First bug in NFS Unbound lol

  1. Yes but I assume that this streamer is using the v1.0 of the game, without any patch; if I have to be honest, I was expecting a lot of bugs and optimization issues in the leaked gameplay, and it seems not to be the case. Also today there was an update to download on EA Play (since I preloaded the game yesterday, today I saw it) maybe like a day one patch to fix some things.

  2. Isn't that expected? Even God of War Ragnarok had glitches like when you leave Atreus's rage his clothes become invisible for a sec

  3. Games have had bugs since the day they become more complex than pong, except in our day there wasn’t a patch that would fix it and we would abuse the fuck out of it

  4. Believe it or not, games are guaranteed to have bugs or exploits within the first day. If they don't, they're usually bland to the point it has little to no content.

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