VP Harris launches task force on online harassment, abuse

  1. Oh no! They will. Then they will shut it down and Meta will be the only place for an echo chamber. Probably the end game here.

  2. Republicans just sitting there smiling knowing they'll be in charge of this task force when they get elected. Both sides will just push for censorship and the public will suffer.

  3. From someone who lived through her Reign/rise in California as "the best looking attorney general in the country - Barack Obama" she has been EXACTLY whelming. Anyone who's paid attention to her knows she's not suited for public light.

  4. There was a reason why she was the first to drop out of the dem primary. She has consistently failed up her entire political career. Even the voters in California dislike her. When you cannot get support from your home state that is telling.

  5. In fairness, the VP doesn’t really have any power. It’s a weird role. Compared to other VPs, I imagine she’s on par. It does feel like something a “First Lady” traditionally does. It’s common for First Ladies to champion a cause for children. Nutrition, fitness, education, school lunch… Kay-Hay you’re the Vice President. There was a massive school massacre. Where is your committee on gun violence? Nothing huh? Mean words are easier to tackle I guess.

  6. They're going to use this task force as part of Kamala's bona fides for running for president. She'll have a luke-warm response, but the Democratic party will still pick her to run, and that's how we get Trump '24. It's disturbing to type this out because of how likely it's going to happen.

  7. But...but it's a "task force" that is going to employ a legion of think tankers to produce "reports" they'll submit through the bureaucratic chain to suggest ways that we might someday think about considering finding ways to possibly one day potentially drafting a toothless, symbolic resolution in Congress that won't even pass both houses...

  8. Not sure about that "Garland said the Justice Department had dedicated additional resources to issues like online stalking." This shit happens all the time and definitely good to put an effort in to stop it.

  9. Glad to see they’ve got their priorities straight, we’ve got people unable to afford the gas required to drive to work, while they’re worried about people getting their feeling hurt online… 🙄

  10. I think she totally fixed the border crisis already and that's why she's moving on to solving the next most pressing issue facing the American public.

  11. Also the kids in cages. I heard a ton about that in late 2019 but nothing since. I guessed they solved that too

  12. The only way they'll make Harris '24 happen is if they can censor the hell out of online discourse. Any criticism of Kamala will be tagged as bullying, racism and sexism, when the reality is people hate her because she is awful at the job she's been selected for. No one wants what she's selling and she has no ability, none, to deliver on what people need.

  13. I'll never understand athletes that obsess over social media. You're already making millions playing a game that you love, you have the life. Why subject yourself to the cruelty of internet idiots?

  14. She has to avoid social media because people harass her? Brilliant thought to ignore a problem and not address the issue.

  15. Their are a million reasons to be on social media. The responsibility isn't on her to change her behavior, it's on the bullies to stop making threats.

  16. Honest question. Does anyone have a list of Harris’ accomplishments thus far in her tenure? Curious, and haven’t seen much in the media about it.

  17. I'm glad the admin is working on that stuff instead of stuff that makes the average American's live's better.

  18. Yeah, what is the world coming to when you can get banned from twitter for racistly berating and calling an African American the n-word?

  19. What do you mean ‘begin’ to manipulate… if you don’t think the internet has been manipulated over the last few years you’ve been under a rock….

  20. She's so self absorbed that you have to think it will be focused on who says bad things about Kamala.

  21. Clearly we have no other issues in America at the moment. We gotta focus on those hurt feelings on the internet.

  22. I wonder if this has anything to do with her cancelling an event because no one bought tickets which led to twitter doing what twitter does and mocking her for it.

  23. I hope the partner with that House committee. Looks like they got a few leads on how to reduce it significantly.

  24. How about completing campaign promises like legalization of marijuana, getting rid of all student debt, convicting trump, lowering inflation and gas prices

  25. The extreme amount of hate thrown at her online has likely turned her into expert on this. Even this comment section has pointlessly mean, racist and sexist comments and I predict it will only get worse.

  26. Didn't even see this when I made my comment, but exactly as predicted: any criticism of Kamala will be termed bullying, racism or sexism. You're a fucking clown. She can't even string a coherent thought together and you think people hate her because she's a woman? You're a real one for that. 60 or 70 million people voted for Hillary but nope, America is still sexist against women in politics. Barack Obama was elected twice, nope America is racist against POC in politics. Wake up, dude. People don't like Harris not because she's a women or POC, it's because she's an absolute turd-sandwich.

  27. She deserves the extreme hate towards. No death threats but she has got to be on eof the worst VPs this country has ever had.

  28. I hate her because she's a cop, but there's no denying the misogyny in particular that swirls every time she comes up. Well, no reasonable denying...

  29. I wonder what they expect to happen from this it’s kind of a human issue just like bullying in schools it’s kind of hard if not impossible to mitigate people are gonna be people. Seems like this is a PR piece or something

  30. Its almost like they want us to fight with each other... Hhhhmmmm. Sloane and others should have realized that with the spotlight comes praise and criticism. When mostly invisible people can write horrible inflammatory stuff, why would you read it at all? Its like believing what is scribbled on the wall in a public bathroom. You do have the choice not to read any of it, I'm sure her PR team told her that. You can be on social media and not read the comments.

  31. I watched Harris is the Senate Committee hearings. She is an extremely talented litigator. I think she's in the wrong position. The White House is a popularity contest. Americans don't seem to care much anymore about qualifications or skills. Her's are being wasted there. She should have stayed in the Senate.

  32. I'm sure they'll redefine harassment so you can still bully certain groups, just like they are trying to do with racism.

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