What do you think of Unbound’s cop chatter so far? And what’s your favorite line?

  1. I think it’s fine, it’s more professional but it still has its moments such as “Moron in a Mitsubishi” or calling you a “clown”

  2. I remember playing MW 05 back in the day. My dumbass drove straight into a wall at a very slow speed and the lone cop that has been following me said "This guy is a moron".

  3. I think it’s cool but should only happen the longer a pursuit goes on, it would be a neat detail then showing the frustration of the cops growing at you.

  4. It's an improvement, but still not good. My main issue with it is that again, the cop chatter was very likely done by the same script writers as the main story. That is to say, there was evidently no consulting done with actual police officers and dispatchers to make the dialogue seem more authentic, like using codes and correct terminology. It's too casual and unprofessional, even though it's no longer going for that.

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