[Charania] The NBA has fined the Dallas Mavericks $100,000 for violating league rules regarding bench decorum. Now $175,000 in fines for Mavericks this postseason.

  1. I think he was pissed when he lost 200k in the Iron Stablecoin fiasco. But winning a championship means alot more and he might just say f it.

  2. He should. If he cares about the game. Plenty of guys avoiding serious injuries all because they can’t follow a grade school rule about benches.

  3. Oh, it is serious. Five citations, and you're looking at a violation. Four of those, and you'll receive a verbal warning. Keep it up, and you're looking at a written warning. Two of those, that will land you in a world of hurt, in the form of a disciplinary review, written up by me, and placed on the desk of my immediate superior.

  4. The fine doubles every time. First it was $25K, then $50K, and now $100K. If they keep this up, there would be a $400K fine in game 6 of this series and a $1.6 million fine in game 4 of the NBA Finals, for a total of $3.125 million dollars in fines. I think Mark Cuban would actually start caring at that point.

  5. Lmao Cuban doesn’t care. If 100k is the fine, bench will be wearing warriors road jerseys and shorts tonight

  6. 1 point per possession is a pretty reasonable estimate, and it's definitely worth. Imagine if a player being paid $1M could cause a 10 point differential ($100k/pt)

  7. That’s not why they were fined. No one besides Reddit cares about Pinson wearing white and calling for a pass.

  8. Scaled to the average American’s net-worth, that’s roughly $4.47 to Mark Cuban. Poor dude will have to skip a vegan breakfast sandwich this morning.

  9. The players on the bench constantly stand up. Like lets say maxey is shooting a corner three he could hurt himself since the mavs bench continuously stands Edit:spelled maxeys name right

  10. Mavs bench are mostly standing the whole game and they’re very near the sideline, sometimes almost on the court. This could cause injuries to players because they could trip them or block the landing spot when shooting.

  11. The mavs bench have been non-stop in their support of the out court play, to the point where they score a basket and multiple dudes are marching up the sideline like they just hit a game winner it’s getting ridiculous at this point

  12. They have more assistant coaches than any other team and there’s not enough seats so some players have to stand.

  13. Yeah, if the NBA actually cared about this they'd just give technicals for it. After 2-3 techs I assure you Mavs players would not crowd the entire out of bounds line.

  14. Why is the bench so close to the court anyway, these players are some of the tallest human beings in the world and they're sitting 4 feet from the line in the tiniest folding chair

  15. I vote a rule change where the fines are paid, and cumulatively added as a negative to the salary cap the next season.

  16. I don’t think it matters that much if they stand, but they shouldn’t be able to wear street clothes that stand out from their teammates or that are the same color as the opponents’ jerseys. That seems like the biggest no-brainer, just make them wear their own warmups or sit at the very end of the bench.

  17. The biggest issue is they keep stepping onto the court. They should really get t’d up for anytime one of the steps on the court, even if it’s just on the out of bounds line.

  18. You absolutely should not be able to stand right up against the out of bounds line for the entire duration of the game. Just because you’re technically “out of bounds” doesn’t mean that it won’t potentially interfere with the game.

  19. Heat have been doing this too, idk why they are making this such a big deal when other teams are doing it.

  20. I just feel bad for the fans who bought tickets right behind visitors bench. If they can’t see, not like they can get an usher to make em sit.

  21. I'd say start making the fines count against the salary cap. first fine 1x, second fine 5x, third fine 10x and so on.

  22. Honestly, should be a warning, then followed by technical fouls. It's not just the play where Curry threw it away, it's also the risk on injury if a corner three shooter lands on the players' feet.

  23. I just don't understand how fines this hefty can be coming down from the league, but the refs in the game just pretend like nothing's happening. How hard is it to give the bench a tech and tell them to sit down?

  24. I say progressive punishment. Warning, Fine, Tech, Coach Suspension, Game forfeit, Loss of Draft Picks. Mfs like Cuban are too rich. Gotta hit them where it hurts

  25. ngl the shit the mavericks is doing with the bench is so bush league that imo they should have to forfeit the playoffs, and retroactively forfeit all previous playoff games. that level of fuckery is just so annoying to me that i've already lost all respect for the mavs may think im being hyperbolic but im dead fuckin serious.

  26. Oh wow, this is the first time I connected the Mavs' bench behavior with Kidd's previous sideline shenanigans.

  27. Clearly Cuban is willing to pay the fines, refs need to hand out techs in-game and maybe they’ll learn

  28. I'm honestly surprised this isn't a warning and tech situation. Obviously the fines don't matter to Cuban and they 100% encourage the team to do it. But if the refs were able to throw out technical fouls it would definitely get them to stop.

  29. They’re totally not going to stop doing it for that lol. I don’t care as much about the wearing the same colour, waving for the ball is a bit more cheeky but well done, you fooled us. I’m more worried about players getting injured from them standing on the line or very close to it. That’s not cool at all.

  30. Fuck the whataboutism. It’s wrong when any team does it, but the Mavs are the worst about it by a mile.

  31. will they fine the Miami bench for standing up the whole game and wearing the same color clothes as Boston?

  32. The whattabout-isms mavs fans are trying to invoke is so stupid. Yes, anyone who pulls this shit should not only be fined but be getting techs. This isn't basketball.

  33. Had two players on the bench wearing white (same as warriors' jerseys) who would put there hands up like they wanted a pass.

  34. I don't remember a team being so aggressive in where they are standing the entire game. It definitely seems like they are trying to gain an edge being so close and trying to effect play on the court. This is one of the main reasons why the bench conduct rules exist in the first place.

  35. They also scream like children when they stand up to distract. I know I know "A pro should be able to shoot despite the crowd noise" but in my opinion it's different. Mavs are kinda bitch move imo.

  36. Happening again tonight. After the head official asked the one dude to change and he refused. Who is that guy anyways and can we make him a meme at this point??!

  37. Give em a tech. One lil FT and Kidd will make sure theyll sit down. But its their tactics. Lame as fuck if you ask me. Some bush league shit

  38. Stern suspended Amare and Boris Diaw for stepping on the court after a Robert Horry hip check on Steve Nash. Have the balls Adam Silver to do the same if you’re serious about this other wise who cares lol.

  39. It's a smart move, and Cuban certainly doesn't give a shit about the drop in a bucket penalty. But why on earth would you want to win like that? How could you be proud walking out of a game you you win by 1 point and caused a turnover like this?

  40. They could also call a technical and start tossing them on the sideline, especially opposite team color dude in civilian clothes standing right on the line all game long. Toss him already, Mark probably paid him and he did exactly what was ordered.

  41. There isn't a single fan outside of Dallas that pays their cable bill to see some untalented idiot who isn't even dressed to play affect the game. I was actually rooting for the Warriors to lose until this moron decided to attempt to affect the game without being skilled enough to participate in it. Now I hope the Mav's franchise crashes and burns for decades. Not a single fan wants to see this.

  42. Nope but I think they should too. Because they don’t fine one team doesn’t mean another team should do it. I’m all for equal punishment but it doesn’t take away that the Mavs are repeated offenders and shouldn’t be doing it.

  43. This won’t make them change. They are 2 games from being eliminated and are desperate. There is going to be a preventable injury. They need a few technicals and a coaches suspension.

  44. I don’t think Mavs fans get that we don’t care if they stand, but they need to be backed up and out of the way. Oh and if you’re in street clothes, don’t wear the other teams colors and be waving your hands right on the baseline for the ball.

  45. It should be a technical to interfere with the game from the bench. Start giving the other team points for this Maverick BS. 2nd tech and they have to leave the court.

  46. nba fan and have never watched such an annoying and unprofessional team like the dallas mavericks, between the constant doncic flops and their bench / coach literally on the court the entire game they have zero respect, can't wait for this team to be out, they are lucky they ran into a broken jazz and choke suns team b/c they aren't even a play-off team w/o doncic

  47. I think you need to get some air, dude. I'm a GSW fan who finds the bench thing deplorable, and they aren't even near the bottom of the barrel this year let alone recently.

  48. "The league is worried about the wrong thing," Kidd said after the first fine was assessed. "You have millionaires cheering on other millionaires. Doesn't happen in this society. And the enthusiasm of the game, for a teammate to cheer on another teammate is special. And I think sometimes we're focused on the wrong thing. And so when you look at people who make a lot of money cheering on their teammates or their employees, that's what sport is all about. And so for us to get fined, that's cool. It's going to another good cause, charity. But again, we're looking at the wrong thing."

  49. Wow I genuinely thought you made that quote up until I Googled. Idiotic take by Kidd, thanks for sharing.

  50. Completely understand the concerns on how close they are to the game i.e giving players in the corner ample room. But this has to be the first fine levied in the history of the NBA because of a bad pass. Steph turns the ball over and now we’re gonna legislate what color shirt someone can wear? Heat were in white warmups last night with the Celtics wearing white

  51. He had his hand up and was calling for the ball. That isn't basketball, therefore it should be prevented when it literally affects the game. T' them up.

  52. The Mavs had bench players wearing tees the same color as the warriors. Then the the bench players were standing up on the sidelines. Pretty much a low rent type of cheating. The refs should call a tech every time they do this.

  53. It’s really shitty for the fans that bought tickets anywhere near the bench. You literally have to watch the whole game on the video monitor

  54. I like how the Mavs were doing the same shit in the series with the Suns and everybody here were lauding them as the hero underdogs but now that they play the Warriors they are dirty cheaters.

  55. No one gives a shit lmao. NBA can fix it next season. Keep giving these baby fines and they'll still do it

  56. Seems like it's just because the spoiled fans sitting courtside are complaining because they paid lots of money to see a game and their view is blocked by the players they paid a lot of money to see.

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