[Highlight] Ref asks Theo Pinson to change his t-shirt during pregame, offers to buy him one

  1. Well the ref probably went and asked him to change it to see if he would and since he didn’t after the game I bet the nba fines dal again

  2. At some point in the second half I noticed he had a jean jacket on, I wonder if they came over and warned him one last time.

  3. With Jason "Hit me" Kidd at the helm, I'm suspicious of both this t-shirt clashing incident and the vendor tripping Curry. I ain't giving him the benefit of the doubt any more.

  4. I wonder if the league suspends him can Cuban still pay him? He might stop if his paycheck takes a hit and can't get reimbursed.

  5. When he was standing pretty much at the top of the key on the sideline I was getting so annoyed. I probably wouldntve noticed him if it weren’t for all the previous fines and I feel like the fines are doing the opposite of stopping them lol

  6. Cuban is footing the bill and standing there right next to the bench with the players lmao. Wouldn't be surprised if he's encouraging it.

  7. They're team fines, not player fines. Theo isn't paying a cent in fines. If Theo was being fined personally, he wouldn't continue it.

  8. Let's dispel with this fiction that Theo Pinson doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing.

  9. He didn’t change, Davis is gonna throw out the most satisfying T of his life when the warriors start shooting that direction.

  10. I love that they showed the whole exchange mic’d up to remove any doubt that Pinson knew what he was doing

  11. When I see Theo Pinson play as he is now it reminds me of how I used to play and it is frustrating and pisses me off that the NBA allows it. Not proud of it, I was known as Shaq on my local streetball court and went through a phase when I charged hard at everything. Big hard turns to my blindside, didn't care who was there. Charge right into the lane. Smash into the best offensive player on D while going for the ball, come what may. Limited offensive moves. So make no mistake about it. Theo Pinson knows what he's doing. He knows people will be injured. He knows his skillset is limited and this is how he can win. He knows people will confuse him for a teammate and pass him the ball, think twice about falling near the bench, etc. He will only be stopped by a stronger player and/or fearless players like Giannis, Gasol, Draymond, etc. Or by an obviously more skilled player with equal Type A like lbaka. He didn't intend to injure, but he certainly intends to show you that he doesn't care if you get hurt when he stands up on the bench. At least that's how used to play. But that was streetball. Eventually I got more moves, played w better players, played real basketball w refs. There's no doubt in my mind the NBA has some kind of edict coming down, telling the refs to let him run amok.

  12. There it is. You see everybody, that’s what Theo Pinson does. Standing courtside with incorrect colors on purpose followed by a memorized 20 seconds of acting like the other team.

  13. Absolutely wild to me that anyone good enough to be a professional player would deliberately try this crap, if I were his peer I'd certainly think less of him afterwards. Pat Bev levels of acknowledging that you need to be extra to make an impact

  14. Every team does it. Let’s dispel this notion that this is an outlier situation going on with the Mavs. This is getting way too much attention because it’s the Warriors and the other two teams that the Mavs have played this postseason have complained about it because they lost and were being sore losers so they complained to the NBA about it.

  15. Once and for all, we need to dispel with his fiction that Theo Pinson doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's foing

  16. Can we once and for all though dispel with this fiction that Theo Pinson doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

  17. Let's dispel with this fiction that anyone (outside of Dallas) knew who Theo Pinson was before all of this.

  18. Style changed. It was never a rule but teams started liking dark jerseys more and it kinda flipped. Home team always picks their jerseys before the game and let's the visitors know. Visiting team chooses accordingly. And for some reason home teams like their dark jerseys more, probably a "fashion" move more than anything tbh.

  19. I think it makes sense for the away team to wear white, so the home team can wear unique jerseys in their color scheme for home fans.

  20. I was actually in what was literally a 10-year long argument over the concept of the home team always wearing a particular color. Frustratingly enough different professional sports took a different stances so sometimes at some level home team was supposed to wear white and sometimes at some levels the home team was supposed to wear dark.

  21. sportsman ship aside......dudes straight standing there and two dudes sitting right behind him forced to stare at his ass.

  22. Imagine being dressed to play and having to stare at the ass of some G League player who no one’s even heard of.

  23. I'm not one that says blindly follow the rules but just change dude. Someone's trying to do their job and they asked nicely. I doubt the ref personally cares what he wears

  24. That was a nice way of saying he was getting Teed up if he didn't stop fucking around. The Mavs bench was better about sitting in general this game.

  25. This is getting enough attention this post season that there will be an off-season rule change. If instead of fining a billionaire pennies, they give out technicals, it would end immediately.

  26. The way to fix this is to make a rule saying if you aren’t suited up you have to sit in the second row of the bench

  27. Its worst. Its borderline bush league shit tactics. Like bruh. How desperate are you? To go this far and still lose makes him look even more like a clown

  28. The thing is, if you want to say, "It's technically not against the rules," then what you're saying is we should be going technicalities.

  29. It's actually insane that a benchwarmer is even up that close to the top where the coaches sit. They're usually at the end

  30. Theo's value to teams is his ability to create team chemistry and to amp up people during the game. And he's quite good at it--it's why he is still in the league. He's extremely vocal. Kidd called him their team MVP earlier this season.

  31. All the lawyers on the thread saying "it's not against the rules" should watch John Oliver deconstruct Air Bud.

  32. How pissed would you be as a fan to have seats right behind a team’s bench for a WCF game but your view obstructed the whole fucking game. They should ask for a refund.

  33. Thats what pissed me off. I watched the whole interaction and after seeing him smugly ask "Why?" I thought, hey that was a respectful honest interaction between a ref and a player.

  34. NBA working overtime trying to make the refs seem human and likable knowing that Netflix doc about to drop 👀

  35. All Dallas has is reaching for straws at this point. Their big comeback game was supposed to be game three.

  36. Draymond’s time to shine… he’s already got 2 head shots off people in Warriors colors in these playoffs, time to add a 3rd.

  37. It just seems so obvious. If you’re not suited up, you can’t be in the first bench row, and you can’t be standing on the sidelines. Only exception should be for the coach of either team.

  38. That's a stupid move personally. He could've simply changed his shirt and had a good impression with the ref. I assue that is worth changing shirts for.

  39. Respect? Dude’s an asshole and puts players at risk by standing an inch behind the line the whole fucking game.

  40. Did the same thing in NY so I dont think its a tactic but it is crazy how far up he is sometimes on the bench . you would think he is the coach

  41. Game 2 Theo was wearing a white shirt and standing on the sideline. At one point he had his hand up yelling at his teammates or calling for the ball depending on who you ask. So the ref asked him to switch shirt colors so that the Warriors dont pass him the ball again thinking he's a on court teammate.

  42. Last game a guy was wearing a white hoodie or something and steph errantly passed a ball to the guy thinking he was a warriors player.. not sure it was this same guy, but maybe. He was standing in front of the mavericks bench on the sideline

  43. This is such an easy fix. Clearly Cuban thinks cheating is worth these little fines. So every single time the warriors cross half court, if Pinson is standing give the dallas bench a tech. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Pinson will change or sit down 1 minute into the game

  44. if the mavericks need to resort to this bush league stuff to gain an "advantage", let them. Real champions take care of their business on the court.

  45. Then he doesn't change and refs issue 0 techs. If there is no consequence then there is no reason to change

  46. For the color of his shirt? Should fans behind the basket also not be allowed to wave foam fingers because it affects free throws?

  47. I’ve noticed 11/12 guys on the Mavs bench are wearing blue. Confused as to why the team has not accidentally confused them for on-court players.

  48. Only Warriors allowed to wear white now apparently. They’ve declared themselves the protagonists of the NBA so they get the “pure” look. They’ve also got some plot armor where Draymond can’t get a 2nd tech so I guess they’re right.

  49. Yeah you're right. They should really force Kerr and the Warriors coaches to take off their black pullover because they're too close to the color of the Mavericks jerseys. That and the blue warmups

  50. Oh no, major worries. Man wearing white and standing on sidelines, completely within the rules. Love hearing Warriors fans screaming about how he should techs because of it, ignoring the fact Draymond should’ve been ejected and techs handed to him before the second half of game 2

  51. Because he was last game. Dude was wearing similar color as the opposing team and standing right next to the court and curry passed it to him thinking it was hit teammate.

  52. crazy how pressed people are. I expected to just laugh and move on from it. Folks think he’s the antichrist lmao

  53. Steph curry should just pay attention to who he is passing to. Is there a rule he can’t wear a white t shirt? Then kick rocks mark

  54. You do know players pass to people in their peripheral vision all the time. When you see highlights of sweet assists, that's often happening. It's pretty dumb that you'd want to make the game less exciting all so some d-rate player can pull bitch moves on the sideline.

  55. Defense also need to figure it out too, except for that Curry pass, it might cost the Mavs more than expected.

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