Michael Jordan returns for one more dance

  1. MJ was a gambler, a bully, and a quitter (quit on basketball 3 times and quit on baseball once). Funny how reddit’s hivemind always has him in the Top 5 when he barely makes my Top 10.

  2. My grandma won a raffle at work and got to have dinner with mj in downtown Chicago at some fancy place. She doesn't remember much anymore but it was one of the highlights of her life and one of her best stories to listen to, mj was really sweet and gave her a bunch of free stuff

  3. The dunk on Ewing is the greatest example of footwork in the history of the game....embarrassing defenders with his feet alone

  4. true, but jordan still top 5ish maybe? the only superteam, from coach to depth of bench, in the weakest nba era of the last 50 years makes it hard to judge honestly.

  5. did he have to pay for every aspect of this one too? is he going to pay to produce it and then pay more to have it put on netflix also?

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