Lied about my birthday on my Neopets account, and now I can't log in. Chances of getting TNT to actually care?

  1. If you have the original email attached to the account, theyll tell you the birthday. I've had it done for 3 accounts now. Resubmit your ticket. I've had responses very fast lately. 2 days at most of a wait time. Alice has been working her butt off.

  2. Just make a new account and send in a ticket. I just got my old account back this way within a week of sending in a ticket for my birthday. Having access to the original email address helps immensely, too.

  3. I’m having the same issue! I submitted a ticket in December and have heard nothing. I have seen a couple people get through by posting on their Facebook account, so I tried that about half an hour ago. Fingers crossed for both of us!

  4. I submitted a ticket to recover an old account since I don’t recall the birthday I used. It’s been open since April 25th. Any advice?

  5. I just said I was seven when I made about it and lied about the birthday then but could prove the account was mine and they switched it to my real birthday for me!

  6. Sometimes I don't understand it either! Maybe they think because you lied about your bday you shouldn't get access to your account??

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