.

  33. Gotta respect how Miami responded in the second half. Celtics gotta step it up and learn from their mistakes.

  34. I think Boston made a mistake not resting Tatum more in the 1st half. I think he only sat for something like 45 seconds.

  35. Okay everyone acknowledges Butler is a great defender but I still think he’s underrated on that end. Guy has some of the best hands in the whole league and basically never fouls. Such a smart playrr

  36. feeling totally fine about this. just had our worst shooting half of the postseason and missing two of our five best players, still only lose by ten, and thats with jimmy going supernova.

  37. Yeah I’m neutral in this series, maybe leaning the boys in green a little but I like Jimmy. You guys outplayed the heat for 75% of the game. That 3rd quarter just happens sometimes. Even to the best teams. Y’all will bounce back for game 2. Especially if Smart is back to put the clamps on Jimmy buckets.

  38. Yeah and with the heat having their worse half from all season and managing to win by ten ! Oh wait did i do that wrong ?

  39. Jimmy did it when it mattered most, Tatum disappeared. Jimmy was also elite on the defensive end

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