Monthly Q&A - For Beginners & Redundant Questions

  1. I would like to know if it is possible to manifest more than one thing at the time? Like an Sp, money and a friend. Should i do sats for each at the same time or just one a the time? How should i proceed?

  2. Can I manifest my SP back twice? My SP broke up with me in March, it wasn’t a bad breakup at all and I manifested him, he came back June 2nd. Now he broke up with me again because neither of us changed and there were some bad circumstances (him not wanting to commit again, he wanted to go on dates so I assumed I could go on them too but he got mad when I messaged someone and he ended up blocking me and telling me to stay away from him) I feel kind of hopeless and keep replaying what happened in my mind. I feel so guilty and heartbroken. I’m trying to stop but it’s only been 5 days since this happened. There also might be a 3P, before we broke up he told me he was going on a date with a girl and I know they went out but we ended things so I don’t know how it went or anything. I want him to come back and commit to me because he really is the only man I want in my life I just didn’t think it was fair that I had to sit on the sidelines while he did what he wanted. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in our relationship but I’m willing to do the work to change so if I get another chance it works out. Any advice would be great. Thanks <3

  3. I am manifesting a very good marks for a national exam.... Meanwhile i got two other results one being average and on another national exam i did not even pass tho i was not manifesting for those this made me anxious for the results of the exam i am manifesting for... Since questions are similar for two subjects their i am falling of the state (tbh today i did fall of the state) i have quite some time before the results are out prolly gonna be out after 20th of August.... I am also manifesting my sp so kinda made a routine like this -

  4. Me and SP are already together. But the same girl I've worried about in our last 2 retries for a relationship is like close friends with him. (Its a girl bsf situation...) He even has her on his bio. And she has him on her bio. So basically, I'm dealing with a 3P while I'm already with SP. What do I do... 💀

  5. Okay, this is more relationship advice, but this is a bad mindset is it not? There is nothing wrong with him having a girl bsf unless you have evidence to believe he's cheated on you with her, which I doubt. You SP is allowed a life outside of you, as with any important person in it. I'd suggest unpacking why you think that's a bad thing, especially when you're in a relationship with this person already. I'd also be careful saying your in a 3p situation when you're not. Not every negative thing manifests and as long as your subconscious is on board your conscious thoughts you should be fine -- BUT in a way you're affirming the opposite of what you want. Why would you do that?

  6. Getting movement with my ex (my sp) she wants to just be friends, do I tell her no? I cannot be friendzoned while I remain in love with her and look stupid while she dates other people.

  7. I’m by no means a pro at this, I’m fairly new actually, but I do believe that’s a sign, no? Sure you would be friends at the moment, but maybe that’s just a part of the ‘bridge of incidents’?

  8. How to change my SP? he has a lot of things i dislike about him especially his treatment and I was wondering how I can get that changed with manifesting

  9. Can you change him, yes, but my question is, why, if there are so many things you dislike about him, would you want to? Why do you want to be with someone you dislike so much? He is only playing the role you wrote for him.

  10. When manifesting your SP what exactly does it mean when you begin having new visions of moments together that come out of no where?? They seem so real.

  11. I have let go of my SP but I can't stop thinking about him. It wasn't really anything between us but good god, everytime I forget about him or don't think about him, he comes in my dreams. Or worse there are things that remind me of him ( like his name popping up everywhere). I had decided to not think about him and that day, he contacted me after 6 months. I am tired of thinking about him and I want something different. How do you get a person out of your mind? It's more of a being fed up with my thoughts situation than me missing him situation.

  12. This may have happened as a result of misjudging what you need to do. Imagine someone who is good at manifesting, who is more than sure that it works. How do you think they approach their desire?

  13. What do when you have such a huge resistance to manifesting an SP in general. Like I had someone i was interested in it didn’t go great he ghosted me and for a bit i was pretty confident but now every time i think about “putting in the work” it’s like my body or brain rejects the idea as a whole like i should just give up but the thing is i want to know how to manifest anyone i’m interested in especially without it going badly??

  14. Does anyone have tips for dealing with the fear of the time things will take? Overall I feel pretty good, but occasionally I anxiety with the thought of what if this takes years and years :(

  15. No different from the fear of anything else really. “I think I’m asking for too much” “okay but my situation is really complicated” “well we actually live continents apart” these are all just based on fear. To manifest is to do something unprecedented. You’ve lived your whole life in fear and worry where you had to work hard and sacrifice and hope that things would work out. Now you’re trying out something unprecedented where you let the fear and anxiety dance around with no need to restrain them and they dissipate automatically. Since you’ve never lived your life that way of course you’re going to feel like you’re getting way in over your head - like you’re walking into a public place naked. But go ahead and stop paying attention to fear and anxiety, you’ve already lived your whole life with those things, what do you have to lose?

  16. Hey everyone I recently reached out to my SP (NC for 4 months) and we’ve sent a couple texts and I just asked if he wanted to call and catch up. I honestly don’t know where to go from here because I don’t even count this as a manifestation since I reached out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

  17. yes, some time ago somebody posted a story in which they changed their sp's sexuality but deleted it in the meantime because people harassed them in the dms, so unfortunately i can't link it

  18. signs are separate manifestations. the best "sign" is a change in ur thoughts - starting to think from the state of the wish fulfilled.

  19. people say circumstances don't matter, because they truly, honestly don't. the circumstances are temporary, but will remain as you keep repeating old stories. you say your sp would "rather go nc than to reach out", but what if you flipped it? instead of reaffirming the old negative beliefs, affirm the opposite. "sp adores me and is always in contact with me". its truly that simple. when youre repeating negative assumptions and believe that's the only way, its self-sabotage and it's whats going to be the most prevalent in your reality.

  20. im in a relationship with my sp and i still think about him most of the time, so yea, i'd say it's pretty common and even normal but what matters more is noticing which state the thoughts are coming from. it seems like urs are coming from the state of lack.

  21. it means that those thoughts were accepted by ur subconscious mind and manifested because u already have the underlying subconscious beliefs that support them/u are already in the state where those things are natural to u. signs are separate manifestations. and yes, if u feel like u are forcing it, it will likely take longer because it is supposed to feel effortless BUT it most likely won't feel that way in the beginning!

  22. My old story is tragic. She was really cute at first and she is my first love. She treated me like shit. She had anxiety attacks, depression. She broke up with me because I asked her to support me in my studies soon, meaning that she would restrain her behavior and not look for drama. She screamed at me that she wouldn't change for anyone and had an anxiety attack. I chased after her and she blocked me. my heart is broken. For two months I tried to get her back through the index of Joseph Murphy's channel . also my parents hate her and all our environment has been adversely affected .

  23. You haven't been doing the "work" then. You are still stuck in the past, and see her as the same person as before, which means you have not changed your beliefs about her, but expect her to be different. You are trying to manifest out of desperation and honestly, that usually doesn't work out too well. Seems as though you are trying to force movement as well. Stop it! Do your SATs and inner conversations.

  24. How do you get over a 3P situation? I’ve been at this for 2.5 months, and never suspected a 3P and now it’s here. I reacted — I deleted my SP on all social media because I feel it’s gonna be better for me to not see that kinda stuff. I’m kinda devastated, I don’t know how to get back up from this

  25. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Or tell yourself it’s part of your bridge of incidents. Do your best to get back in your end state. Even if it means faking it until you make it. I’ve done it that way. Eventually when I reached peace with it and stopped thinking about the 3P, they would be no more. Believe yourself to be a lovable person no one else compares to.

  26. hey when you feel nervous or about to cry . take a long inhale (around 4secs) hold it for a little while then exhale. do this around 4 times to relax yourself then affirm yourself that everything will be okay. in my experience this has massively helped me shift to a positive happy mindset

  27. Self concept question - I’ve realized one of the major mistakes I was making was doing self concept work FOR my sp and to GET my sp, which isn’t truly self concept. It’s still putting them on a pedestal and isn’t putting myself first. The self concept work I was attempting felt like I was lying to myself, and I would freak out if I had a bad thought. After having this realization, I’m feeling so much better and like I’m being my genuine self. I don’t feel the need to obsess and psychoanalyze my every thought. My question is, how does the SP relate to this? Where do they fit in? I have a fear that if I stop affirming or thinking of them (which I don’t really have the urge to anymore) I’m not actually manifesting them. I don’t want to force thoughts or fantasize about them because I naturally have obsessive tendencies, but I still a desire the relationship. I don’t want to repeat to myself “sp is so obsessed with me, sp loves me etc.” or do techniques bc it doesn’t feel natural and ends up triggering me when I see the opposite. It’s not good for my mental health

  28. I think if you don't wanna do techniques that focuses on SP, it's best to focus on your own feeling - your feeling of wish fulfilled. How would you feel if you had your SP already? You would feel loved and want to give love. Go general! Like you could feel the feeling of, I'm so glad I'm in a loving relationship, or I'm so glad everything is working out perfectly. Your higher self/ the universe knows and won't be mistaken or forget that you still want your SP. I'm sure by this point you've done techniques or affirmations a lot about SP, THEY KNOW!

  29. You don’t need to do anything. Think it’s good you don’t feel the need to do more, and work on the self concept for you. But what you can do is to imagine whenever you feel like it. It should be fun, it should be pleasant, it shouldn’t be a job. How would you feel if you were with this person already? Feel that. Get into the state: everything else contained in that state (inc sp)… the sp will come up as part of that.

  30. I guess this question will be mostly for women, but does anyone else have trouble staying focused, visualizing, feeling positive, doing SATS, feeling anxious, etc while you're pmsing? How do you normally deal with your emotions and how does it affect your manifesting process?

  31. Oh my I was going to make a topic about it, but I was unsure if it was out of place. But yes, I have more doubts and anxiety during those times of the month. Though, when it comes I know it's hormonal so I can dismiss such thoughts, since when in this period I get annoyed by anything, if it weren't doings about SP it would be something else like being stressed at minor things at work, etc, I see it as something totally biological. Also being aware that negative thoughts don't affect my reality helps a lot.

  32. Great question! I can get very emotional during that time of the month and for along time it would send me into a victim state. I would spiral and couldn’t understand why this was happening despite all my success in my self-concept work. Finally one day when I was crying over literally nothing, I imagined my SP giving me a big hug and comforting me. I imagined him kissing my forehead and telling me all the sweet things I needed to hear. That this was only temporary and we will get through this together. Now when I find myself sad about anything miscellaneous, I imagine him giving me a big hug. Sometimes I even imagine him standing in front of me and prompting my affirmations. “Okay repeat after me…I AM…(fill in the blank)” I imagine him saying the affirmation and I repeat it back like he is really standing in front of me. It instantly puts me back in the end state of having the loving, supportive partner I desire.

  33. How can I have consistent movement with my sp? Last week it seemed my manifestation was coming true he had asked to hangout with our daughter and we hadn’t been in the same room for months until then. I had thought maybe he’d want to come over again the following week but he came down with COVID. I haven’t heard from him since and it’s upsetting that he can’t continue to come over. I feel like I knew it’d be a one time thing ;/ Ik he doesn’t want to get out daughter sick but I can’t help thinking that he’s lying about COVID so he doesn’t have to come over. I’m always paranoid and can’t trust his words. He probably does have it though but it’s like what do regular people do when they have COVID? Just avoid their significant other and can’t come home? He was already around me and our daughter before he found out so we’d been exposed already. Idk I also have to keep being the one to reach out to him and it’s not what I want either…

  34. Hey if anyone can help that would be great 😊 me and my sp broke up 2 years ago and I recently reached out to him a month ago and he stated he wanted to only be friends and wants to focus on his career etc. so even though I want more I agreed. I have a hard time visualizing and keeping my thoughts positive. What are some techniques u guys suggest for my situation as I’ve become a bit exhausted from trying to manifest for 2 years. I sometimes sleep with affirmations going to help reprogram my subconscious and even recently did a vision board of some things I want and included pics of us when we were together to help.

  35. I successfully manifested my SP back, yet he does this thing where he stops communicating with me for a couple of days because he gets mad at me & then comes back again, how should I go by removing this nonsense out of my reality and just have a smooth relationship?

  36. how do you deal with the anxiousness of thinking what you want will not happen or happen in time? i've been aiming to flip my thoughts and stay positive, limit my reaction to the 3D, and repeating affirmations. I'm not sure what to do to be more confident in my affirmations, especially when I don't quite see the movement yet. I know there's always movement behind the scenes, so how do I keep faith?

  37. i do affirmations or visualizations in sats until my automatic thoughts change, which also means my state has changed and my subconscious accepted the new reality. no flipping of old thoughts, it's exhausting.

  38. the only thing u need to detach from is the old state. it seems to me like u are fluctuating between two states. just continue doing the work until u feel "stable" in the new state (ur automatic thoughts start coming from it).

  39. How can I stop the belief of my manifestions not working ? I used to be so good at manifesting like I could want something and soon enough it would come naturally like it was so easy for me. Then I went through a deep depression and kind of lost all of that. And now I know I can manifest i more spiritual now then before but I still have that belief that I lost everything and I can’t manifest as well as before.

  40. So I’ve been kinda half assing manifesting my SP for a few months now. I’ve maintained the mindset that “I am the prize” and similar thinking. In the meantime I’ve been dating and seeing other people and enjoying myself and my self concept is great. I even scripted a bit of what I wanted in a partner and some of the people I have been seeing are checking a lot of those boxes off. Like basically all of them and it’s a little freaky…

  41. Why don’t you for straight to the end? There is no delay: you are manifesting just what you are scripting. Your sp is having a shitty time dating around. How about ‘we’ve been together for a while now and I’m so happy with him/her’. You are assuming and manifesting something that is not your end. This person can continue to have shitty dates and never be with you. So you really want this person? Be clear

  42. How can I mend a fight with my SP? I'm scared she may never forgive me for what I said and how I reacted. I truly love her and I want to be with her.

  43. I want to manifest an ex, we’ve been in no contact since 2019. Yesterday I was thinking about her and an old image of her from around the time we spoke for the last time popped into my mind. This morning I checked her insta from another account and I was shocked to see that she reposted the exact same pic that popped the day before into my mind, she posted the pic via Instagram Memories and she posted it hours after I had thay image in my mind. How would you describe this? Synchonicity? Bridge of events? Telepathy?

  44. This is sweet. Probably telepathy and synchronicity. Bridge of events is more likely what make you two reconnect/be together; a random picture or signs aren't bridges, but just signs, aka a direction . If you feel strongly about the ex, go for it, it seems you both still have some kind of connection.

  45. I noticed that in many success stories the desire seems to show up when the person gave up on it. Last summer I gave up on a former sp after trying for a year to manifest him back. I didn’t want him anymore and was burnt out with all the techniques. He never came back and I couldn’t care less because I was loving myself more and just Life in general, and a little after I met my current sp. I’ve never felt so loved before, we had such a strong connexion. HE was poursuing me like crazy without me having to do anything to get his attention. But of course my self concept was still not on point. I started worrying, especially when I started loving him as much as he was. I have abandonment issues due to childhood. Eventually, all my doubts and fears came to life. So now I am here trying to manifest him back for months. Affirmations, sats, etc… I just can’t keep faith anymore as I never managed to manifest something consciously, not even free coffee lol. Now there’s even a 3p so I lose hope a little more. I do believe in the law as I can clearly see how I unintentionally manifest many things with my thoughts and inner talk, I just can’t seem to apply it the right way counsiouscly ? I've considered letting go and stop putting effort but it didn’t work either for the past sp, so how can it work for many others ?

  46. The key is that you are putting your focus outside, on him. Stop. Just as you said, when you were carefree, he was after you. Break the pattern on manifesting men who leave by not leaving yourself first.cha he your state to that of someone who is and feels loved and secure. It’s all about the state: it contrails everything associated with it: situations, people, etc…

  47. if u manifest unintentionally with ur inner talk, then u can use that as ur main technique, too. look up "inner conversations."

  48. Afraid to detach - my self concept is improving a lot and the burning neediness for my desire, and the giddiness and intense emotions the idea of him gives me, is starting to fade. This morning I had zero excitement about it and I got scared and started to gaslight myself into questioning if the law was working, or if I even still wanted this. I still do, but I can tell the excitement and “wanting” is fading. I’ve had him on such a pedestal that I’m wondering if maybe I’m nervous to detach because I’ve been attached for so long that it feels weird. Do you think it’s a good idea to keep detaching? I just have this fear that if I detach, my subconscious is going to not “want” this anymore and it won’t manifest (a limiting belief). Do I do techniques to remind it? Do I keep detaching and focusing on myself and living as if? I’m just worried that if I detach it’s going to go away

  49. It’s a very good thing. You need to overcome the idea that if you don’t feel ‘excitement’ you won’t it. You should feel neutral and at peace. Let go of that final fear: you wouldn’t feel on edge of you were with your person (at least not on a healthy relationship).

  50. i am manifesting a person but we just looked and smiled eachother at outdoor.. what should i do? should i imagine met again or the end? we dont know eachothers names so..

  51. Uh what is going on? Whenever my mental diet for SP is going good, my SP in the 3D goes against me, like first week my mental diet was bad but he showed movement(i also use subliminals on the side), it got better and I didn't hear from him at all, then another time of my mental diet getting even better, he becomes friends with a 3P and so i wasn't feeling good about it but now i feel mostly fine, then SP blocked me 💀

  52. Sp and I have started talking again after ~2 months no contact (we are coworkers). I'm grateful for the movement to get to this point but I really want the 3D to catch up to my mind. Any tips?

  53. Does anyone else feel like they're living in the end and seeing significant, important movement with SP, but then something happens to completely throw you off. I've heard some LOA folks talk about "tests" as your manifestation is getting closer, but don't really come across that with Neville. Thoughts?

  54. I have a question. Me and my sp have been separated for about a year but talk every day and also have two children together. I am living in the end that we are together again as a loving happy family. Now my question is…. If I am living in the end, would I tell her I love her like a normal couple would even if she doesn’t yet say it? Wouldn’t I tell her when she looks beautiful as I always did because i am living completely in the end and we are together and blissfully happily married. She speaks to me softly and beautifully as i assume but just dont share her effection yet. Would appreciate some feedback 🙏

  55. u live in the end in ur imagination, not in the 3D world. what u described sounds like living as if. personally i think that's bollocks because it will make a beginner feel delusional sooner or later. if it works, do it, but otherwise, all the work is done in ur imagination. now, ofc, if u are an experienced manifested with unshakable faith, u can live as if because u know that whatever u set ur mind on is going to come to pass, so u just prepare the physical reality for it but that's a separate topic.

  56. I didn't expect anything to manifest and I was kinda giving up on my SP. He texted me out of blue one day after months of NC, telling me all the things I want, I thought my manifestation finally came but no, he ghosted me the next day and I haven't heard anything from him since then. I'm sorry but what the f is that ? It hurts like hell and I wish he didn't text me at all. Now I'm at a really low space, I don't want to do anything to manifest him anymore but I still have the desire to be with him. What should I do now ?

  57. I have another view. You want a relationship? Manifest from you whig in a relationship with them: see your marriage or you living together. It's quite possible that you only manifested a message and the feelings, so keep going. Manifestation is a constant thing and sometimes you need to adjust. Don't give up, you already know you can do it ;)

  58. The thing is — Once you receive said manifestation, no matter what it is, you’ve gotta continue working for it. Basically what that means is, Did you have an underlying fear our doubt that this would happen?

  59. This may be a silly question, but if I am living in the end of already being married to my SP. Should I be affirming his thoughts like "SP loves being married to me" or "SP thinks that I'm the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with" or "SP thinks I'm the one"? I know some say you have to affirm what he thinks and wasn't sure how to actually phrase this. Thanks in advance for the help.

  60. Are you, perhaps, doing too much? Maybe just stick to doing SATs before sleep, drop the affirmations and maybe add in an inner conversation during the day. Repeat the same scene for SATs and the same conversation for the inner convo until they cannot be repeated any longer.

  61. Hi all, I need some help/advice. I have had some success manifesting stuffs but not related to SP yet. I recently started focusing on manifesting SP but didn’t have a name or person in mind. I was just focusing on how our future would be based on SP characteristics and personality and what a good time we will be having. Soon I met a person and we hit it off really well. We were meeting often and she did seem like the person I was attracting. So I changed my focus to this specific person in my routine (SATS, affirmations, meditation, and scripting). But since then it seems like she has pulled away from me. We haven’t been meeting as often (she cancelled twice in the last minute) or is busy. We also haven’t been talking/texting much.

  62. Do all negative thoughts have to come to pass? I'm trying to manifest my SP back and at first was only focusing on my self concept and just myself, so I put sp on the back. But now I feel like I'm ready to focus on SP but have been seeing a lot of videos recently that my past thoughts HAVE to play out to see movement or be expecting it. There was a time & now recently I kept thinking of my sp with some rando girl and now I feel like I've taken 10 steps back and can't do this anymore.

  63. no, like the other poster had said, they dont all come to pass, only the dominant ones. aka the ones that are impressed on ur subconscious mind. u can recognize them because u think them somewhat automatically.

  64. No if all negative thoughts came to pass the world would be a mess. My reality would have a zombie virus a meteor impact every 5 seconds and everyone would be dead. Do not worry it’s just the dominant thoughts that you have. Who is saying that?

  65. please define actively manifesting. we can't help u if we don't know what technique u are using. imho affirming for 5 minutes every day and doing sats religiously every day is not the same, esp if u are a beginner, so it's helpful to have this kind of information.

  66. I was very obsessed with the process, now I have almost no negative thoughts. But I have a lot of headaches should I rest or keep affirming?

  67. signs are separate manifestations. nobody can know what the BOI is until they get the full manifestation. therefore, disregard it all and continue focusing on the end. if u are having a hard time with mental diet then do sats/lullaby. when u feel the realness of the scene in that state repeatedly, ur thoughts adjust to the new state automatically and u dont have to continue flipping them (that's what most people here describe as mental diet so im assuming thats what u meant by it)

  68. So I'm not sure what to do. I don't know if I'm obsessed or in the process of letting go of my negative feelings. I still think about SP most of the time I'm awake, but 80% of the time that I do it, I don't feel the anxiety I used to always have. Whenever SP comes to mind I try my best to persist on thinking that he loves me, but of course I'm human so I'll still have negative thoughts and break out of the state I'm supposed to persist in. I don't know what to do, SATS is a bit difficult for me to do since I hardly do it and I still have a lot of negative assumptions towards SP.

  69. My girlfriends parents are making us split up because they're homophobic. Do I try to affirm that they're now accepting of her, or come up with a simple scenario of her texting me saying that we can date again because they now allow it? Is manifesting a text different than EIYPO?

  70. u can do either or switch between the affirmations and the scene that u mentioned (not during the same session, if u are a beginner). also, as a beginner, i recommend that u do these things in sats.

  71. Hi everyone I am in need of some major help. I know people say not to talk about past circumstances and old story which I get. I’m at the stage in my relationship with my SP where things have been going really well and it’s clear how we both feel. For context, he has major family commitments and his dad is terminally ill and has been for a while (in and out of hospital and he helps with care). I have been very understanding and patient with my SP because I love him and care for him. I just went to Europe for a month which was amazing. We didn’t talk the whole time because his dad is back in hospital. I’m at the point where I am unsure what to do. Is this situation a reflection of me and my thoughts? Or is this his situation. I’ve been working on my self concept to do with I am a priority and I am loved, but I’m feeling like I should be focussing on this more. I am hurting because I know in this present 3D we can’t see each other so I know I need to go back into my mind and live in the end. Honestly in need of some advice, just feeling quite sad and deflated. Thanks all ❤️

  72. So, I get what Neville says about detaching from your desire and know that you are God and it’s already done—but I have a hard time not thinking about my SP…because I like him, ya know? And I want to think about him lol. I try to redirect that attention to affirmations on my self concept or do some SAT visualizations, but I’m curious to know if thinking (daydreaming?) fondly of your SP is the same as being attached to the lack/being needy/what you’re trying to manifest.

  73. u say u understand what neville said about detaching but it seems like u think he said u cant think about the things that u want to manifest? that is not true. u can think about them all u want. as u do sats ur thoughts will automatically change and the only thing u will detach from is the state of lack as u move into the state of having which will become evident from the change in ur thoughts.

  74. Ive posted before but I have a question again. I cant stop thinking about SP and their relationship with 3P, Im jealous, angry and heartbroken. I was wondering if its better I "purge" these feelings and cry it out/process it before I keep going with sats in a better state of mind and Im optimistic OR if I should keep going with sats and affirmations even if Im terribly depressed and I struggle with believing sp and 3p are done

  75. yes, u can process it before u continue with sats. don't suppress any emotions u have or try to overwrite them with sats or constant affirmations.

  76. I read about time crunch manifestation and I manifested suff but after those 3 days? like I had the "shut down" and "whatever" phase. So there are particular things happening in 3D and duh im ignoring all but I wanted to understand this further. Are there any personal tips to ignoring? is constantly affirming same as living in end?

  77. living in the end = feeling the realness of ur scene in sats and being persistent with it until ur state changes which will become apparent to u as ur thoughts will change

  78. i think it really depends on the stage at which u are as a conscious manifester. when i was a complete beginner i always continued "just to be sure". changed the scene and kept going. if u are a bit more advanced, and u get to the point where u feel "impotent" as neville describes it, then ur faith/past experiences with manifesting will probably help u stay in that new state without repeating the imaginal act.

  79. I just found out that I lost the contact with a person I want to apologize to because they no longer use the number..I don’t know where he is and his last name but just wanted to apologize not answering back to then due to my illness..How do I manifest to be in contact with he again..?

  80. You manifest it how you would manifest anything else. Click the FAQ button and read how or pick up a book written by neville. Please read and stop asking how to manifest something.

  81. I have been trying to manifest my SP for about 2 months and it is starting to take a big toll on my mental health. I felt like I was doing everything perfectly up until about a week ago and now my faith has just completely crumbled. I have cried all day because Ive convinced myself that everyone’s success stories are just coincidences. I feel so delusional for holding onto hope that this person will come back when I should have moved on from him by now. I’m hoping someone can give me tips on how to persist/restore faith and also tips on how to HEAL from a breakup while still trying to manifest your ex to come back.

  82. prioritize ur healing over manifesting. clearly this is affecting u negatively. process those emotions, seek help from a professional if u have to, before u jump into manifesting. he's not going anywhere.

  83. I reacted massively to the 3D this week, because I felt disrespected by my SP. I sent her a message on FB Messenger explaining how I felt, in a non-accusing manner, that I am going to seek counselling for my jealousy and insecurities and such (because I really have to work on that).

  84. I would suggest to put into action what you told her, seek counseling and focus on yourself. Do it for you, though, not to get her back. Noone to change but oneself.

  85. I have gotten movement with my SP but she is not yet ready for a relationship she said, do I keep seeing her as a friend and manifest or stop being with her and continue persisting?

  86. "Seeing" her as a friend seems like the issue here. You should be assuming you two are in a happy, loving relationship.

  87. So I know my sp funds me attractive/is interested in me…how do I avoid having a fwb situation & get an actual commitment/relationship?

  88. Anyone have SP back situations that really were against all odds? Married/nasty breakup/3P lures them back, etc? I guess hearing the worst case scenarios fixing themselves would help…

  89. All over the sub people tend not to share their old story’s as the whole point is keeping it dead. People have manifested back their partners who divorced them, moved continent and blocked them on everything it’s all possible whether someone tells you or not. Reading a success story will not help you manifest.

  90. Hey guys, I’m really struggling here. I am blocked and in no contact with SP for 9 months. I try to do SATs every night and affirmations or visualisations during the day but I’m feeling more frustrated that nothing is happening and it just feels too far fetched right now. I also struggle with really missing him. I just want it to all work out and for us to be happily married and in love, but that feels so far away when he has even blocked me right now. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to give up because I love him and only see a future with him, but I’m really struggling.

  91. You can tell your in a state of lack no matter what you say. Your repeating the old story and you see you and your sp as separate. Are you just focusing on them or are you living your life. A Person with their sp isn’t going to see being with their sp as far fetch. And it seems like your waiting, causing more wait. I would say focus on you just for a month a two give it a break. If they pop in your head just affirm it’s done or you guys are married. Don’t put to much energy into it

  92. i believe the way people treat me is a reflection of my own inner state but that i dont create every single moment in other people's lives. i guess that implies there is some free will that exists there but at the same time if i wanted to manifest something specific for somebody i think i could do it, too, no matter what they may seem to believe, so i guess the answer is yes no maybe i dont know can u repeat the question

  93. You answered your own question. You’re affirming but the opposite is showing up. You’re focused on how it’s not showing up, looking at 3D, instead of living in your imagination and having faith. That’s why it’s happening over and over again.

  94. I know I posted a personal dilemma on here, but I did say I find it easier to see opportunities in others’ issues! Maybe take your focus off of your specific situation for a moment and work on your self concept, affirming that you are fully complete, everyone accepts and loves you as you as you are, you feel safe and secure in your relationships, and that you get exactly what you want. If you believe everyone is you pushed out, then the family not accepting your relationship because you are gay could be your own doubts about the relationship or feeling insecure/ that others won’t accept you because you’re gay. Does that resonate?

  95. I know circumstances dont matter, but in this case hurting the 3P would break my heart so I cant bring myself to manifest the SP in question. Anyone else has been in a similar moral crisis? Is it possible to manifest my feelings to go away but my close friendship with SP stay?

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