Texas man charged with threatening prominent doctor over her Covid vaccine advocacy

  1. The traits are: Racists, uneducated, an aversion for cultured, kind, intelligent, educated people, who the refer to as Elites. Rude, bully, trailer-Viking personality.

  2. Social media allowed these people to band together and be proud of their deficient intelligence. Before the days of Facebook these people were embarrassed by others into keeping their backasswards opinions to themselves. Now they get their opinions reinforced by other dumbfucks and have had a few years to radicalize.

  3. I saw Texas and assumed the doctor was being charged with threatening her patient for recommending the COVID vaccine.

  4. J6 showed just how unhinged, deluded, and vicious the followers of Twice Impeached really are. We need a lot more of these charges -and convictions- in order to force these people back under the rocks from which they crawled out of.

  5. Agreed, just seems like Merrick Garland’s DoJ doesn’t think this is a big deal. The next insurrection will be their fault.

  6. Also because this is the kind of crowd that is constantly pushing for higher criminal penalties for crime, it's essential that their crimes go punished.

  7. No one should threaten anyone, but I can't believe in this day and age, a doctor, promoting health and safety is being threatened. I hope we're not in a simulation. Cause there's a virus in the program, no pun intended. (Ok maybe a little. 🤫)

  8. Also the racism. For how hard people here went for violence against Asian Americans, sure seems like no one cares in this case. Can't qwhite figure out why though.

  9. Plauge Inc introduced an anti-science mode a year or two before the pandemic hit and its actually terrifying how accurate it was with allowing the disease to spread from ignorance

  10. Man the terrorist party really needs to stop with this shit. Imagine being so mad at someone advocating science. It almost feels like they’re simultaneously stuck in the middle ages and a third world country mentality

  11. This is so problematic that for one extreme polarized wing, advocating for science and objective facts, justice, gets you vitriol and death threats and sometimes murdered..this is ridiculous that this political contingent gets catered to and coddled to so much above everyone else. It's because theyre so stupid, and easy to manipulate, orwellian sheep.

  12. What I don't understand is why there aren't more of these. Fauci and others complain about threats but I don't see anyone arrested. Can we get more of these please!

  13. Yup, typical rightwing ahole snowflake that immediately threatens violence whenever somebody has a different opinion. I bet he is all in on the antivax freedumb movement. freedom of speech? Not so much

  14. It's like we know Spread Necks are terrible people, but they seem to have to keep reinforcing that every week with worse and worse stories.

  15. So THIS is what the people with the persecution fetishes mean when they say the government is coming for them. They just conveniently leave out the fact that they threatened someone with bodily harm or death.

  16. Imagine having this much time on your hands. I don’t have enough time to play video games but this guy can get a whole case going against him.

  17. Some folks have lots of free time. Me for example. I went from 50 hr work weeks to 0. All it took was stage 4 cancer.

  18. Purely out of curiosity, what’s the likelihood that this dude is actually military and not some twit engaging in stolen valor?

  19. "MUH BODY MUH CHOICE! ALSO YER BODY MUH CHOICE! Also I'm pro-life as fuck and I'll kill you if you aren't! Also I ain't taking no vaccine no matter how many lives it saves. And I hate that goddamned ObamaSocialistCare but now that I have COVID I need help paying my bills also I'm out of work and will require SS Disability benefits the rest of my life.

  20. Please start convicting and giving these threatening folks serious jail time along with a felony charge. Handslaps will never stop these fools.

  21. The irony of some inbred Texan threatening a doctor that went on to be Baltimores Health Commissioner and the President of Planned Parenthood. This is the movie Idiocracy in the real world. Morons going around threatening people way smarter than them that are actually moving the species forward. It blows my mind. You think this shit would of ended after the middle ages.

  22. Never understood people like this guy. If you want the vaccine, take it, If not, don't. I had NO intentions of getting those shots because it made NO sense how the drug companies could find a preventive measure in what, a year or less? I see my VA doctor once a year, with him and his assistant asking me if I'd gotten them. Told them no and why. We talked for a good 15 minutes and both of them got theirs, so I figured, what the hell and got mine. Youngest brother won't take his as he's worried about side effects, something we've ALL read about. He takes that horse medication that starts with an I. He/his wife haven't gotten covid, but his youngest boy & his girlfriend have, but they're having no trouble with it.

  23. All hell is going to break loose when the vaccine is officially approved for younger children.

  24. Baltimorean here. Dr. Wen was a great Health Commissioner, she had regular guest spots on our local NPR affiliate and is still really popular in Charm City.

  25. Since the right has made actual efforts to murder people they disagree with, taking threats seriously is warranted. At the very least, they’re attempting to intimidate with threats. At worst, their threats are brushed off until they try to follow through and, possibly, succeed.

  26. If at this point in your life you truely think it is little more than a "silly drunken mistake" to openly threaten to murder someone, then I pity you and those with the misfortune of being in your company.

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