A selection of Khris Middleton's clutch shots from the Bucks championship run

  1. People forget: during the bucks championship run, Gianni’s was talked about like Shaq: he can get the job done for the majority of regulation but needs someone to close out in crunch time. Middleton played that role for a lot of the postseason. The only reason he stopped playing that role was because Giannis said “fine I’ll do it myself.”

  2. There’s no way Boston gets past the bucks if Middleton was available. Weird how this doesn’t get talked about enough I feel

  3. When he's hot he looks like prime Kobe. He played like that maybe once or twice each series but it was essential for the bucks winning it all.

  4. Honestly he look more like a hot shooting performance from old kobe not prime kobe. Kobe used to have a good share of his pts at the ri. Or the freethrow line. Middleton isn't that type of athlete

  5. I'm super happy that you guys and Toronto won in recent years. It's been so refreshing to see other teams getting the chip. I think that's great for the league, that smaller markets, show they could win.

  6. Thought we had a really solid chance to take the ECF after both Trae & Giannis went down given how game 4 went. Then Middleton just turned it on the rest of the way to show how much stars really matter in the playoffs lol

  7. He turned into an absolute howitzer in that 3rd quarter of game 5, on my life I think that was the best stretch of basketball he’s ever played

  8. Love his game so much. The last clip I will never forget. That was my "holy shit we're about to win the finals" moment.

  9. He's such an important piece for that team. Giannis is obviously amazing, but Middleton really helps make up for some of his offensive weaknesses, namely in the clutch

  10. I'm pretty sure Giannis is one of the best clutch scorers statistically, he is just not able to shoot so people think he is not good to go in the clutch

  11. I love that he crafted his game to fit around Giannis. Giannis always drawing a double lets Khris cook in the midrange/paint.

  12. Such a shame that he wasn’t healthy in the Semifinals. Celtics had an amazing season but I really wanted to see Bucks vs Warriors. Milwaukee when healthy is a tier above the rest of the East imo

  13. And if Kyrie and Harden didn't go down they wouldn't have even won once. You're literally just doing a hypothetical of if the Bucks never faced injuries while their opponents do lol

  14. Locked in Wiggins is probably a better defender and putting people on posters. I'll still take Middleton. His passing is underrated.

  15. so many games in those playoffs in which Middleton would do absolutely nothing for the first 3 quarters and be like 2-9 from the field and then transform into prime Kobe in the 4th

  16. Middleton and Holiday have become so underrated due to the huge rise from Giannis. Middleton is not just some efficient shooter with adequate defense, he's a star in the league that can get you a bucket when you need it. People like to bring them down to try to boost Giannis' greatness imo, but he is a great individual player too. And I'd say the same goes for Klay/Draymond recently with all the Steph legacy talk. Klay has hit countless shots that changed the course of important playoff series- and Middleton is no different. IF the Bucks continue their trajectory and get around 3 titles with this core, we may well be talking about Middleton's HOF claim (far away atm, but not impossible)

  17. I was impressed with Holiday. Seemed like in their Finals year he could barely buy a bucket all playoffs long (and the stats bear this out somewhat, he shot 41%/30% after shooting 50%/39% during that regular season and 52%/32% in his previous playoffs), but he was still a big asset to the team due his passing, leadership, and defense.

  18. Middleton was so freaking good during that run! The Bucks really deserved that championship I hate when people reduce it to “the Suns choked”. I also forget the Hawks made the ECF and the Nets were so good before Kyrie went down that series. Almost won even with Harden on one leg and no Kyrie

  19. I rarely agree on clutch/choker arguments - mostly it's just selective memory of small sample sizes and players shoot about the same in the long run when adjusting for strength of opposition, distance from bucket, separation from defender, etc. But Middleton really did seem un-clutch to me, and it felt like that was one thing that held them back the previous couple of years - and then he completely blew that claim out of the water in the 2021 playoffs. Even if he never has a great championship run again he should have shut up all the doubters with that.

  20. Giannis is the best player atm, but Middleton has been so good since 2015 (I moved to Wisconsin in that year, and it has been a pleasure to see both Giannis and Khris grew to the level of attention)

  21. It’s a damn shame he wasn’t healthy these past playoffs. Bucks very well could’ve, & I think would’ve been back2back champs.

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