[LeBron James] Do I have college eligibility if I went to play another sport besides basketball? How does that rule work?

  1. Bro they'd have to make him white for him not to be recognized. Even then the first thing anyone says to him would be "Yo, anyone ever tell you you look like a white Lebron?".

  2. His former teammate answered this question in action. How does he not realize this? Also, very strange lack of emojis in this tweet...

  3. Honestly it reminds me of Chris Weinke. Guy played minor league baseball for several years, didn't break into the majors and went back to FSU to win the Heisman

  4. You have 5 years to complete four years of eligibility once you enroll in college. Since Lebron never enrolled in college, he is considered an amateur athlete in every sport other than basketball.

  5. [Broussrard] Sources: LeBron is beside himself. Driving around downtown DC begging (thru texts) Biden’s family for an extension to the loan forgiveness plan.

  6. Imagine being a varsity lineman as freshman, excited for your first match and in your first match a 40 something dad named Lebron slammed you to the ground.

  7. I bet he would do well at javelin. Acceleration, speed, strength, height, wingspan and of course throwing ability.

  8. My first thought was that he wanted to get a degree and would just play a random sport while at college. I hope it’s something hilarious

  9. Football - he was all-state receiver as a sophomore than hung up the cleats. Wonder what his 40 time was in his prime?

  10. Lebron plays football at Jackson State for Coach Deion… who says no and who doesn’t watch every game and the hard knocks style show lebrons team produces

  11. Feel like his real intent is to play for Ohio st & room w/ bronny Michael Bluth style until he gets voted out of the room.

  12. Man it’s weird that he tweeted this because I jokingly said earlier this week that if he wanted to play with Bronny so badly he should just go play college ball with him, and my team lead LOST IT 🤣 at the thought of grown ass LeBron leaving half-grown college kids layed out in the post.

  13. Of all the Wilt stories people tell you don't hear much about the fact that he's a two sport HOFer. He played volleyball after the NBA and became a hall of famer in that too

  14. Jim Brown was an insanely good lacrosse player. He’s in the lacrosse hof, so like Wilt is a two sport hall of famer.

  15. It was a volleyball hall of fame for a short lived volleyball league. I don't think it's the "real" volleyball hall of fame.

  16. That's why I think Wilt is the goat of sports. To my knowledge, no one else is top 10 all time (top 5 if you ask me) at a major North American sport and a hall of famer in another. And he was also a decorated D1 collegiate track and field athlete.

  17. that would make sense because they don’t give out athletic scholarships. he’d be one of the few who can afford it w/o financial aid meaning the team can spend their scholarships better. win win for everyone.

  18. What is he going to play? Football? College football as a 40 year old man…. Sounds painful. Especially those kids out there that are gonna just FEED off hitting LeBron as hard as possible.

  19. Serious answer: He would be eligible in a different sport, however, there are age restrictions. Used to be 5 years out of high school, but things got a little weird with Covid so not sure precisely what it is at moment. Maybe 6. Either way Lebron way too old.

  20. The NCAA would 100% waive for LeBron to play football if they thought he was actually serious. The NCAA exists as an organization to make money. Can you imagine the payday LeBron would provide?

  21. Interesting. I don't understand the concept of the X years from high school. People go to college (or back to college) at all sorts of ages for all sorts of reasons so they should be able to play sports if a school wants to let them.

  22. I don’t think you’re thinking of that right. It’s not an age countdown it’s an eligibility countdown. Like if lebron went to college and he tried to go back to D1 sports like 20 years later you can’t do that. If he played at a lower level I think it’s based on credits or semesters or whatever and you can spread it out. Since Lebron and JR never went to college they don’t run into eligibility restrictions unless of course it’s basketball

  23. Lol, how is this a serious answer. A quick Google search you can see multiple people in their late 30s and late 40s making a college football roster. Literally says the NCAA doesn’t have an age limit. There was even a 55 year old DIV 1 RB.

  24. You’re high if you don’t think LeBron would be one of the best tight ends in college football with one spring/summer to prepare. We aren’t talking NFL, we are talking he lines up against Indiana and smokes their white linebacker who is 5’ 11”, has a 20 inch vertical and doesn’t have a 300 max bench. Like the dude would be awesome in college football.

  25. What makes you think he couldn’t? He 100% for sure would have out of high school. He’s now slower but much stronger and at a collegiate level you don’t need to be that fast to play TE. Also if he’s 30% as good as the actual starter he wins the job regardless for the publicity and ticket sales it would generate. That being said he’d never ever do it and he’d definitely get hurt.

  26. I honestly think he could. You don’t think a top 5 NBA player who is 6’8 240 lbs would demolish D1 level talent at TE? He’s bigger, stronger and faster than nearly anyone on the field.

  27. LeBron could have probably been an insane football player. He’d probably be some crazy hybrid tight end. Hell, he’d probably toss kids around just on pure athleticism alone in college football.

  28. hell yeah lebron i bet you can even make the USA Cheerleading Team with your height and strength you'd be a great base

  29. Just give him a $35M contract Jerry! Have him put a James Cowboys jersey on, run some routes, have the coaches hate you (it's fine they already do), make monies, shoot I would watch him try score a TD, just put him in within 10 yards of the goalline, ain't nobody stopping him

  30. A Back to School reboot featuring Lebron but it’s a documentary is something I would watch. Either watching him boom people on the football team or recreating the original and joining the diving team, I’m on board (especially if it makes Bronny more comfortable at college).

  31. LeBron gonna make it big time in the ASU Super Smash Bros. Melee circuit while studying engineering

  32. If LeBron played college football it would be huge and add to his insane story. I’d love to see it. His 4 year clock never started because he was never a full time student. He literally has all the eligibility in the world.

  33. I don't know why any college sport would try to stop this the amount of attention he would bring to them would be worth it alone. If he goes out and plays as a tight end for Ohio State their ratings are going to go up and they're already one of the top draws TV wise.

  34. I’d love for a genetic, physical beast like Lebrun James to play other sports. He could wreck some rugby or tennis lmao

  35. So seriously, if lebron wanted to play football, what position would he play, what type of school would allow him to play, and how good would he be. I could see him being a decent tight end for someone like UCF or Cincinnati. He’s built like an edge rusher but his lack of experience in football definitely hurts his chances of playing that position, it requires a lot of technique. I think purely on athleticism he could make some plays as a Travis Kelce, Kyle pitts-esque tight end, just someone who mainly runs routes.

  36. There has to be an alternate reality where there are no eligibility rules, and lebron decides to retire from the nba at 37 and go back to college and get a degree. In the meantime since he’s already there, go back and hoop on some D1 athletes. Only then are the eligibility rules created.

  37. I know football is the popular choice but volleyball makes a lot more sense. Way less chance of getting hurt and can still dominate at a level that brings attention to him. As a middle blocker all he needs is a good setter and he can swat the shit out the ball all he wants. He could even play at a powerhouse like Long Beach if he wants to stay in Cali or could even go to Ohio State.

  38. Lol. There are no age limits, and that was from 5 min of googling. There was a 55 year old D1 running back in 2016 for South Carolina state. It has to do with if you’ve previously played the sport in an organized fashion and how long you’ve been enrolled in college (numbers of semesters). “Deep research” lmao

  39. Lebron, I implore you, if you go back to school, fucking crack open a book. You are a smart guy that is completely uneducated. You will be a better person.

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