WSJ: FBI took 11 sets of classified docs from Mar-a-Lago, including some at highest classification level

  1. AFTER he passed a law to strengthen penalties for government officials who misuse sensitive government classified info to “own Hillary.” Oh the irony.

  2. Didn't he also strengthen the laws around rioting, in response to BLM? And then those same laws are putting January 6 traitors behind bars 🤣 The man is a walking 1980s comedy movie.

  3. Fucking beautiful. Between this and the Alex Jones trial, it’s been a very satisfying couple of weeks.

  4. If the espionage act was listed in the warrant, and they found what they were looking for per the warrant, can he finally be arrested for something?

  5. So it is now part of the official historical record that a federal judge ruled there is probable cause to suspect that a President of the United States is a spy.

  6. What I have seen from Trumpers, "Trump had documents about the left that they didn't want to be made public so they arrested him before he could expose them."

  7. Holy shit this is more informative than i expected. It’s crazy that we can see a list of exactly what what’s confiscated. Trump must have known he didn’t have a chance of blocking this or he would have tried. There’s no way he wanted this out.

  8. .. if he done bad, I hope there are videos and recordings so the people who support him can't deny reality.

  9. Not w that warrant expressing espionage- he wouldn’t make it to the plane. The FBI will have eyes on him 24/7, selling nuke info or even the hint of it will get you some heavy company. No fucking way that d bag flees.

  10. If he was smart he would have done this after losing the election. Live his remaining years on some private island, hiding in luxury. Shows how arrogant he is.

  11. By the way, the president cannot just unilaterally declassify anything he wants without telling anyone. He can't declassify nuclear information at all.

  12. Rumors are coming out of Washington that the investigation that led to the warrant and removal of docs is - Trump is under investigation for espionage and obstruction.

  13. I just spoke with a friend who has a job with a government security clearance and informed him of the breaking news from WSJ that they had removed multiple boxes of classified material.

  14. When he was voted in my first thought was “oh no, he going to sell our military secrets to the Saudi, Russia, or China or maybe someone I haven’t thought of. “ I was really hoping I was wrong

  15. He can declassify a lot of stuff, but he still has to go through a proper channel on doing so. He cannot just go, "these documents are declassified because I said so," than take them. he's got to go have it signed off, the documents to be properly declassified and markings changed to represent that they have been declassified. Until than, they still are classified information.

  16. The way Fox News is covering this story really needs to be addressed. They are straight up calling the DOJ corrupt without any evidence. That shit is going to get people killed and I’m not sure why they are allowed to lie and call themselves news, because they aren’t.

  17. GOP has’t understood one thing yet: You can piss off Fauci, other politicians, but If you start being rude with the FBI, they’ll stop playing nice. They’ll go as deep as the law allows them to.

  18. This is just plain out fucking ridiculous that "The Apprentice" host could put this entire nation into a fucking free for all for top secret documents that he was politely asked to return months ago and refused to do so.

  19. What’s ridiculous is the continued support from his followers. Could you imagine if any democratic president was caught with a single top secret document? The GOP would be out for their head. Heck, I would want that person investigated too.

  20. It's possible because he greases the wheels for wealthy people who want to be able to do whatever they want without consequences. It makes more sense when you realize he didn't do it alone.

  21. Worse still - millions of poor people, who have been made poorer and sicker all thanks to Trump STILL worship him.

  22. Also, where is the oversight? I mean, were these boxes just kicking around in an office in the White House and he put them in with his boxes clothes and had the staff put them in the U-Haul when he left?

  23. So Presidents don't have to pass a clearance check after the get elected. This shows why it may be a good idea that they should be able to pass it. Massive debt (not just student loans and medical bills) is a huge red flag in background checks because it shows that you are more likely to fall for blackmail.

  24. not only that, but they can unilaterally grant someone who has failed to accurately fill out their sf-86 like 6 times a clearance of the highest order. someone who shouldnt be in the white house in the first place because its a crime to hire family as president.

  25. I looked into that during Trump's campaign since it seemed to bizarre to me. Under any regular situation, he would not qualify for clearance. However, the election is "the ultimate bestowment of trust" and obvi the president needs clearance.

  26. Huh. Wonder why trump didn’t go after Obama for taking 33 million docs,many of them classified. Oh, that’s right, CAUSE IT NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED.

  27. LOL The most hilarious thing about Trump insisting that Obama took documents is that... well, it would have been Trump responsible for holding him accountable, since Trump was the pres.

  28. It's likely that Russia has been pushing their asset for info ever since they invaded Ukraine and it almost immediately went wrong.

  29. I can't take much more of this, the blueballs is killing me. Are we closing in on some actual justice? Like, for once?

  30. To be honest if we're not, I think you could call it game over. We have to make an example of this guy if nothing else

  31. Closing in on violent insurgency more likely. Hate to say that but there’s already unconfirmed reports the Cincinnati FBI attack was a radical trump supporter, they throw him in prison I feel we’ll see a lot more violence.

  32. "NARA moved approximately 30 million pages of unclassified records to a NARA facility in the Chicago area where they are maintained exclusively by NARA," the archives said in a statement. "Additionally, NARA maintains the classified Obama Presidential records in a NARA facility in the Washington, DC, area. As required by the PRA, former President Obama has no control over where and how NARA stores the Presidential records of his Administration."

  33. Well…even if someone wanted to believe trump (which only an idiot would) why didn’t Trump, Bill Barr, and/or Chris Wray investigate Obama? They had 4 goddamn years to do it.

  34. Let's be honest, he convinced his audience he's right just by blaming "Barack Hussein Obama". His supporters eat this shit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dinner #2, and would come back for #3 if Trump offers it.

  35. Nothing like negating our dearly-paid-for military advantage over our adversaries like the cheeto literally just giving away nuclear secrets that could get us all killed for some money.

  36. LOL. Remember when Jimmy Carter sold his farm so it wouldn't create conflict of interest while he was president? Just seems quaint now huh?

  37. Ok. Fuck dude. I’m normally pretty fucking numb to this bullshit but seriously this is beyond messed up now.

  38. Enough of this clown already ! Trump is clearly a crook and a con man grifter. The walking shit stain was never fit to be president in the first place. Shame on every Republican opportunist for propping this dumpster fire up in the first place.

  39. One reason you know Trump is scared, is he hasnt called Garland a single childish name. And the only other person he seems to fear doing that to, is putin.

  40. As mentioned already, that’s a great point I hadn’t thought about yet. This does seem to feel different than his other scandals/crimes.

  41. Yes, I agree. Otherwise the FBI will lose a ton of legitimacy. I do believe that Garland respects the rule of law. And it will ruin his legacy if nothing comes of this. I’ve got my fingers crossed

  42. You know there’s nothing but classified documents in that grave he set up for Ivana. There’s no actual body in there.

  43. As much as everyone is screaming this I hope the FBI are already on it. Didn't she die by "falling down the stairs"? Super suss when Trump is/was buddy-buddy with the mob

  44. Hes such a lying piece of shit. Since the beginning of the year the Archives had been trying to get the documents back... They asked, then they supena'd in like April and then in June started the process with the FBI to conduct the warrant and raid.

  45. I'm 99% certain that if he's locked up for espionage some idiot will run on pardoning him and get traction from his idiot supporters. He needs some state charges at some point. This man and his movement are a cancer.

  46. He’s pretty old an unhealthy. These things drag on years sometimes. But if a GOP president is in office and trump is in jail they will 100% pardon him.

  47. it will most likely be desantis as he is already rumored to be running, and his fanbase here is just as devoted to him as they are trump since desantis is a mirror of trump. THis is also the home of trump. People here got flags around with

  48. I've accepted we all died in 2012 like the Mayans said and most of us are in The Bad Place and don't know it yet.

  49. People still defending Trump have totally lost it. You can be a Republican but if you continue to support this douche canoe, you are officially a dick.

  50. Conservatives (idiots) yesterday: the fbi is politically driven bullshit that should be abolished for this unprecedented raid on a former presidents home. Worst day in America's history!

  51. Can confirm that there are only some areas of the Whitehouse that those documents can be viewed. you cannot even carry them outside on Whitehouse property.

  52. Unfortunately I think its safe to assume our entire national security infrastructure is compromised. 4 long years of unfettered access to everything and he took a tiny fraction for the road. It's not even physically possible for counterintelligence to have intercepted all the communications of every employee and visitor to the White House.

  53. Even if he is indicted and charged with anything criminal he will be long dead before he sees a day of jail time.

  54. One of the informants is in his inner circle, so maybe s/he wanted to give a Breitbart Buddy a scoop?

  55. It’s crazy that he was found out to have taken classified documents and was asked to return them, which he returned some. And now the FBI do a raid of his property and recover more classified documents some of which seemed to be top secret and yet he’s still roaming around free where as in most cases the person would be arrested on the spot when such classified documents were found.

  56. If it was anybody else, says a regular citizen, or even a member of congress, they would be in front of a firing squad, or in other words, put to death.

  57. I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t our nuclear info but that of some of our allies, in particular Israel. I figure that would be of extreme interest to a country like, say, Saudi Arabia.

  58. For the good of the country, I really hope he runs for it and seeks asylum in Russia. It would make it harder for him to become a martyr for his base and I doubt he would be able to remember/describe any usable intelligence for Putin to use.

  59. His base would further mythologize him as some hero in exile who will eventually return to liberate them.

  60. That’s my theory. The Saudi Golf tournament gave cover to conversations about the sale of documents. Unknowingly, the conversations were under surveillance. Immediately afterwards, search warrants were obtained for MAL once it was confirmed TFG was in possession. I can only speculate that the only reason the DOJ moved forward is they have him dead to rights with the recorded conversations

  61. I wish the media would quit calling it a raid on his home. He’s not legally allowed to declare Mar-a-Lago his home.

  62. I have worked with classified materials, including nuclear and intel community ones, for 13 years. I cannot overstate how utterly insane this situation is.

  63. I’m surprised they don’t arrest him now. He’s a National liability. He could tweet government secrets right now if he wanted too.

  64. Edward Snowden, Chelsey Manning, Julian Assange....were they allowed to rile up the populous into revenge by lying about "being framed" or did they suffer consequences because they all were ordinary citizens.

  65. It's terrifying to think about how much of this stuff he might have already sold to foreign nationals or flat-out been snooped right out from under him.

  66. Donald J. Trump belongs in federal prison for the REST OF HIS DISGUSTING LIFE! Right along side the rest of his pathetically stupid and unpatriotic family. Also, we need an age cap of about 55 to run for president. I am sick and tired of ALL these old ass men telling us what to do.

  67. If this doesn't crucify him and anyone that helped him, were done. This mother fucker is literally selling/sharing the most sensitive and secret national security information. Call it espionage or treason it doesn't fucking matter because trump reintroduced the federal death penalty. He'll die in prison before the courts end the fight, but the message needs to be sent. I would be dumb founded it the CIA and NSA wert working to purge the fucking rot that this orange fuck introduced.

  68. I'd be fine if Trump died in prison while awaiting his Espionage trial. That's some old-school historical Benedict Arnold shit.

  69. Trump is a traitor, trump supporters are traitors, just like anyone with 2 functional brain cells has been saying for years.

  70. I can't wait until, if charges are filed, the 'Diminished responsibility due to alzheimers/dementia, he didn't know it was wrong.' argument is made.

  71. Don't forget the Saudi golf tournament he just hosted. A few days later, he's getting raided, and the DOD is "furiously rewriting their nuclear procedures/etc". Call me crazy, but I'm going to out on a limb and say that's a little suspicious.

  72. After all he's done, actually or supposedly, it boggles my mind that the most legal consequences have come from possessing documents or using a Sharpie on a map.

  73. I’m happy to see him caught, but I won’t believe he’ll actually be punished until he’s actually in prison.

  74. If Americans can't realize that this ex-president would be willing to stoop to any level to make things better for himself and his family, then the people that think he would never do this are the actual problem. This guy's track record of trying to line his own pockets at the expense of everyone else is appalling.

  75. Turns out the Republican Party is run by a man destined to go down as the most infamous criminal in the entire history of the United States.

  76. All that "lock her up" BS and Clinton didn't even have any Top Secret emails. His whole 2016 campaign was centered around her emails and how she can't be trusted with government secrets 😂

  77. My question is: if they knew what Trump took, and it is indeed super sensitive/potentially dangerous in the wrong hands... were they keeping an eye on things in order to make sure Trump couldn't actually pass the info off to our enemies? I know they had to take the time to get the documents back in the least messy way possible, but were they sacrificing the safety of our country/our allies in order to make things nicer politically? I can't believe they'd just sit back and watch things go south. That scares me. Of course, this whole mess scares me.

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