Feds still looking for Alcatraz fugitives, 3 men in their 90s 'if they're still alive'

  1. I heard about this from the Red Web podcast. The two leading theories are either that A: they died in the water, or B: a couple of the guys moved down to South America.

  2. Well we know one made it, he's a famous movie star and film director now that goes by the name of Eastwood.

  3. During the 60’s, native Americans took control of abandoned Alcatraz and attempted to establish a native multi-cultural hub for ceremonies and preservation of native traditions. No surprise, they weren’t supported by the government.

  4. It's probably more of an inactive open investigation than anything. I doubt they are dedicating much resources to this but at the same time since they technically never were caught or confirmed dead it's still technically an "open" case.

  5. This. The FBI has been releasing AI renders of old cases. Computer is just churning through old cases, this one was bound to come up. We'll probably see this same braindead headline in another ten years, when the same things happens again.

  6. Well they claim it's an open investigation that doesn't necessarily mean they're actively dedicating resources to it.

  7. I suspect they have like 2 guys on this. Probably aren’t pouring tons of money into it. And because no bodies were found and no one was caught it remains a open case. Cold cases are occasionally gone through again as technology improves to provide more information.

  8. Honestly needed to be a rule for Alcatraz and other such prisons, if you escape and aren’t caught, you’re free. But if you get arrested for anything else, your sentence is reinstated.

  9. There’s two realistic options. One, they died during the escape attempt. Two, if they survived, odds are they’re dead now, given they’d be anywhere from 91 to 96 years old.

  10. They also made it through having a segment of “Unsolved Mysteries” done on them, which didn’t lead to anything on any of them. Back when everyone watched the same few network shows this caught a lot of fugitives.

  11. Let them be . Fuck y'all gon do, dump a bunch of geriatrics back into prison only for a judge to reverse it due to a medical challenge

  12. Check out the movie Escape from Alcatraz starring Clint Eastwood. Pretty good movie. You'll see them with the fake heads

  13. These guys grew up as kids in a era that survival skills and self reliance were more common, they may have even been more weathered physically and mentally to the elements. communications weren't the greatest yet. It wouldn't surprise me that they made it.

  14. Yeah these guys are dead, and in the absolutely miniscule chance they aren't, they'll be dead (and buried under assumed identities) by the end of this decade. Pursuing [three escaped prisoners who drowned and were eaten by bottom-feeders sixty years ago] makes about as much sense as pursuing Jack the Ripper does.

  15. Plot twist: They never left the island. They pushed their boat out into the water to make it look like they escaped, and have been living in a cave under the island. They come out at night to feed on shellfish, and whatever seagulls they can catch with their bare hands.

  16. I mean, at this point they might as well just say, “You know what? They got away with it. Next case.”

  17. They can find money/labor for this, but try to overthrow the government and kill the vice president? Well who’s got time to punish people for that, just let three quarters of them slink away so they can do it again, amirite?

  18. I’m inclined to let them get away with it at this point. You escaped Alcatraz and lived to your 90’s? Congratulations, you beat the system.

  19. They have to keep the investigation open. If you close the investigation, this gives a precedent and a lawyer for a potential future escapee should have their case closed and the search stopped.

  20. At this point these people have not been a threat for over 40 years, instead Can we focus on the crimes that go on right in front of our faces?? Imagine looking for a long gone bank robber of 40 years but ignoring all the insider trading by senators and congress members. Ignoring hedgefunds losing teacher funds in bad bets. SMH government is a waste of money anywhere I look.

  21. Did a bunch of military people steal chemical filled rockets and take a bunch of people hostage at Alcatraz and are threatening to launch the missiles at San Francisco?

  22. I believe they died. These weren't innocent people, they were all bank robbers and burglars. They were not going to hold down a steady job for 30yrs and retire with a pension. All they knew was crime and they would have gone right back to it. To think that all three suddenly got religion and went straight is naive. They never made it to land and their bodies went out with the current. All the reports and purported secret messages are just stories concocted by other convicts to screw with the prison system. Every resource they could divert into looking for dead men helped other cons on the run. Nope, I believe they have been fish food for years. And no the Feds aren’t looking, no resources are being wasted to find them, all that is done is that their fingerprints are still in the automated fingerprint matching system so that if by an off chance they are found at a crime scene or in a dead body, it would generate a match

  23. I read somewhere, or saw on a few youtube videos when I went down that rabbit hole, that they'll be given immunity when they turn 99. Honestly, I hope if they did make it, then one of them would make it to that day and just show up.

  24. Seriously with whose tax money? When men in uniform can’t admit they fucked up so we all have to pay until they’re able to come to terms with their bruised egos? Let it go…..

  25. Did you even read the article that details what "still looking for" actually entails? Do you think they have a task force that is out knocking on doors and looking under stairwell actively looking for?

  26. Usually successful felons are by nature confident and strike again. If they were able to say under the radar for 40 years, are either dead or too smart to be caught.

  27. My dad knew Frank Morris, who was a close friend of my uncle's. Dad always said that he thought the men had drowned, but that if anyone could do it, it would be Frank. Personally, I hop they made it.

  28. The've been on the run for 60 years if they are even still alive. I would say that looking over your shoulder 24/7 is and has been a worse sentence than sitting in prison. I also don't think they are much of a threat if they are still alive.

  29. I ALWAYS suspected that at least two of them made it to shore alive and the idea that they all drowned was only pushed as hard as it was because the government was embarrased as shit they let someone escape from their big bad super prison.

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