[Sidery] The situation between the Nets and Kyrie Irving is getting acrimonious, per @wojespnon NBA Today.

  1. I just want to see who puts out offers. It looks like the Knicks, if given a chance, are going to sink 9 figures on this guy.

  2. Lol I don't get all this warning stuff. The point of a warning is to prevent something. Fans can't do shit. So how can anyone take a warning? And then you said "we tried to warn you" as if it was a failed attempt, as though you delivered on your end by offering up the warning but these other fans didn't reciprocate it somehow. What is the fan of a team supposed to do with a warning from another heart-broken fan? And that fan is also most likely bitter towards this player

  3. Everyone on this sub also thinks reactionary means overreacting lol. The actual definition is to oppose political or social liberalization/reform. I think I even made a post about this years ago and got downvoted lmfao.

  4. What do you expect from a sub that doesn't know the difference between dominant and dominate, definitely and defiantly and resign and re-sign?

  5. I’m kinda shocked as well. Lol i have dropped that word before, now I’m thinking I must have sounded like an ass to drop such a “big word”.

  6. i don't have the numbers to prove this but my bet is younger folks — meaning millennials and zoomers — don't read books like previous generations did. not passing judgment at all. do wtf you want with your free time. i don't read nearly as much as i used to when i was young. reading can be challenging and tedious if you're not used to it but it's how i learned 99% of the "big words" i know

  7. First of all, you’re throwing too many big words at me, and because I don’t understand them, I’m gonna take it as disrespect.

  8. Jesus Christ, these top comments are embarrassing. Acrimonious is not some fancy ten-dollar word, it’s high-school level vocabulary.

  9. No no, let them keep going. This whole thread has me feeling like some sort of Jesse Eisenberg over here.

  10. I was almost gonna ask whether Kyrie wrote this tweet, but there’s no way he could have because the big word is actually used correctly here even if it was unnecessary.

  11. “First of all, you’re throwing too many big words at me. Okay now, because I don’t understand them, I’mma take ‘em as disrespect. Watch your mouth..."

  12. Kyrie is 2/2 in saying he definitely wants to stay on the team he's on, in his contract year, and then leaving on bad terms.

  13. I get it, but how about someone else explain what acrimonious means. Not for me though, I totally understand the definition.

  14. Nets fans we're warned about Kyrie. They didn't listen. I wonder if his next team's fans will once again choose to ignore the warnings.

  15. I mean what were we suppose to do? Hold a protest in front of Barclays and tell Sean marks don’t sign him? Of course we weren’t gonna listen. He grew up in jersey a nets fan and brought KD. It was obvious we had high hopes lol. Some questioned Kyrie or never really liked him but we all hoped for the best

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