For those whose struggling with the drifting

  1. Yes you actually need throttle control in this game and I'm really happy about it :) There are some leftover bugs from Ghost physics but Criterion improved it massively! If you go full grip it kinda feels like Pro Street/The Run

  2. Haven’t tried full grip yet cuz I picked a RWD car but the drifting feels nice so far (although i messed up alot at the beginning by holding the handbrake and caused the car to spin out lol)

  3. i got the eclipse and yeah drifting is kinda weird at first. i’ve been just releasing then immediately holding the accelerator into corners which seems to work

  4. is it understeer drifting like payback or oversteer like heat? basically do the wheels turn right to go left or is it like it was in payback and mw12?

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