Connecticut to Require Schools to Teach Climate Change, Becomes One of the First States to Mandate Climate Education

  1. It's amazing how stellar my public education was as a kid in comparison to what I've learned about other districts as I've gotten older. They started teaching us about global warming in the 3rd grade. For many years, I just sort of assumed that was common.

  2. Considering that Texas is working on shoehorning more Jesus and less science in, it makes sense when you realize half the country has decided that this is where their priorities are.

  3. People talk shit about teachers feeling like activists and pushing what they believe into the curriculum and it definitely has had many failures. But the reason why the youth are so climate conscious is largely due to teachers in the 2000s pushing it so hard despite it not being in the official curriculum.

  4. I took an environmental science class as an elective in middle school and that’s where it was first taught in a public setting to me (from Florida, by the way). I’m perfectly fine with teaching that climate change is anthropogenic as long as it integrates well with the curriculum.

  5. I grew up in a reddish state/county and we had climate change and global warming topics in our science textbooks and learned it in class… pretty sure it wasn’t required by state law but still approved by the state education dept. This was during the 2000s. Assumed it was the same thing in all 50 states

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