Ban on protests in front of homes signed by Gov. DeSantis

  1. Yeah but if this goes up to the current SCOTUS we have already seen that past precedent doesn't mean anything to them.

  2. gonna be a hoot when this law is ruled constitutional and a special exception is carved out for abortion clinic workers

  3. I think part of the problem is expecting consistency out of people who just openly don't give a shit about rule of law as a principle. They're aware that it's inconsistent, and they don't care. The rules do not apply evenly, and the contextual difference is solely based on whether they like it or not. So no, you can't protest in front of an elected official's home, but yes, you can protest in front of a doctor's house. And that's the only circumstance they're interested in.

  4. Apparently the punishments only apply if the protesters have already been told to disperse by the police. So they probably are okay with it because the police only tend to crack down on protests for causes they don’t care about anyways.

  5. A ban on protests?! That's against my... oh wait who banned it? Well in that case I think it's really important we let the states decide these things...

  6. Guess we gotta figure out where politicians go to the doctor and protest there since there’s no such ban for protesting outside women’s clinics.

  7. Nah 1. protest in front of the house on the sidewalk 1. get cited or arrested 3. contact aclu and start appealing with intent to overturn law.

  8. If there's one thing I've learned about the GOP, it's that you can narrow them into as finely pointed hypocrisy as you want and they'll continue to embrace it.

  9. I just assumed they go to their local RNC office for medical appointments, since GOP lawmakers know a lot more about medicine than your typical indoctrinated MD.

  10. This was literally my first thought when I read this post. Since we're now banning protests in public spaces, lets go ahead and ban them in front of abortion clinics as well. Shouldn't piss off conservatives too much, seeing as how the clinics won't be around too much longer anyways, thanks to the supreme court.

  11. Funny thing is supreme court ruled you could protest outside abortion clinic workers homes. Seems like a double standard to me.

  12. Heh... when they start banning stuff is when you know whatever you are doing is working. They can arrest a few people but they cannot arrest thousands. So the only way to fight these kinds of bans is to organize and move out in the thousands. If they really get belligerent, then you will get your Selma.

  13. GOP: “We’re the party of small government.” Also, the GOP: “We’re going to regulate every aspect of your life that we don’t like.”

  14. This is so vague as to essentially make all protest illegal. If you intend for your message to be heard and there’s a home within earshot, you are breaking this law and can go to jail. That means no protesting in front of peoples homes and no protesting in mixed use areas like a city. In a sane world any judge this came before would laugh them out of court, but we’re far from having a sane world, unfortunately.

  15. Theoretically this could imply signs on one's lawn are protests outside their home. Finally Florida has found a way to clean up all those dumbass Brandon signs.

  16. He's tried something similar in the past and it was, naturally, shot down by the courts. As a matter of fact, most of the shit this jackass does gets overturned... But it's red meat to his idiotic base.

  17. I mean a federal judge slapped down their measures to fuck with the vote because it targeted minorities and put a ten year ban on any voting laws in Florida so this might lose in court too.

  18. I look forward to the strict constitutionalists in the Supreme Court striking this anti -1st Amendment law down.

  19. I can't even say that this bill will obviously be struck down since it's the thin-skinned supreme court justices this bill is designed to protect who will get to decide

  20. So Ted Cruz (all politicians) can use private campaign donation money to pay their own personal loans because of the 1st Amendment rights of free speech, but US citizens can't protest on public sidewalks? WTF !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Does the current Florida government ever do anything that isn't a direct reaction to whatever is currently trending in the right wing mediasphere? How is that ever a recipe for well written, effective laws that will not only stand up in court but improve the general welfare (which I thought was the point of having laws in the first place)

  22. No, and it’s not. DeSantis is just trying to ride the culture war that brought us Trump. I hope to god he can’t ride it as far. I’m starting to get real Crisis of the Third Century vibes as it is from this country, I sure as hell won’t be reassured by Ron fucking DeSantis in the Oval Office.

  23. It’s not. Once you realize De Santis is only acting in the interest of his future presidential campaign, it makes sense. Pander to the idiots with ineffective or un-enforceable laws, then when questioned about his record, he can point to a laundry list of “action.” Because our collective memory is all of 10 seconds, he doesn’t need to show any results.

  24. “Don’t take a knee and protest there”, “don’t protest on the streets”, “don’t protest on public property in front of our homes” and eventually will be “shut up and don’t protest”

  25. The limp dicks that use Freedom of Speech to justify the horrible shit they say sure love infringing the rights of speech of others!

  26. It already is “shut up and don’t protest” amongst the conservative voters. The courts will follow soon

  27. If it goes up to Supreme Court, they will recuse themselves for conflict of interest, right? Right?!

  28. Maybe we should park our cars on their streets and honk all night and all day. Hell they’d support us if we did that right?

  29. Peacefully protest in streets outside justice's homes to prevent them taking away civil rights=intimidation and insurrection of the highest order.

  30. It's the freedom to force others to conform to their beliefs. Hence why so often these "small government" and "my freedoms" issues are responses to the federal government telling them they can't take away rights from other people. It is, really, the same fight we had 160 years ago.

  31. Someone tell Ron that the First Amendment still applies in Florida and is gonna bite him in the ass?

  32. They know that the first amendment isn’t just speech right? Like the freedom to assemble is in there too?

  33. think their version of the constitution has every page missing save for the enshrined 2nd (via an amendment) amendment... you know, like the 18th. oh wait...

  34. Yeah, I don’t care. No one should respect this. It’s a stifling of free speech. The moment that government officials are legally protected from the voice of the public is the moment our freedom begins to die.

  35. So protestors won't stand in-front of the specific persons house, they will just line the streets leading up to that persons house. This is a cat and mouse game.

  36. But the SCOTUS ruled such bans were against freedom of speech. Well they did when there was a law against protesting at abortion clinics where they had to stay back 35 feet from the entrance. The freedom of speech party (GOP) has a lot of restrictions.

  37. Welp, people will still protest in front of houses and then they'll just sue the state for wrongful imprisonment.

  38. Tell me you don't know the purpose of protesting without telling me you don't know the purpose of protesting.

  39. There’s no way this will hold up in court, right? Like most “legislation” DeSantis signs, this is all chest puffing and him trying to score points with the radical right

  40. I love when the “small government” is signing law after law looking to limit… making government bigger and bigger. It’s terrible.

  41. Sounds a lot like government interfering in personal freedoms. I thought republicans were supposed to be against stuff like that. 🤷‍♂️

  42. Woah, all those "we need the 2nd Amendment to protect the 1st" people are sure going to be outraged about this. Right?

  43. Keep protesting, fuck the politicians and fuck whatever they say. Don’t let these fucks stop you. If you give up, they win. Don’t let them win.

  44. Our constitution doesn't mean anything anymore if (R)s can just selectively ignore it and the supreme court won't enforce it. This is a collapse of state in slow motion by fools who think they can rule over an anarchy.

  45. I'll never understand how Republicans can cheer on laws like this and still say with a straight face that we are the freest country in the world.

  46. Gotta wonder how the Boston Republicans feel about this. There's been a whole bunch of retired/unemployed Republicans standing outside of Boston Mayor Wu's house every goddamn day since she took office earlier this year.

  47. Republicans... freeeeeduuuuum.. oh wait only for us conservative Christian white people when we spread hate is freedom ok

  48. Okay so money is now free speech according to SCOTUS but DeDumbass think people shouldn’t be allowed to protest in front of homes?

  49. Isn’t it amazing how the party of “small government” and limited reach continues to pass more and more laws that expand the reach of the government that they are trying to limit?

  50. Don’t we have the right to assemble? Like isn’t that actually spelled out in the constitution these fuckwads are always on about following literally?

  51. Lmao Republicans attacking constitutional rights while constantly screaming the constitution is under attack duh we fuckin know conservatives have been trying to get rid of poor people freedom since the constitution was written

  52. Absolute fascist trash. Vote these people out, or you'll be only allowed to protest from inside a prison cell.

  53. Right, so time to stick a small apartment in every abortion clinic, so that any protest in front of one is a protest in front of a home.

  54. Remember when Republicans and state governments would do things like this, make laws that were obviously unconstitutional, and people would just reply "Doesn't matter, this is unconstitutional, the Supreme Court will overturn it."

  55. If abortion isn't guaranteed via the constitution and they're trying to ban it, why are they trying to get rid of "freedom of assembly" that is in the constitution? /s

  56. How does this scan with the 1994 SCOTUS ruling that allows protesting in front of Planned Parenthood staff members’ houses as a First Amendment protection??

  57. And they also said Roe v Wade was settled. Never trust a conservative to be honest, ethical, rational, or intelligent.

  58. Just have someone make their official residence inside/directly next Planned Parenthood buildings, then call the police and cite this new proposed law

  59. Are Trump, Gadsden, Let's Go Brandon, and Fuck Joe Biden flags flown outside homes as forms of protest going to be banned?

  60. It's constitutionally illegal to make protests illegal. It's like trying to make a law against people owning firearms.

  61. These Republican governors are in a race to see who can take the most rights away from their constituents.

  62. I think it’s their goal to make all forms of protesting illegal to give themselves the authority to respond to it with “justified” violence from the state.

  63. How is this even constitutionally allowed? What happened to people protected first amendment right of peaceful protest? DeSantis is a fucking clown.

  64. So now we protest at both ends of the block, right? So they can't come or go without encountering protestors, and it'll be an even greater protesting presence.

  65. I don’t remember the outrage when armed protestors marched in front of the houses of public health officials during shutdowns.

  66. Isn't that sort of a violation of the first amendment? Additionally, doesn't it mean that we can ban protests outside of clinics?

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