Longest Dicks in NBA History

  1. I’d rather read 100 shitposts like this than one more post about Curry’s hypothetical ranking given some minor tweak to his resume.

  2. What I hate is all the non-basketball fans celebrating the off-season, and commenting how it is their favourite time. I'm dying over here already.

  3. I have a list of stuff that i wanted to post this offseason. I put them on hold because i thought "the Warriors just won the championship, maybe i should wait for a couple of weeks"

  4. The names “Dick Klein” and “Dick Lange” hit different when you know that ‘klein’ and ‘lange’ mean ‘small’ and ‘long’ in German

  5. Appreciate the use of the spoiler tags, but I cannot abide the counting of the space between given and surnames as a character.

  6. He also orchestrated the trade that gave the Celtics the first overall pick and the 13th pick in exchange for an aging Bob McAdoo. The Celtics managed to trade those picks and end up with Kevin McHale and Robert Parish

  7. yes ladies and gents.. it's yo boy nasty nas.. sources are from Karrine Steffans a.k.a super-head.. she wrote it on her book where she describes all of her partners penis-size

  8. All jokes aside, it's almost certainly manute bol, just based on average height:schlong rario he should be at minimum 11 inches

  9. Way back, Chris Mullin was once asked who was "the manliest man in the NBA", with a wink wink so that he knew what the question was. With absolutely no pause he said Manute Bol... which I believe.

  10. Dick Triptow deserves to make the cut with a name like that - sounds like he’s got a jump rope dangling and tripping ppl

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