[GAME THREAD] 2022 NBA Draft

  1. Automatically signed up for 2022 - ∞ NBA conscription! You do not need to do anything else at this time. You will be transported to reception in 2-3 business days. No input required.

  2. God I’m so happy for Vince Williams Jr.!! That kid deserved to be drafted so so much and Memphis just got a hell of a 3&D player with a mentality that will fit in there on day 1! Always great to have as many VCU players in the league as possible! Here’s hoping Justin Tilman gets picked up by someone too after the year he had in the g league!

  3. Why do the pick threads not have the picking team in the title? That seems like very important information to me...

  4. Not really. It means that the list becomes shorter and there are a lot of skilled undrafted players that's going to be sign in a two-way contract.

  5. Apparently Michigan behind a prospects name really helps your draft status. Houston definitely should have been a 2nd rounder (though I do understand the flyer on him, before he actually played poorly most of the year he was a snap lottery pick) but Diabate was drafted? I don’t get it. Is it the Franz Wagner and Jordan Poole effect?

  6. tbf it has been widely reported in the Philippines that Kai Sotto does not appear in virtually all reputable mock drafts. There was just one exception and I think that was mainly due to to the appeal of having basketball-crazy Filipino fans supporting the team.

  7. I don’t like kyrie, but he didn’t play like ass. He’s amazing and that’s why he can act this way, he’s still one of the best players in the league

  8. Once again Filipinos are made as a joke because of people swallowing up the misinformation around his draft workout process. Can we just shut the fuck up next time and learn to fact check info?

  9. They said tonight Paolo was the 4th leading freshmen scorer at Duke. Anyone know the 3 ahead of him? Been trying to look it up and can’t find it

  10. Kai Sotto is never going to be drafted. Why? if your country's top prospect was dunked on by Jalen Green do you think he has a chance?

  11. Its literally one dunk, I could list a lot of reasons why kai didnt get drafted before getting to one fucking dunk

  12. i remember reading some rumours that he really did not want to go to the Kings and did not send his medical info to them or smth

  13. Bro the fucking nerve of Kyrie lmao, man got millions for sitting half the year and played like ass when KD was double and triple teamed and he was wide open, and hes the one who wants out

  14. The tears of Filipino hoops false prophets, Smart/MVP PR machine people, and Peenoise water the earth tonight.

  15. Biggest takeaways of the draft to me is that MJ is on some exotic drugs, Peyton Watson has dirt on somebody in Denver, and Liddell+Hardy committed hate crimes or something that caused their slide.

  16. I can kind of see it with Harvy because you don't want to invest playing time in an inefficient high volume chucker just to see if he develops. I thought Liddle would have gone higher to a team who wanted more certainty and depth.

  17. Miami and another team (I think Chicago) were penalized for Tampering during Free Agency of last season by losing their second round picks of this draft.

  18. Well, I hope to see some of these undrafted kids in the summer league. ESPN must be dying to go to commercial right now, goodnight y'all!

  19. Bro I am Full Filipino and I fully expected Kai to go late in the draft or undrafted, these damn misinformation content creators kept posting videos claiming kai sotto was a lock to get drafted and got others to fall for it

  20. Not really, I don't get the hype on Kai. He's good but did not show any NBA readiness with his stint in the Aussie league. I think he jumped too early, should have played a minimum of 2 more seasons in Aussie league.

  21. Lmao aside from being a nursing home for washed superstars, the Lakers are also becoming a daycare center for sons of NBA legends.

  22. Taking away 2 picks for "tampering" punishes 2 young men who have been grinding to get to this point their whole lives and denies them the opportunity to get drafted. Not like the other 28 teams weren't tampering too.

  23. lmao. Those dudes need to calm down. Kai Sotto isn't that skilled to begin with. He has the height but he still needs to improve

  24. This draft is going to end and we won't know because they'll play 15 straight minutes of commercials and we'll just be waiting for nothing

  25. I’ve been sitting here being advertised to in the most obnoxious way for 45 minutes plus.. why am I still watching?

  26. Among perk, pacing, the commercials happening during picks and retroactively talking about the picks, this has to be the worst coverage of the draft I’ve seen in a while

  27. The Warriors don't have interesting luxury tax questions ESPN, Lacob is going to pay half a billion in payroll and luxury tax per year for the rest of Curry's career because he can, and y'all are just going to have to deal with it. Why would a guy who already pays through the nose and makes way more money than he spends break up a team that just won a title? They're going to give all the guys from this team contracts and extensions if they're eligible. What's the worst that can happen, the Warriors stay a fun playoff team for the rest of Curry's prime?

  28. 2nd round is 3 minutes between each pick, and I verified that by going back a half hour and it was 10 picks ago. So exactly how does ESPN make it seem longer? More after this commercial break.

  29. It’s literally 1 pick, ad,m break, oh yeah here’s the pick that happened, here’s the Behind the Scenes we shown 8 times, but a 9th time doesn’t hurt, oh what’s that a new pick coming, sorry ad break, we’ll talk about the Champions after we return

  30. Y’all know when you watch like a 3 minute ad on youtube just to see a 30 second long video? That’s what the last 30 minutes have felt like!

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