‘Record after record’: Brazil’s Amazon deforestation hits April high, nearly double previous peak

  1. Wonder when will they do something about it? Maybe when it's all gone and all the corporations look at each other and say oops no more to cut down. Profits are all gone. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  2. I love the stupidity of people to raze a large oxygen contributing factor to make food to make a profit. Profit over breathing.

  3. The air we breathe is ~21% Oxygen. Our bodies only use about 7% of that (so what we exhale is 14% O2). Therefore we can remove 2/3rds of the worlds forests, algae, etc. before we need to worry. /s

  4. the deforestation of the Amazon is a deeply immoral crime on so many levels. to our own future generations. to the rest of the planet. to our own humanity.

  5. Aside from the direct ecological impact on wildlife, we’re also removing one of the planet’s largest carbon sinks… which is only gonna exacerbate the our climate woes.

  6. Same goes for countries who decides to make islands or structures that removes acres of coral reef (china/saudi arabia). But all we can do is sit here on reddit and write posts about it. When governements do shit like this, and no other countries punish them for it, it's a hard problem to solve from the outside.

  7. The rainforest will die if enough of the rainforest is cleared, as the evaporation rate and heat retention of the area changes. This is a runaway effect. Once it tips, there is no stopping it.

  8. It’s called hayfever and I predict it will become more aggressive for future generations and kill us.

  9. Cattle farming is the major driver of this. Cultured meat can't get here soon enough. In the meantime, I've started avoiding beef and steak for the most part, and I don't really miss it as much as I thought I would.

  10. I feel the same way. It’s expensive. And chicken and fish supposed to be better for us. Legumes and grains are also good. I didn’t know cattle farming was driving this.

  11. To be honest with you, your actions won't change anything. China is buying 2 Billion USD of brazilian meat all by itself and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

  12. Do yall really eat things like meat, eggs and milk from other countries. In the UK that sort of stuff is almost always homegrown. Only exception is fruit.

  13. Knowing what we know now why are we still cutting trees down. Why aren’t we growing more if any. Demolishing abandoned buildings and regrowing forest as well.

  14. Growing new rainforest is not at all as simple as planting trees. A statistic lots of people enjoy quoting is the fact that in some places on Earth there are actually more trees now than there was hundreds of years ago.

  15. I wish & have even posited on two other reddit forums if it's possible for redditors to unify together & help stop & reverse Amazon deforestation by donating into a collective fund that pays a monthly stipend to 1.) Provide a universal basic income to land owners to preserve and/or restore forests 2.) Purchase tracts of land in the Amazon to preserve current forests. I would assume the fund would be managed & overseen by some legal entity.

  16. The next generation will aks question like why did u do nothing to stop it. Its so sad that money rules everything. Even the nature is destroyed for $.

  17. Yeah but like a dozen corporations made a lot of money, why can’t you libs ever look at the important details?

  18. I used to hope that modern medicine will advance enough for me to live long enough to see the utopia of impossible inventions, cross-planet travel, etc.

  19. As previously mentioned if you can choose something besides meat for your meals that'd be the biggest help here. There's literally nothing in meat you need, it's all really just a want. Choose compassion and help fight deforestation! :)

  20. Wrong, people are. It always comes back to people. More people, more food, more housing, more everything. If everyone stopped eating meat they’d have to consume something else that would generate its own problems. If it isn’t a larger need for beef then it’ll be fish, grain, timber, etc. This isn’t a meat eating problem, it’s a population problem, and we’ll keep expanding it until it kills us off. Earth gonna be fine, was here way before us and will be way after us.

  21. We just can't stop fucking up this world. I thought we all were getting smarter and more conscious of our future.

  22. Yeah unfortunately people just want to eat meat 3 times a day 365 days a year so good luck with that. I can’t wait till the food and water shortages begin, that’ll really spice things up.

  23. I read a report that said we could seriously cut deforestation down if we simply reduced our beef intake by a fraction. Seems easy enough to be but I know too many people that just “have to have” their cow flesh for every damn meal because it’s “sooooo gooooood”. Fucking losers.

  24. How about we fucking stop eating it? The only losers I see are people who can’t bare the idea of not eating a burger made out of a cow. The fuck is wrong with you people?

  25. Is Bolsanaro’s goal to essentially hold the Amazon hostage until other nations pay him to stop?

  26. How soon can that demonic dog Bolsanero be removed from office. Can't the world community put sanctions on Brazil to stop deforestation?

  27. While I kind of agree with you, it's incredibly hypocritical. There was an activist from either Columbia or Brazil, I don't remember, that found a way to conserve the rainforest by asking for some money from different countries, including the U.S. Practically every country told her to fuck off while at the same time criticizing the loss of the Amazon.

  28. “The amazon desert” is mentioned quite a few times in Cyberpunk 2077 and honestly I just expect that to happen, as much as I wish we could get our shit together as a species and actually apply our resources intelligently, I do not expect us to achieve anything close to that in mine or the next 10 generations

  29. Half or more comes from the ocean, you know, the place where we're dumping toxic waste and garbage and killing all the life that provides us with air to breath. >>

  30. Everyone is up and arms about the deforestation of the Amazon until you tell them the solution is to stop eating beef, then they shut right the hell up.

  31. Yeah I really need to get down there and see the Amazon before it's completely gone. It's always been on my bucket list. I really need to visit before it's too late.

  32. Amazon florest is giant. Please visit and help local communities. The economy activities helps the People too. We all need jobs. The government only needs to punish illegally deforestation.

  33. Here in Canada you can go to the supermarket and buy a piece of the forest in the form a "hardwood charcoal" - from Brazil...

  34. At what point do we start calling important resources like this Earth’s resources, and not any particular country’s? If we keep leaving it up to greedy rich people, we will have no more earth worth living on. That’s EVERYONE’s problem. Not brazil’s.

  35. Remember the '90s, when there were Rainforest Cafes in nearly every mall and everyone thought saving the rainforests was a great idea?

  36. Sadly, this doesn't even cover the illegal logging Brazil does in Bolivia's part of the rainforest.

  37. Just fucking stop it, how can world turn a blind eye on this?? It should be everywhere on the news constantly, but US is too big of an importer of beef from Brazil to even consider it. Thousands of lives die every minute in Brazil while their government is happy about it. It makes me think that all of the westerns efforts of cutting co2 emissions are pointless if this is what’s going in Brazil. In the following decade the daily rains will stop and god knows what effect on climate will that have. I’m worried that it make shake the balance deeply. I do understand that Brazil is in a dire need of supporting their people and generating income, but doing this is simply immoral for the sake of the following generations. Bolsonaros defence that Europe was once a lush forest are correct, however our ancestors had no idea about the true purpose of forests.

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