If OKC Drafts Victor Wembanyama, They'll Have Three 7 Footers Under 230 Lbs

  1. This is assuming Wembanyama who is currently listed at 229 does not put on a single pound of weight over the course of an entire year lol

  2. Pat Riley gives the order to open the arena doors, letting in a stiff breeze that knocks over the entire OKC roster. Duncan Robinson misses an unguarded layup in transition.

  3. Is it reasonable to assume OKC would cash in on all their picks next year to move up the draft if they don’t get the first pick?

  4. It’s also reasonable for the team with the number one pick to reject all those likely mid to late firsts if Wembanyama truly is that guy

  5. How come everybody gives Chet hate for his weight but I haven't seen the same concern about Victor? He look like he's about 7'4 220.

  6. Wembanyama hasn't gone through the prospect evaluation cycle yet. He'll get his fair share this year I'm sure if he doesn't put on weight. I have read some people concerned about his frame.

  7. Victor is 30 or so pounds heavier than Chet and he has a broader frame, which makes it a lot more possible for him to physically get larger. Victor is skinny but Chet is a full tier or two above him in that category

  8. Wembanyama is nowhere near as frail as Chet though. He’s still 40 pounds heavier. I could see OKC in a crazy scenario getting the first pick and then trading Chet if he doesn’t significantly add more weight after having a subpar rookie season. 7’2 230 is a lot more doable than 7’1 190.

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