If only they could have salvaged F1 22 ffs.

  1. The only thing I’ve noticed was when I went online and raced with the M3 GTR in stock form but tuned for grip with BTD off. Sometimes I’ll be taking turns, or get a tiny tank slapper coming out of a turn, and my car just flys off the track because it gripped up weird. On one hand, it’s actually pretty realistic for when a car bites back hard, but since it’s not a sim, there feels like there is no way to correct or save it from happening.

  2. I'm still on the fence on this one, I'm glad the community like it and if it has potential to put the franchise on a good road im all up for it. Is a good game but not 70 dollars so I will wait a year until it gets a massive discount (like all the recent nfs) and I will get myself one copy.

  3. wdym... this sub seems to be just everyone complaining that they cant turn off the effects they wont be looking at anyway most of the time while racing lol

  4. I haven't purchased the game yet and I'll probably wait for a discount before buying it on the PS5. I'm probably in the minority here when I say the game doesn't look nor feel "next-gen" and I think the main culprit for this is the Frostbite Engine (which seems to be the same version used for cross-gen titles like Battlefield 2042). This is especially noticeable during daytime: lack of contrast, flat and washed-out colors, low-quality foliage, blurry textures, etc.

  5. Since the handling model is still the fundamentally flawed 2 mode system, drifting is still unsatisfying and unnatural and normal racing is meh at best. Cause why focus on making the racing good, right.

  6. All the complains about handling and im like so basically you wanna play a different game right? Cuz this is the best nfs handling that exists right now.

  7. The handling is, fun. I just wish cars cornered normally instead of understeering and slowing down the more you turn, forcing you to drift.

  8. Looking forward to the reviews, although I probably won't buy it until it goes on sale since these games tend to be so short

  9. How’s the game measure up to Heat? I’ve been seeing so many back and forths on wether or not you can turn off the cartoon effects my brain melted and I don’t care anymore

  10. I'm on an EA play trial and it measures up to Heat so far except the Handling which is causing me to involuntary drift and take the wrong racing line as of now.The vibe measures up and the cartoon effects are novel.

  11. I haven’t played a racing game in YEARS, is all the handling/grip/drift complaints from unreasonable sweats ? I don’t get it. I don’t see an issue, probably because I don’t play racing games like that to notice any of that stuff. I’m loving the game so far.

  12. I'll be completely honest, I had ridiculously low expectations for the game. All of the clothing and non car related stuff announced, the "anime style" rumored before we really saw anything, the lack of coherent gameplay during UTHs, the year delay and THEN ANOTHER MONTH OF DELAY, and then Criterion being dragged to the Battlefield development that ended up being a shit show. But then I started playing the game, and my God did it all come together. I love the cell-shaded art style, it's unique and it works really really well. By far the best handling we've gotten for a Frostbite engine NFS, and the atmosphere is just great. I'm truly blown away. I have a few criticisms with the game currently while I'm progressing but they're nowhere near as critical as some of the early games. 8/10, very enjoyable.

  13. less than an hour into the 10 hour trial and I have to say I'm shocked at how bad this new "art style" is. not allowing people to turn off ALL the goofy effects is a major mistake. idc about the characters, you rarely see them, but the smoke effects have no option to be removed.

  14. So far I like it better than NFS Heat so that’s good. My only complaint is that photo mode lacks tools like really bad lol.

  15. My only problem is the turning like why am I forced into a full ass drift even tho I'm just trying to turn a corner maybe it was just my mistake picking the Silvia as the starter car but other than that i love the vibes

  16. Is it though? Genuine question since i havent seen fuck all on it which means it wasn't a dumpster fire. Is it stable? No crashes, glitches, performance issues? Is it full of microtransactions?

  17. Apparently people are really beginning to lower their expectations. If this is a decent game to you, I pity you.

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