[WLPG]Erik Spoelstra was not happy with a play by Boston's Payton Pritchard against Jimmy Butler... Here's what Spo had to say.

  1. Man, can you imagine if Spo made a Code joke. It would have made a Warriors/Heat Finals one of the greatest series in NBA history.

  2. Nothing too weird about it. Dude was on the floor and straight up grabbed Jimmy's leg and tripped him. As Spo said did that trigger Jimmy's injury? I don't know but that was dirty play. Not too far off from Dray nut kick. Purposely tripping people on a hard court can get people seriously injured.

  3. Okay but I am begging for a better-called game this time, but the NBA sent Scott Foster in, so

  4. I respect the shit out of Spo as a coach because of stuff like this. It was a stupid play by Pritchard but Spo understands that there won’t S-H-I-T be done by the league about it so he’s just moving on.

  5. Imagine if every coach made a big deal of every questionable play...like Bam taking Rob out in mid air game 1, or Bam decking Grant like an NFL safety in game 1. That would get really annoying.

  6. No, Pritchard broke the code and deserves to be executed for his clear attempt on Jimmy's life. Spo should go do a podcast rn and campaign for Pritchard's suspension.

  7. for real they want as many PP minutes as possible. Jaylen Brown did it and its a completely different story, scream from the rafters.

  8. Lol thank you for being reasonable. Honestly do not know what the guy was thinking after he slipped but this really is all from our courts being slippery pos

  9. I never wanna hear the term "I'm just curious" ever again after that Grizzlies series lmao FFS Jenkins was acting like a legit child

  10. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the thread about this play with over 200+ comments was removed yesterday by a mod for whatever reason 👀

  11. I think because it was a near-duplicate of recent post. I remember seeing 2 and thinking the second would be deleted.

  12. He’s not the bus driver. They’re the only ones who know the code. Jordan mustve given them to Kerr back in the day

  13. Wasn't malicious but should be a flagrant 1. This sub takes a narrative and just runs to the extreme with it lol

  14. I mean, it was a dumb foul but definitely didn't do anything. Butler wasn't moving, so less motion, less impact. He just got dragged down because Pritchard is trying to stand up.

  15. If something actually dirty were to happen the response wouldn't be whining in front of a camera. The response would be "wait... it looks like Udonis Haslem is checking in to the game." and then the fastest ejection you'll have ever seen in your life followed by a suspension and a large fine.

  16. There are about 1000000 fouls every game where they grab people on purpose to stop the play. This is nothing special. Stop being idiots. Obviously, the Pool foul was an even bigger nothingburger.

  17. I know I’m going to be called a biased fan, but Payton slips on a wet patch and falls into Jimmys legs, he does grab his thigh area but Jimmy also just slips in the same wet patch. I know you’ll call me a homer but it’s clearly what happened.

  18. TBH Jimmy ran forward knowing he'd trip on a player on the floor to generate a foul. The only thing is grabbing around the knee, that's not a great choice, but it's a playoff game and PP is trying to help his team win. Shit happens fast, I'm sure he just grabbed at whatever he could from his spot on the floor.

  19. Not bias and not wrong, I dont think it was dirty but also wasn't a basketball play so should have been upgraded to a flagrant. I would be fine if it was called the same way if the teams were reversed as well

  20. Aren’t coaches supposed to come out and act as if there was a deliberate and coordinated attempt to take his player’s life? Or is that just a Kerr thing?

  21. "You're crazy, this was a evenly called game from start to finish. Both teams are just so physical" - Sill Bimmons

  22. Bill simmon had the gall to say that the heat decided to play prison basketball and the refs called nothing and let them do it lol

  23. Love Bill but he’s helped gin up this idea that Boston is a heavy favourite to win the title - helped stir up Floppus Smart as DPOY - trying to whine about how physical Miami was

  24. This subreddit made fun of Joel Embiid for claiming a guy who honestly believes stuff like this is impartial enough to vote for awards.

  25. I like Bill as a basketball historian. Knows his stuff, clearly loves the game, and takes award voting very seriously. And his company puts out great stuff. I listen all the time because I like to hear his perspective, and think he's funny sometimes.

  26. I agree with him, and I was furious when I watched it happen, was totally unnecessary when we were trying to claw back into the game, not that it mattered in the end.

  27. Context is important here. Ja blasted this all over twitter to start the media storm. The NBA loves drama. If Butler shouted this to the world it would be a trending topic. Props on him for not being that guy. I watched the whole game and didn't even notice it, nor did I notice the Poole play either.

  28. Just like Bam backing up and undercutting Rob at the apex of his jump. It was a take foul when he got screened hard, and looks real bad.

  29. I’m convinced the Media and League are still pissed the Heat stopped their Celtics Lakers bubble finals they wanted so badly. Now they have another chance for a north east vs Cali money machine and they are 100% committed to making it happen. The Heat are just an inconvenient reality to them. Because the media has clearly committed to ignoring and downplaying the Heat all playoffs and the league has clearly committed to fucking the Heat over. Last series Paul Reed came down hard on a Butler pump fake and clearly hurt him by hitting him hard in the face. Butler didn’t hit a shot the rest of the game. And the media didn’t mention it once. I looked all over the internet to find more footage of the play and couldn’t, shit was completely buried

  30. This is the kind of thing that flagrants and ejections should play a part in. Not incidental contact to the face. Ask any NBA player if he'd rather be hit in the knee or face and they'll all tell you face.

  31. Really fucking hate when a player on a team I'm rooting for does a dirty play like this. For some reason I feel like I have to defend it but this shit was just dirty.

  32. Take notes Jenkins. This how a great coach deals with this stuff. And this was actually a shifty none basketball play.

  33. God have some self awareness. Like Kerr doesn't ignore all Draymond's dirty plays and then turn around and act like Brooks literally ended GP2's career on purpose

  34. Love PP but can’t defend this. I want us to beat Miami because we’re the better team not because we take out their best player. Hope Jimmy is good and I hope Pritchard doesn’t make plays like this a trend.

  35. I mean the way the Poole/Morant thing got played, you'd expect more of a overall reaction. This is CLEARLY worse but nothing will happen.

  36. Realize I’m gonna roasted for this but can someone explain why this is being talked about like it was an ultra dangerous play?

  37. Actually funny you mention that…the reason why it’s being discussed is because it circulated on social media from fans of all teams mostly looking for Drama and were likely shit posting. Like we know that people are doing this. Guess what most analysts and journalists use to determine what stories/narratives are popular and what they should be talking about to increase their engagement? They use social media(Twitter,Facebook,Reddit and YouTube etc.) and then talk about what’s already trending and what will get them the most engagement.

  38. PP trips Jimmy. It’s not a hard foul or anything it’s just a non basketball play that could’ve caused Jimmy’s injury (idk if it actually did though). Doesn’t seem like much tbh but it’s not a normal play.

  39. Normally a take foul is slapping someone across the wrists or grabbing their arm or something in transition. Not tripping a dude from behind. If this happened in transition with more speed, there's no question it would have been reviewed. I don't think it's some super dangerous play, but it'd definitely more dangerous than your average take foul, definitely not a basketball play, and definitely unnecessary.

  40. It’s a dumb play, probably flagrant one and obviously he shouldn’t do stuff like this, but the only reason we’re talking about it at all is because Butler missed the second half of the game

  41. Second time Pritchard has tripped someone like this in the playoffs. The first time he tripped Grayson Allen so nobody cares. But this is 100% a dirtier play than Poole swiping at the ball and accidentally grabbing Ja's knee. Pritchard is only looking to grab the leg of the player who got passed him.

  42. Well what did the league say about it when it happened in 2011? Because I’m looking at the clip and it seemed it was a “loose ball foul” which seems reasonable to me. Was it investigated after the game and upgraded?

  43. Celtics fans would be heard in their motherland ireland of all the bitching if this was the reverse.

  44. I would just like for this sub to behave the same way they have with Pritch and Poole doing this whenever Grayson Allen adds this to his repertoire.

  45. Damn right hes not going too hard at Prichard for this, Spo coached some of the dirtiest players (Wade) and teams of the last 20 years

  46. It really just seemed like PP didn’t see Jimmy there. He was running backwards and their legs got tangled up. Weird play.

  47. Dirty ass play, and shameless one at that, brought to you, by the same company with Marcus Smart. All these dirty plays aren't coincidence, they are told to hunt for their opponents injuries. The lack of real repercussions, despite the one or maybe two game suspension has to be updated.

  48. Definitely not a basketball play but I don't think it was very serious. Looked like he was trying to slow Jimmy down so he could get back into position. Should have been a T but I don't think he was trying to injure anyone. Not really sure why he's whining about it. They won.

  49. I mean yea, he had an open lane and it was a take foul. That’s intentional. Better ways to hurt guys than that.

  50. I mean Pritchard slips and then tries to get up at the same time butler drives and then trips over him, I dont get it at all, from a team that preaches "heat culture" and playing hard and then getting annoyed at something as soft as that is crazy.

  51. PP slipped and tried to grab Butlers leg to stop the play. Not dirty or anything but wasnt a basketball play either which is why I think it should have been a flagrant

  52. Well of course they don’t want the league to do anything. If anything, I would think the heat want PP playing even more than he was before.

  53. Honestly i hated seeing this play as a Celts fan but my first thought was it just looked like he grabbed him to get back up and get a soft foul call and it just ended up looking horrid for Jimmy. Hope to see him healthy in Game 4.

  54. I feel like I’m missing something… it looks like Pritchard falls down and is getting back up. How is getting up and getting not back into the play a basketball play? I thought jimmy drove like that when he saw their legs were tangled to draw the foul

  55. Lol idk what PP’s intent was on that but Spo’s transcended from insecure video editor to being labeled Lebron’s mouth puppet to swagging out with chains and telling it like it is. Respect 🙏🏾

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