The 2022 Golden State Warriors posted 10.3 steals per game, the highest ever in an NBA Finals since the 76ers in 1983.

  1. 83 76ers were a juggernaut. That was the fo-fo-fo year. People sleep on them in terms of all-time teams but IMO had two top-20 all timers (just neither were top-12).

  2. That team was stupidly stacked. I always bring it up in superteam discussions but it's in theory one of the most overpowered teams in league history.

  3. Moses Malone is underrated as fuck. Won back to back MVPs against Dr. J, Kareem, Bird, and Magic. Did it all on his way to a championship over the showtime lakers in ‘83 averaging 26ppg and 18 rebounds. Philly won the series 4-0. Malone led every game in the series in both ppg and rebounds except for the final game when he scored 24 points and got 23 rebounds.

  4. People will immediately point to the Jays' ball handling, or GPII/Wiggs defense, but the steals leader for the entire series was Steph at 2 stls per game. Especially in the last few games Steph was swatting the ball away from Tatum so many times during isos and drives, was really fuckin impressive and shows how badly he wanted this chip

  5. "The Guild gets the win led by Master Thief GPII with 4 steals, the Ringleader Curry added three of his own, and the Wet Ears (Kuminga & Moody) each added two of their own.

  6. Yeah, it's funny how many people are saying the Cs fumbled the championship away, without ever considering that GSW may have had something to do with all those Cs turnovers. It's called defense, people.

  7. People just love to shit on the losing team, especially if it’s a historically successful/big franchise. Not to mention the Warriors aren’t the most liked team either so it’s easy to shit on the Celtics rather than give the Warriors credit

  8. Tatum has elite upside but he needs a lot of work on his mechanics. Not to mention he travels all the time. The game would be awful to watch if the refs actually blew the whistle every time Tatum traveled before the dribble

  9. Tatum and Brown trying to dribble when GP2 and Wiggins on the floor with Dray lurking does that.

  10. These seems like an equal indictment on Boston, I saw in that last game near the end, Smart tripped on his own like twice and gave the ball up once lol

  11. yeah like Brown dribbling off his foot and stuff too, there were actually quite a few more steals they could've got if they were in the right spot haha

  12. Definitely. Golden State played great defense, yes, but too many of Boston's turnovers were in the "WTF?!?" category. More "acceptances" than "steals". Celtics were just handing out Wilsons on their possessions.

  13. The championship Ws historically induced a lot of 24 second violations and late clock shot violations. Against Rockets who were targeting Curry, the warriors would pre switch so much that Harden would only get 6 seconds to break down Curry. This warriors team just straight up stole the ball a lot partly because Celtics kept dribbling into traffic

  14. Warriors are a great team defensively but I think it has more to do with the fact that Brown and Tatum were taking turns handing the ball to the Warriors with the same enthusiasm as a Golden Retriever giving the tennis ball back to it's owner for another round of fetch

  15. Warriors had the personnel to deal with Tatum and Brown. GP2, Iggy, Draymond and to an extent Curry and Wiggins, have good stripping ability. In a matchup where Tatum should've dogged Curry using his size and athleticism, his handle was bothered to the maximum.

  16. Because they had Boston’s offense figured out already. I think Kerr and Curry said on separate occasions that when Tatum and brown didn’t have the ball, their playmaking diminished. So they would swipe at anyone including Tatum and brown who committed a lot of turnovers

  17. Heading into the finals, Celtics averaged fewer turnovers than the Warriors in both the regular season and the playoffs. They even had fewer through game 4.

  18. It’s a combo of the two. GP2 + Wiggins with Draymond lurking is a bad matchup for the Js, who both need to tighten the handle and make better playmaking decisions. Probably wouldn’t have mattered as much against, say, Dallas.

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