GOP Senate candidate releases 'RINO hunting' ad aimed at fellow Republicans

  1. "anybody who takes me literally has mental health issues" - very serious person you want in charge of the country

  2. The whole party is just a collection of the most vile sacks of shit imaginable, but everything is excused if you pay lip service to Jesus and own the libs.

  3. Those things were just padding his resume so he could get an official endorsement from the party. Just kidding (sorta)

  4. Oh hey my state is finally getting attention on the neoliberal sub but for the worst possible reason

  5. I'm honestly astounded that this man is still allowed to go to his shul lol. Even in Missouri I can't imagine any reform congregation is particularly enthralled with his behavior. Sure there are political conservatives in reform synagouges, but this guy's behavior is well beyond what is acceptable.

  6. Every time you see something like this, ask yourself: “What are they giving themselves permission to do?”

  7. No no no you don't understand. The armed home invasion and advocacy for a license to kill is just a metaphor meaning vote RINOs out of office. Totally in the bounds of normal political discourse.

  8. It’s going to be real interesting in the future as the Overton window shifts, when future opponents begin making shooting ads about him for being a (((former liberal))).

  9. Imagine talking about hunting fellow republicans and no one says a word, but mention cocaine orgy just once and the entire party loses its mind.

  10. I feel like there’s no bottom of the barrel that Republicans will go. I don’t understand why Democrats like Nancy Pelosi want a “strong Republican Party” when it just seems like Republicans are all too willing to vote in for authoritarianism that favors them.

  11. When Pelosi (and others) talk about the virtues of a "strong Republican Party," they mean it in a different sense than the one you've taken from it. They don't mean that they wish to empower the Republican Party as it stands currently. What they generally mean is that political discourse, legislating, and American politics more broadly function better when there are two strong political parties with well-defined platforms, and when those platforms are so designed as to serve the interests of the majority of voters. At base, what she's saying is that we need a strong, well-rounded two-party system that provides voters with a reasonable choice -- she's certainly not saying that she wants to cede power to the current incarnation of the Republican Party or any combination of politicians that are even remotely like them.

  12. No, don't. We have to stop letting the fascists win. We need to bolster the least insane Republicans to bring an ounce of sanity to their party. America cannot survive Trumpism. It can survive Romneyism.

  13. Dems are shooting themselves in the foot banning guns instead of getting armed and learning the principles of self-defense. This ain't getting better any time soon.

  14. I'm sure as soon as the Dems pass any legislation nationally all the nice MAGA crew crowd will just give up their weapons! They're such nice people. Blue states passing more and more legislation disarming themselves won't backfire at all when shit hits the fan. Oh yeah and those military men and women who are gonna stifle the insurrection are so simultaneously hugely right wing but also gonna listen to the liberal Generals.....

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