Amazon’s Twitch, Discord, 4chan face New York AG probe after Buffalo shooting

  1. Yep, yet a year earlier a class mate of mine said, "wear blaze orange tomorrow" as a joke in a private conversation and the next day he was arrested without any further evidence.

  2. Reddit has been luckier than you ever think. Wallstreetbets has more real-life impact in the trading system out of all subreddits.

  3. They look into it after they prob epsteins death, and the pile of other shooters known to the FBI prior to the acts they committed.

  4. “The fbi knew about him for over a year in advance and did almost nothing. Let’s blame twitch for allowing him to stream for 2 minutes”

  5. In all honesty, I want to know who those 22 were that were watching his Twitch stream and what they might be planning. I also want to know who all were invited to his Discord and what part they may have had at fueling this. Who the fuck are these people?! Are they essentially part of a domestic terrorist cell?! Are they accessories?! Are they part of other organizations planning anything similar?!

  6. What would be police policy on dealing with reports/potential dangers like this? Legitimately asking. Are they just supposed to get him a psych eval or?

  7. No shit about this. WTF is going on here? Even the Parkland shooter had been reported to the local authorities and detained and he still killed a shitload of people. It’s a recurrent theme. Sort of like how ALL of the American IC was caught with their pants down while the fucking Russians have been destroying democracy. What the fuck are we paying them for?

  8. To be fair it was most likely the FBI who got the idea in his head in the first place. There is a decent number of FBI agents or as they call them on /pol/ "Glowies" that try to goad people into doing things. The FBI baits people all the time, he just took the bait.

  9. "Time and time again, we have seen the real-world devastation that is borne of these dangerous and hateful platforms, and we are doing everything in our power to shine a spotlight on this alarming behavior and take action to ensure it never happens again.”

  10. Twitch shut down the stream in a minute and a half after the shooting started... The Christchurch shooter streamed his entire attack between 2 mosques and Facebook took it down after it happened. Twitch did a damn good job in comparison.

  11. I saw a Twitch streamer Asmongold look into it. He said the guy wasn’t an affiliate and it was his second stream, with his first ensuring that it worked. Twitch shouldn’t even have to spend time getting themselves out of this investigation because their is nothing they could’ve done. It’s nuts to see he called it that people are going to blame things like Twitch when they really had no involvement.

  12. "We need to distract the public and condition them to believe that someone can't just be an insane/racist POS without a major corporation being at fault"

  13. By that logic virtually any platform that allows communication can be "inherently dangerous and hateful" - this is the same shit as people blaming violence on rock music or satanists or whatever the fuck fit their agenda and they didn't understand. This is more people with no understanding blaming the messenger rather than where the message originated.

  14. I mean by that logic neither is 4chan. It doesn't have any inherently hateful boards. But the lack of moderation leads to the absolute worst toxic shit proliferating all over most of them.

  15. The man went on the street and used a megaphone to broadcast his dangerous violent ignorant ideas. Let's investigate the megaphone company.

  16. Fairly certain that 4chan for most of it is not inherently dangerous and hateful, quite the opposite to be honest given they solved graph coloring

  17. I wouldn't be surprised if there's plenty of discord channels for nazi fucks. Not like they can't find another place, but discord has grown enough where it needs to take some responsibility for what people are doing on it.

  18. Societal problems that come from social and cultural evolution needs to be addressed with education and social services. These "old white men" types are trying to blame everyone but themselves. They try to force some status quo from the 1980s and neglected change and reforms.

  19. Yeah, going after the real problems Twitch and Discord. Wait until the AG hears about the private chat forum Zoom. Authorities should be worried about that too.

  20. They'd never use zoom because zoom requires communicating with people you know irl, and these shooters don't have any friends. Really wonder why.

  21. And people proactively reported it to the police! The police can't detect every crime before it happens, but we should expect them to diligently follow up on reported violent crimes and domestic terrorism.

  22. Ironically Discord as a company doesn't believe in using proper end to end encryption, so that they can "moderate" the platform. Yet they prove time after time that their idiotic beliefs are ultimately useless.

  23. Privacy? Twitch and discord aren’t privately purchased corners of the internet. What thry advocate for is a filter system that finds hateful and violent language that outlines a planned attack. That’s a thoughtful approach to public safety.

  24. Only positive with this is that they might find the most popular streamers right now doing actual online sponsored gambling on stream.

  25. New York’s AG proves incompetence by thinking Discord and Twitch are responsible for individuals decisions.

  26. Twitch and Discord are not "hatefarms". They are 90% anime and gamers just bullshitting with eachother and relaxing

  27. Also he has a personal diary on discord, which means he only put things in for himself. Only 15 people were given access the day of.

  28. Since no one seems ready to say it, I will. 4chan is fucking trash. I understand "hey there are some parts that are kinda ok so you know." That's like saying, "look I have a really nice house, here is my game room, here is a lovely kitchen, the sun room with all these plants, and there are also nazis in the garage."

  29. A large part of 4chan is dedicated to specific interests like games both video and non, fitness, anime and wide variety of other topics as well. Its not all like /b/.

  30. There were hate farm from people like Arab andy guy when he was doing tts and wrecked havoc everywhere and did a bomb threat donation thing, which he is likely still in jail for

  31. They need someone or something to blame. Too much of society is too stupid or too stubborn to believe that some percentage of people are just shitty, and will do shitty things. They can pop up in any group, any demographic, and use/do anything that regular people can. Can't just accept that some people are fucked up though. Someone has to be held accountable/pay for it, or else the guys with expensive suits and fake smiles start losing votes.

  32. Fact of the matter is, every social networks or chat services are susceptible to hate groups, since they also need to socialize. The question is not "are there any hate groups on Discord", but "are Discord doing anything to stop them, and was it enough"

  33. I dont understand why we aren't going after Microsoft Word which is where he wrote the manifesto. If he couldn't type a manifesto maybe this would not happened

  34. Me and my friends have a discord. Its just a private channel we can talk. We're just buddies from college. We used to use facebook, but facebook sucks and most of us have left the platform, so now we're on discord.

  35. At least Twitch and Discord make an effort to moderate the hateful content on their platform. 4chan.... not so much... however at the end of the day, I don't feel like any of these platforms are at fault for what happened. They are simply a means of communication.

  36. They aren't gonna do shit, this is just puffing up their chest to the media. If anything, having /pol/ be an isolated part of the internet works in their favour, it's by far the easiest website to keep track of to see if something bad is gonna go down. Shut down 4chan and every user spreads out.

  37. Couldn't a large group of incels make a shitty discord just for themselves and there'd be no way anyone else would know it existed to moderate it?

  38. Everyone wants to go after the easiest thing just to say they're doing something because the actual problems require effort and work.

  39. Oh fuck off. The FBI knew about it. It’s at fault. This hot potato gaming is complete bullshit and is just deflecting from the actual people to blame

  40. Not sure how going after social media helps. They're the only reason that we know the shooters motives. Law enforcement had their chance, but couldn't crack that nut and let him go.

  41. This is dumb. Blaming communication tools for allowing bad people to communicate is why section 230 exists.

  42. >Investigators and reports have found that, prior to the shooting, the suspect posted about white supremacist theories and plans for violence online

  43. I saw a video on public freak out yesterday of two guys engaged in a road rage standoff on the side of a road - one with a knife, the other armed with a pistol, both just daring each other to 'try me', in a stand-your-ground state. I thought, only in America haha. Both of them intentionally escalating the situation just so they could kill or seriously injure the other, and it'd be totally legal.

  44. For those who don’t read quite so carefully, the comment above me is making an important distinction. The key words are trivially easy. Widespread ownership of guns is OK, as long as you make sure the crazies can’t get a hold of any. We know this to be true because Switzerland is a place that exists. They have very high rates of gun ownership, but also much stricter laws on required training and who is allowed to own one. So the idiots, mall ninjas, and deranged crackpots can’t get a gun, and they end up without mass shootings. In other words, the problem is the lack of the completely sane and reasonable rule that crazy people can’t buy guns. The fact that the NRA is opposed to that says something about the mental capacity of their members…….

  45. This ideas didn't originate with mainstream personalities. They're is just the visible part of the feedback loop. The extremists workshop their ideas in dark online echo chambers, the mainstream rightwing media pick the parts they can echo, that attracts more extremists into the echo chambers.

  46. How did gamer being an opressed group turn from the most ridiculous meme to having somewhat of a grain of truth lmao

  47. These platforms are just the medium; how about better healthcare for mental disorders, better education system and counseling so early signs can be recognized and addressed. So there so much more to get to the root of such issues but it’s easy to just pick out closest scapegoats

  48. Don't think probe is looking for a target to say it's your fualt directly, think it's more if thier was enough red flags that where ignored and how where they handled before it got this far.

  49. This could've easily been planned in the chat of fucking Minecraft, but it's easier for them to manufacture outrage instead of focusing on the actual root of the problem.

  50. Why is it a constant that whenever some kind of shooting or attack occurs, it's always the social media and not the fucking guns or family that are the problem?

  51. That won't solve anything. Go to the source... Rightwing propaganda. Looking to that POS Carlson and grifters like crowder, pool, Kirk, etc. That's how these dumb kids get radicalized. The platforms are just a tool.

  52. These kids aren’t watching Fox news lmao. 4chan has been normalizing hate speech and alt-right ideas much longer than any of those dudes have had national platforms.

  53. If they are going to say that 4chan, Twitch and Discord are on the hook of watching what users say then 500 fold more responsibility goes to conservative hate farms like Fox and OANN. Plus, didn't like Twitch remove the stream within minutes!?

  54. You have it backwards. Carlson and Crowded etc get their talking points (heavily distilled for a broader audience) from places like 4chan and 8chan.

  55. I don't think it's even meant to. They can trot out some song and dance about changing user policies, maybe some hemming and hawing by politicians, but it'll just be their pet project to show that they're all "doing something".

  56. We’re going after Adobe for creating the pdf format, which the shooter used to publish his manifesto

  57. Discord and twitch are American based. Have at it AG. But 4chan on the other hand is just a series of Changes boards all over the world. Servered I’m almost every country for backups. Good luck taking them down. These are the supposed guys hacking Russia for you. Lol. Have fun with that. 4chan might be dirty and despicable, but it’s legion. And it is hydra

  58. Especially that Chicago Drill Rap genre, I heard GD and BD both originated from it, The streets flow with blood every night and there's gunshots everywhere. And apparently people are smoked like packs 🚬 Terrifying 😱

  59. That's on his parents, at one point, he was comitted for a day, bc he made a threat in highschool. His mom knew he killed a cat. No one challenged his ability to own a gun. Any of the nurses, school admin, and officers could have, but didn't. There's several kinds of sickness but it seems to be shared by a lot of people.

  60. I don't count white supremacy as mentally ill, they just are driven by hate and echo-chambers. That being said, We should always be improving mental health services as they are some of the first to be cut financially.

  61. Mental health awareness and care is huge, but people don’t become radicalized just because of their own thoughts and words.

  62. I have gotten truly sick of hearing some version of “we need to do something about mental health” after every single mass shooting.

  63. And this is now the back door into even more- online surveillance now- don’t get me wrong- I agree there is a lot of horrible shit happening in these places- but once we open a door it is very hard to shut it

  64. yeah, that's the problem... not like fox news isn't pushing the same racist rhetoric the shooter was spouting every goddamned night. naw, must be twitch's fault...

  65. USPS face probe after the KKK used the service for decades mailing nazi and white supremacy pamphlets…..we will never see this.

  66. After investing 4chan it was concluded that liking lolies is indeed not pedo as they are over 400 years old and only look like a child.

  67. 4chan, yes. Discord, maybe? Twitch, are you fucking high? He streamed 2 minutes before it was taken down. Plus this is more a fuckup on the police/fbi on this one.

  68. Next they'll probably look into whatever shoe brand he was wearing. "This is Nike's fault for enabling this man to go on a shooting spree by providing shoes."

  69. Given how well they’ve done so far on prosecuting Trump I don’t think these companies have anything to worry about.

  70. Reddit should be investigated too. This website is crawling with racist extremists and other far right elements.

  71. Omg so much. And If you report them, they never seem to break the rules as they use code the bots don't understand.

  72. Man how stupid are these people. Hire just one millennial, or 1/10th of a zoomer as a filter before you make any public decisions about social media platforms 😂

  73. Why should any commercial platform be too big to moderate? If you’re a bar that lets one Nazi sit down pretty soon you’re a Nazi bar.

  74. Protip: fox News is making 4chan look like amateur hour for radicalizing domestic terrorists, but we're not actually trying to solve the problem now, are we.

  75. It’s like every single person who’s paying any attention knows Tucker and Fox hold the majority of the blame for taking 4chan ideas into the mainstream, yet they won’t face any meaningful consequences and things will only get worse.

  76. Rightfully so. You can't expect to host a platform that a mass murderer just made himself at home in and not expect to catch grief. At least expect to have to be part of a plan to stop hate speech.

  77. Former advertiser on 4chan (owner of J-List). We had to say goodbye to them when the negativity got too big. What a sad, formerly kind cool, community.

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