Amber Heard Releases 'Years' Of Therapist's Notes That She Says Prove Johnny Depp Abused Her

  1. She publicly claimed that he abused her. So he sues her for defamation and wins millions. Her response? She publicly claims that he abused her.

  2. Yeah, if this "proves" that he abused her, then why didn't she release these documents to the court? And if she did, then the court clearly didn't see this as proof

  3. Not only that. Depp's victory isn't a simply "Amber can't prove what she said" (which isn't enough to win this lawsuit in the US). It's a "Amber's accusations have been proven wrong, and her acts are so unacceptable that we'll punish her with $5 million" (tl;dr punitive damages aren't a compensation to the plaintiff, but a punishment to the defendant when their actions are considered specially harmful. That's why Depp didn't get any).

  4. TBF having a timestamp on things makes the claims more believable that it was a constant thing, and not just out of the blue.

  5. Notes that someone wrote, cuz you allegedly told them something, are not admissible evidence in a US court. Cuz it’s falsifiable hearsay.

  6. It’s considered hearsay and not evidence. If therapist notes were evidence, your spouse can go to a therapist and say anything to use against you. And without medical records to back it up, which amber did not provide, it’s basically he said she said.

  7. She did. Therapy notes are a completely useless, unreliable source of information, and that’s why the judge ruled them inadmissible. You can say whatever you want to a therapist. Might as well fabricate a bunch of notes the day before the trial…would be no different.

  8. So these statements were ruled inadmissible in the trial because they are hearsay. Her therapist has no firsthand knowledge of the statements Amber made to her. These are different from medical records where medical professionals can testify to injuries such as removing a finger tip.

  9. As I understand: typical notes from a therapist are not taken in a manner that is ‘court ready’ - and that if sworn testimony is the goal, you need to be working with a Forensic Psychologist that is qualified and certified to properly document these sorts of situations.

  10. No, you see Amber uses the terms 'Medical records' and 'Therapists notes' interchangeably so if you don't understand that it must be because you were swayed by the man that convinced the world he had scissors for fingers.

  11. Yeah I wish this saga was over now honestly. She's using the fact that there isn't a court of law to dismiss these notes to her advantage. All valid evidence was submitted to court, Amber did say a lot of things to he therapist, but reported zero of it to a medical professional that can prove it.

  12. The thing she doesn’t get is that this wouldn’t be double-jeopardy, this is a new act of defamation. This would be able to be sued for. She’s probably thinking she’s in the clear because “already had case once, can’t sue again.” Even then, this is civil not criminal so… lmao

  13. Here's the thing about therapists, if a client doesn't like the therapist, or if the therapist doesn't validate the client, clients will just find one that does, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything.

  14. It's also of note: They submitted it as evidence and the judge ruled it inadmissible, so it's not like this is technically new information that would change the case.

  15. It isn't the job of a therapist to figure out the truth. They're there to help the client feel better and move on with life in a healthy way.

  16. It’s all she has. Her remaining 15 minutes of fame as Ezra flashes right in to take the spot.

  17. I honestly believe they believe they're in the right. It's like when someone's being an asshole to someone unfairly, they truly believe that person themselves is an asshole or picking on them and they're just reciprocating appropriately/ defending themselves. We're generally the good guys in our book.

  18. Also people can believe their own lies, they can create their own narrative to help them deal with who they are, especially if they are known to pathologically lie.

  19. This was part of my accuser's playbook as well. Years of behind the back lies and accusations about me to a therapist. We all need to get together to better understand these tactics because it is so scary when it happens to you and, in my case, almost cost me my life when I didn't know what was going on.

  20. The headline seems misleading, and an attempt to sex up the facts. She's not alleging anything new, and I can't see any direct quotes in which she claims that the notes "prove" anything.

  21. Although the title is clickbait and she never explicitly said that's what she was doing by releasing these notes, that is clearly the intention.

  22. Not surprising that they'd do this, Heard is public enemy number 1 so making it seem like she's said something like this will get attention. Man, the whole culture around this case is toxic, leave it in the past.

  23. Also, histrionic personality disorder alters the perception of reality. She could have literally thought she was saying the truth while the true events were something else

  24. Dealing with that now. Manipulating someone with one side of a story when the objective is to save money. Incredible and sad.

  25. My mom lies to her therapist. I don't understand the point of going. I guess it allows her to validatethe lies she tells herself. Tell the truth to your mental health professionals, they can't help you if you lie all the fucking time.

  26. The written account of the stories she crafted for her therapists prove absolutely nothing. Furthermore, this idea didn’t just occur to her. I guarantee she suggested it to her lawyers and they, for good reason, said “oh definitely not“.

  27. Therapist's notes are not medical records!!! I can't for the life of me figure out how her team tried to argue about this. A therapist's job is to listen to the patient and take notes. Whether what she said was truthful or not, their job is to believe the patient. Absolutely ridiculous that she just won't let this go.

  28. It's the equivalent of trying to introduce her personal journal into evidence. Like sure if it specifically is required to corroborate that she knew something at the time. It's not a way to just tell the jury everything you've ever said and pretend it has to be true because someone else heard it and wrote it down.

  29. She also alleged that he broke her nose 3 times and r*Ped her with a bottle, yet didn't seek any medical attention. Her nose and vagina just magically repaired themselves on their own.

  30. She claimed that a grown man, who wears giant rings on every finger, repeatedly punched her in the face until she blacked out.

  31. Notes can be easily forged, but even if this wasn’t the case all it likely means was she was feeding her therapist BS and they were writing it down. That’s not proof of shit. She doesn’t have proof because it doesn’t exist. She’s the abuser and manipulator.

  32. Her lawyer went on morning television and referred to these therapy notes as medical records knowing full well uniformed people would think she is talking about hospital records which showed physical injuries.

  33. Just because it says in her therapist's notes that Johnny abused doesn't mean it's true. People can lie and therapy, and the therapist has to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they're being truthful.

  34. Also, therapists can't confront anyone about the alleged abuse, making them easier to lie to. If she had confided in close friends, they would likely confront Johnny about it.

  35. You can tell your therapist that you are Napoleon, that doesn’t mean it’s true! (I’m a therapist!) We are obligated to give records to our client’s lawyers on request, but in this case, I would say that without medical corroboration, it’s “hearsay”.

  36. I'm definitely the rightful heir to Napoleon and I want you to take medical notes on that so I can use it to press my claim in court.

  37. Yup, I was gaslit by someone who was in therapy...who had for years finely honed his stories and used the weight of his therapist to claim that he was of course right and working towards healing and I was of course clueless and not supporting him in his quest for healing.

  38. This is really silly. People talk to their therapists about whatever they want, and no one in a therapy session is obligated to tell the truth. Therapy notes would have to be one of the least reliable sources of evidence, which is why they weren’t allowed in the trial.

  39. Genuine question, after having just lost an actual defamation lawsuit is she legally allowed to make anymore claims regarding ‘abuse’ from him? I really have no idea but feel like there should be laws in place that would prevent this from happening again, right?

  40. I was watching lawyers watching her interview, and they were musing that Depp's lawyers might be considering asking the court for an injunction to stop her from making more statements. Of course they would need to weigh that strategy carefully, because Heard would probably just go on claiming that Depp was further "trying to silence her as she's speaking truth to power."

  41. So, you owe how many Millions of dollars for defamation and your move is to....attempt to defame him in EXACTLY the way the jury ruled against you? Thats wild

  42. My psychiatrist has allot of records of me saying how i am getting underpayed and in need of more days off work .

  43. The reason that Therapist notes don’t count is because they’re self reported not independently verified. I could tell my therapist I’m attracted to my bed that doesn’t make it true.

  44. Lmao her lawyers need to have her held on a Psychiatric hold, she's not right in the fkn head. GIRL, NOBODY BELIEVES YOU BUT FKN MORONS WITH NO BRAINS!

  45. So therapy notes only act a record of your statements, but unfortunately without documented evidence. It’s extremely hard to prove without pictures. This is why domestic cases are such a difficult subject

  46. This is exactly what a malignant narcissist abuser would do. She gave the same performance to the therapist that she gave the Jury.

  47. What gets me is she is a narcissistic abusive liar and has been proven to be in previous relationships but will not admit she is wrong so why are these news outlets constantly reporting on what a liar says and supporting her continual defamation? Mr Depp should sue them for this constant publishing of untruths. I mean, who can take seriously a woman who says that Johnny Depp is clever enough in his acting to convince people he has scissors for hands in Edward Scissorhands? She is seriously unhinged.

  48. I love how they refer to her as the beauty and refer to Johnny as the powerhouse Media is a bunch of fuckin prawns!!

  49. Not trying to discredit her or anything that she has said about her time with Depp as false... However..... You can tell a therapist literally anything and they only have your recounting, your side of the story. If I told my therapist that I was the product of a religious cult and recounted many details about it (I am not btw), that therapist would jot down my experiences as presented to them, factual or not.

  50. So she is trying to win in the court of public opinion, since she emphatically lost in real court, because nobody could discern her lies from the truth.

  51. Agree, this all seems like post-loss damage control, to try and recover her career, etc. I can't fault her for doing damage control, but I'd sure like to see her do it differently.

  52. All this between these two have become abuse to national television. Who fucking cares two millionaires slap the shit out of each other. My kids abuse each other if you ask them! Get the fuck off this please. Lame lives. Their still fucking millionaires nobody cares about a sob story.

  53. What's she trying to prove? It's over. It's been proven she was the aggressor in a majority of their problems. Depp should just kept it out of her and not been an idiot.

  54. Couldn't she have just made up stories of being beaten and the therapist would be compelled to believe and document it? Also any notes she wrote can be made up stories for all we know.

  55. Just her story and still no proof. Abused people are terrified, yes. Sometimes don’t call when they should. She did. Never pressed charges. Never sought treatment. Never moved out. Taunted him. (First hand knowledge you don’t do). Makes no sense.

  56. Fuck! You stupid bitch... you lost and it's really time to move the fuck on! I'd bet we'll be hearing more of her shit for ages.

  57. This is a very troubled person and I'm not quite sure if she understands what it means to be self-aware.

  58. The few social groups that are still on her side will claim this is factual evidence regardless of the notes being inadmissible in court.

  59. "Amber Heard Says She Still ‘Loves’ Johnny Depp & She Wasn’t A ‘Likable Victim’ After Trial"

  60. Therapist notes is their medical records they have been talking about. If the abuse that amber turd say happened there would be a lot more than therapist notes. She can tell her therapist whatever delusional bullshit she wants. It is no evidence of any actually abuse.

  61. She took tons of photos of marks on her body (which I believe were edited) to use against Johnny later… but didn’t even seek medical attention for herself after being raped by a bottle?

  62. You can tell your therapist anything you want though. Just because they’re a therapist doesn’t mean they can automatically tell if someone is lying. She probably can’t stand that she lost.

  63. A paranoid schizophrenic could release years of therapist notes.... what are the chances that most of the things that are said were real?

  64. I agree. She tried to monetize off the "me too" movement. Years after her divorce all of a sudden she decides to write an op-ed?? wtf?? Home girl should've just taken his money and said, "peace out!"

  65. Girl, are you for real? Those notes only shows what you said to your doctor, they don’t prove anything. Om the other hand, your non-existent broken nose and non-existent medical records from after he repeatedly hit you proves you’re lying

  66. Can she finally stop? I know there is something that won't let her but she really has to try to stop. Otherwise she will spend the rest of her days with this shit, just to become a miserable old lady that may realises she could've lead another, better life.

  67. I just want to put this behind me. I just want johnny to leave me alone. Bla bla bla. This woman is full of shit and wants to draw this all out so she gets some sort of book or docu deal where she can carry on milking this. She has literally never had so much screen time and so is throwing everything at the fan hoping some of her shit sticks. She Is loving all this attention.

  68. One would think that after years long of terrible abuse she would have more proof than her word, one might think that she is lying.

  69. I don't see how therapist notes could be "proof" of anything. It's literally just what she told them, and they take her at her word. That's not proof lol.

  70. I’m waiting for her to say, “There was an article published about Johnny abusing me, the author had firsthand knowledge of the abuse I endured. It’s proof.”

  71. She has been in therapy for years? She should probably get a new therapist because that shit ain't working.

  72. I feel kinda odd for her. I highly doubt he abused her , but in her twisted mind she's convinced she's the victim. Mt mom was like that . It's weird

  73. Yea it is a conundrum. She believes it so hard even to her own detriment. It is my understanding that JD gave her many chances to just drop it and go seperate ways even after she started defaming him with malice. She could have walked away with 7 million dollars but she has to be the victim and seems to be completely convinced she is despite clear evidence to the contrary. She is not even capable of honestly addressing anything. Like she cant even be like, "I understand why it could be inerpreted as bad faith that I havent donated money yet, but its not the case and this is why". Instead she acts like everybody else is an idiot for coming to a reasonable and rational conclusion about what the whole donation issue looks like. It's scary how crazy she is. Some people say JD is lucky to have gotten out alive and I don't think that is completely off base.

  74. The source is still Amber Heard. You may feel abused when Johnny doesn't get you a movie role, but that's not actual abuse. When Johnny plays guitar with his friends, that's not abuse. If they proved anything, they'd be used in court.

  75. Does she not realise after the trial it isn't a case of "oh people believe johnny" it's more a case of that woman is fuckin nuts and she lies as easily as we breathe.

  76. You all would rather believe she kept up a lie for 11 years rather than admit that alcoholic Depp has a problem. Depp has been a jealous piece of work since the 90s and people still fall for his Darvo bullshit.

  77. Did you listen to Heard testify? Depp has some serious issues but Heard lied so much and was so inconsistent about the alleged physical abuse incidents that I have a hard time believing anything she says.

  78. Yeah, this superstar would definitely never gaslight her therapist to sate her ego or satisfy her narcissism.

  79. So having lost her case in court she's now determined to demand the court of public opinion backs her up and believe everything she claims all because she's a hard done by, attractive rich white female that has never done anything wrong ever and it's all just cruel "others" that are making everything up to ruin her... sigh FFS, more and more lies and manipulation.

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