Mvp Derrick Rose 2nd Round stats Vs Atlanta Hawks in 2011

  1. It is. That was another thing about rose was that he was box office and arenas everywhere would sell out to see him

  2. Rose was definitely one of the stars who fans paid to go see play, especially when he was at the peak of his powers in 2011. A lot of fans who were not even Bulls fans were oohing and aahing back in 2011 when they saw Rose on the court that season. Rose was scary back then…was going to try to dunk on anyone in his way.

  3. Man D-Rose was my favorite player back in the day, he’s right up there with Sterling Sharpe on the Packers when it comes to athletes I wish had better luck with injuries. His knees/ankles just couldn’t handle his game. I was grinning like a fool back when he dropped that fifty piece on the Jazz a few years ago, legitimately felt happy as fuck for him that night.

  4. Eh he couldn't have his frontcourt box out for him so he could grab 10 rebounds for the triple double average. Overrated.

  5. All I can remember was how when LeBron switched on to guard D. Rose in close 4th quarters, D. Rose was nullified. That was the next round of course, which the Heat won 4-1.

  6. U can think what u want to but it was not a 1 on 1 thing where bron just shut down drose. It was a team effort they were constantly throwing doubles and triples at him and wearing him down. Ofc bron had some great individual defense on certain plays but it wasn’t a one person lockdown. Legit the same thing happened to lebron against the spurs in 07 when he was the only one who could create for his team

  7. I’ll always remember that one layup that he made over Wade and LeBron back in 2011, the first season of the Heat’s Big Three. D-Rose was the original Ja Morant.

  8. The best part of that layup was the reactions from bron and wade. Wade said that drose would out fear into players and that he was one of the most competitive players he ever played against

  9. Not to take away from D Rose, but this is what made what LeBron did to him in the ECF so freaking impressive. Prime LeBron's defense was unreal.

  10. See this is another myth that’s annoying. Lebron didn’t “lock up” rose the whole series like people think. He was barely even on drose. They were constantly sending fresh bodies at him and doubling and tripling. Sure bron played excellent defense on a few key possessions but it was more the heat rotating mike Bobby then dwade then bron and throwing doubles and taking the ball out his hands that worked. It wasn’t just a one on one battle of bron clamping up rose.

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