University of Idaho releases memo warning employees that promoting abortion is against state law

  1. I am so confused. Condoms are not abortion. What's next? Just existing without having sex is abortion cause you're keeping sperms from the egg?

  2. Hijack to let readers know this. To the women of Idaho, if you are a woman veteran, Veterans Affairs Medical will do abortions because they are federal and not restricted by state laws. If you are not a Veteran, go to Oregon. The state is prepared to help.

  3. Welcome to the level of stupidity the GOP have laid out in front of us, sadly it’s only going to got both worse and dumber from here on out. Unless the GOP and republicans are beaten midterms we are going to see everything this country once stood for get flushed down the toilet.

  4. I read a story the other day about an Idaho legislator who now wants to ban exceptions for the life of the mother. He doesn’t believe there’s ever a need for a medical abortion and doctors are too fast to save the mother over the (doomed anyway) fetus. He says there’s no need to end an ectopic pregnancy or intervene in pre-eclampsia. It was horrifying to read. The absolute hatred for any and all women …

  5. So, when you're done, you have to squeeze the contents into the vag like an empty tooth paste tube. That's called being ethical. Praise Jesus.

  6. I really wish we could boot these States and allow them to become the third-world hell hole they have always wanted to become. Like this is Iran level kind of shit then after decades women will have enough and start a revolution to overthrow their shit hole government and finally end up joining the rest of the world.

  7. Broadrick v. Oklahoma allowed states to enact their own equivalents of federal laws limiting the free speech of government employees who are acting in an official capacity. In theory it's to prevent government employees from acting in a partisan way, but in practice it's mostly been a way to suppress unionization efforts.

  8. Doesn’t that mean that if any talk about abortion is illegal, then this memo is also illegal as it talks about abortion?

  9. Just to let you know from the campus of University of Idaho its a 12 min drive to Pullman Wa where there is a Planned parenthood just so people know.

  10. That Planned Parenthood was burned down by an arsonist a few years ago. They've rebuilt at the same location

  11. People are super angry about this (rightly so) but don’t know that the town where U of I is located, there is a literal cult taking over who’s whole purpose is to degrade women.

  12. Shout out to Northwest Abortion Access Fund. They cover Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska; and can help people in need of an abortion get one.

  13. "Now, if you think you do have rights, I have one last assignment for ya. Next time you're at the computer get on the Internet, go to Wikipedia. When you get to Wikipedia, in the search field for Wikipedia, i want to type in, "Japanese-Americans 1942" and you'll find out all about your precious fucking rights. Alright. You know about it.

  14. Republican governor + republican state courts + republican supermajority in the statehouse. Add in dimwitted state legislators who insist on directing the AG to defend wildly unconstitutional state laws to laughter in the Supreme Court over and over and over, paying out millions in tax $$ as settlements.

  15. I think employees of the state that are working on behalf of the state don't have First Amendment rights during work time. Gov employees need to remain politically neutral during work hours.

  16. My extremely pro-life former friend wouldn’t take Plan B because she compared it to abortion. She ended up pregnant and got an abortion 16 weeks in. Now she dedicates her life to politics, campaigning to strip the right she exercised from everyone else.

  17. "Figuring things out" isn't something that conservatives are particularly well-versed in. Their ignorance empowers them.

  18. Let’s not forget that Idaho actually allows you to medically neglect your child to the point of death if you’re doing it for religious reasons.

  19. Birth control, gay marriage, interracial marriage, voting right, civil rights, and freedom of speech are all under attack from conservatives.

  20. I see now one of the ways hatred brews. My first reaction was “fuck these conservatives, i literally hate them” we’ve got some serious problems here. It’s difficult to keep cool in the face of total dismissal of humanity.

  21. Don't listen to what they say, look at what they do. Republicans constantly fear monger about the other side and then implement law doing the exact thing they fear monger about. It's ... LITERALLY ... ALWAYS ... PROJECTION ...

  22. GOP is making a huge bid as polls are coming in that 60% of them want to label the US a Christian nation. It’s just another tool in their arsenal for the fear of Replacement Theory.

  23. The state politicians and some newcomer residents have been trying to defund the universities for several years now. The universities are not to blame. They have to basically tiptoe around the political minefield to make sure they continue to get necessary funding.

  24. I live in AZ and we just had the 19th century abortion law reinstated here... all these states falling like dominos to this authoritarian, theocratic, backwards ass way of thinking.

  25. If you are in the US and outraged by this but can’t be bothered to get off your ass and vote Democrat, congratulations, you are part of the problem.

  26. I know it’s just a title but hearing that someone “promotes abortion” makes it sound like they are pushing people to get them, like a salesman lol.

  27. So they’re not only taking away human rights of half their population, but also the constitutional rights of their entire population?

  28. So corporations can give political donations and that is free speech but public university employees cannot discuss a medical procedure that until recently has been legal for 50 years? Sounds like a lawsuit needing to happen because, you know, fascism.

  29. So it sounds like we need to get some out of state volunteer groups to go to campus and hand out condoms and pamphlets on how to get plan b by mail.

  30. So... freedom of speech is also not Constitutionally protected anymore, huh? Can you also get arrested simply by thinking about abortion now?

  31. Promoting ? Like who the fuck wakes up and says “Im pro life but... now that I read this I want to get this medical procedure” like if it were buying some Lululemons... women don’t “want” abortions, the ones that go through them, NEED them.

  32. This is ironic, the people who are against abortion are also the people who are most for freedom of speech. Now they impaired other people from that freedom just cause it doesn't fit their opinion. Such hypocrisy.

  33. Time to yeet the religion responsible for this…. We can call it reform if it makes you feel safer.

  34. Fun fact, suppressing free speech is against federal law, so any such law that does so in Idaho or where-the-fuck-ever is illegal.

  35. What happened to freedom of speech? Or freedom at all? See this as what it is : repressive terrorism under the good ole guise of “ religion “. Fuck off with these people

  36. Who's lives do these laws improve? And why are we letting people make laws that don't improve anyone's lives? That's control for control's sake and that is fascism.

  37. Such a shame that a beautiful state like Idaho is subjected to these extreme laws. I don’t see how this is remotely constitutional

  38. The GOP thinks you should only be born to throw at a war. The mentally ill run things now thanks to Reagan's incredibly stupid things he said.

  39. A university. A fucking university. An institution meant for Education, enlightenment and exploration and it’s going back to archaism.

  40. To be fair to U of I, the problem here is Idaho's backwater laws. They're just trying to advise their employees how to not accidentally break the law (as much as it deserves to be broken). For example, they can give out condoms to prevent STIs, but not as birth control. It's convoluted as fuck, and it's not something the school can reasonably fight against so their best bet is guidance.

  41. "All we say to America is be true to what you said on paper. If I lived in China or even Russia or any totalitarian country maybe I could understand some of these illegal injunctions. Maybe I could understand the denial of certain first amendment privileges because they haven't committed themselves to that over there. But somewhere I read of the freedom of assembly. Somewhere I read of the freedom of press. Somewhere I read of the freedom of speech. Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for rights."

  42. At this point, I don't think I would let my daughters s go to a school in a red state. Madness

  43. So politicians are shutting down any arguments their opponents might be able to make to get voters on their side? Isn't that breaking worse laws?

  44. I've been applying for a job in Idaho, but maybe I shouldn't support that state. Not helping much since I'm in Indiana now... Gotta love the Regressive run states.

  45. I don't know, I'm sure not going to send my kids to any university in a forced birth state. I know that's not much buying power but my money's not going to be spent in a way that filters into these people's pockets if I can help it.

  46. Freedom of Speech? Please educate me on this? Don’t start screaming & pissing yourself. Can you tell me NOT to speak about something?

  47. Fuck Idaho. Do whatever you want. The only recourse they have is to go to court and have their law deemed unconstitutional, which is only a matter of time anyway.

  48. I'm pretty sure it violates those peoples 1st Amendment right to free speech! These crackpot right wing nuts are really good at taking away peoples rights! Women and girls of Idaho if you find yourself pregnant with an unwanted pregnancy there is help for you in other states!

  49. I’m so tired of this fucking crazy town reality that we are living in right now. And next it will be constitutionally illegal. This is fucking ridiculous. Leave women alone. Leave uteruses alone. ETA: to

  50. This supports everything that has been warned for the last 8 months. After striking Roe, now they will start to equate contraceptives = abortion is and start to work on baking those as well.

  51. An institution of higher learning helping to destroy free speech. Fascism in America is happening before our eyes.

  52. That sounds unconstitutional. The Government can't regulate what someone can or can't say as long as it's not obscene.

  53. So Idaho is violating the constitutional rights of its residents to practice free speech, is that what I'm reading here?

  54. I think abortions should be available everywhere, free of charge. Somebody should start a service which will provide transportation to women in need of an abortion.

  55. Come on USA, just have that second uncivil war already … the non idiotic states can join Greater Canada or Greater Mexico and the restarted ones can finally start the Brotherhood Nation of The Arian White Superemists, executie everybody who can read and call it a day. One big wall guarded by Tesla sentries later and everybody is happy.

  56. Not going to lie, the more time goes by the more I really don't want the insanity to spread over here.

  57. Curious that the “Freedom!” Wing of politics is quick to crack down on the freedom to oppose their views once they get the power to do so.

  58. Please note that it is illegal to promote abortion and it's access in the nearby states. Please do not encourage anyone to visit for accessible healthcare. Finally we would also like to announce that condoms are made available, but only for use to prevent STD.

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