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  1. With regards to hospital staff, what about staff that work at the hospital but are technically contractors to the DHB? Don't even know if the staff would care, or be able to differentiate my work ID from DHB ones, but just thought I'd ask

  2. Skip the drink, and join the VIB club to get near constant free side add-ons (they currently have codes for free spud fries or motobites with a burger going). Now your $31 meal only cost you $16.

  3. Sames. It's good having a guaranteed option that is across much of NZ. Although some of them weirdly like to close at 8pm!

  4. a decent meal costs nearly 15-20 bucks at mcdonalds and is made of garbage. you can get a burger for $14-18 and theres a few ways to get free kumara fries that are year round, drop the shitty sugar drink for water

  5. maccas you have to spend like $30 to even feel "full" mcd's really only serves as a 4am food after a night out as everywhere else is closed

  6. The size of the burger doesn’t compare to the cheaper places. So actually fills you up. They taste lovely and are just nice to have as a treat.

  7. Omg, best vegetarian burgers ever!! The plum sauce on the V-twin, holy crap. It’s expensive but it’s a massive amount of food on one burger. We usually just forgo the sides and drinks

  8. I live in timaru. It’s genuinely the best restaurant in town aside from the sleights. The bar is pretty low here :(

  9. I always get the mini chook burger and fries, then a can of Coke from a nearby dairy. My meal is only around $15!

  10. It actually resembles food. Make a beef burger at home(5 guys style) with some good sauces and consider why you ever bought the trash that is meant to be a burger at Mcds.

  11. There are a lot more other fast food restaurants that do simular burgers (if not better) at a much cheaper price. I think we can all agree with your statement about mcds, but that isn't my point.

  12. Burger fuel was amazing back in the day. But as franchise's and business work- they want money so quality and ingredients must go down. Haven't eaten there (apart from the free birthday burger) in years.

  13. Yeah it’s a piss take really. My philosophy is that burgers should be cheap and uncomplicated. Ingredients aren’t expensive. The gourmet burger situation is out of control, over-engineered and overpriced. Common now to see burgers $25+ in restaurants.

  14. As much as I would like to agree, the ingredients in a burger are expensive as. ~200g of beef ($4), lettuce and tomatoes are expensive af right now (lets call all salads $1.50, which I think is conservative), a half decent bun from local suppliers ($1), cheese ($1). That's a basic as cheeseburger and food costs are running us up to $7.50. As a rule of thumb food costing should be about 1/3 menu price (obviously some nuance here, broad rule of thumb) which would put our boy here at $22.50 on the menu.

  15. It's one of the better burger chains. If I'm on a roady and want something I know. It's a wayyy better tasting option than Maccas.

  16. Personally I don't rate their burgers that high and got bad food poisoning there once. The patties are gross and taste like cheap sausage.

  17. Costco pizza in Auckland reminded me of sal's and way cheaper. $3.50 a slice and they were massive. I can eat a lot and only managed one

  18. Palmy is just getting a sals. Not open yet. Is it worth it? What do you recommend for both meat and non meat eaters?

  19. its always been very average food marketed well, it does appeal to the vege/alternative eating crowd but there are so many better burger places that have better service and value

  20. I used to love Burgerfuel - can't stand it anymore. Too expensive, their burgers fall apart, and you have all this liquid running down your hand.

  21. partly because everything else has become just as expensive or the quality has dropped, or both. reletively speaking its a pretty standard price for a meal out these days unfortunately

  22. Yes I did check the price. Thought I'd give it a go to see what the fuss was about. Won't be going back however.

  23. Their burgers are terrible in the first place, so I no longer go there - the quality and standards are poor, on average every two out of three experiences I've had there (I used to go several times a month), the burgers would be sloppily made, or soggy or the order would be wrong.

  24. tbh dunno how you can eat that much food. I usually get a burger and fries and split with husband - dont bother with drink, i got water at home.

  25. Agree when they first started they great big and juicy. And value. Thought give a try as I haven't for ages. Disappointed. Piss poor. Make my own 🍔🍔

  26. They suck, you would only presume the quality and attention to detail would justify such a pricey meal but you would be an ass for doing so.

  27. In my experience it's their add on that makes it more expensive. For instance the other day I ordered a CnCheese ($14.70) they tried to get me to add BBQ sauce ($0.50) and bacon ($3.00) to it without telling me how much extra it was and making it sound like it was the normal part of the burger. In my mind this is underhanded marketing which they have obviously been told to do.

  28. Some franchise owners will get rid of FOH staff that can’t hit upsale targets. Atleast that was the case when they toured us around to all the stores to see how much more we should be pushing up sales.

  29. OP, if the price is outrageous why did you pay it? This is a genuine question and I imagine there can be a number of answers. Whatever your answer is or whatever answers you can think of , there will be other out like you who make the purchase based on the same idea. A number of these customers will be what keeps BF ticking over.

  30. Presumably they bought it to see if it was worth it. I'm not quite sure how it could be at that price, but I'd probably be curious enough to try it once I suppose.

  31. Key word being purchased lol we make a choice on what we pay and won’t pay. I’d have budgeted accordingly particularly as I have to work two jobs to make ends met today like a lot of us

  32. It's why I (sadly) switched to reburger. Equally good (if not better) and just slightly more affordable. Feels stink not supporting an nz company, but i just can't justify the price.

  33. Because it is a well-known fast food chain. People will happily pay quite a lot if they’re getting stuff from a well-known place.

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