He caught a mobile phone while riding a roller coaster!

  1. I originally passed right by your comment. Then the slow burn got me and I came back to upvote Hahah.

  2. Not the same but I lost my shoe on a funfair ride once. At a tight bend my foot actually hit a supporting beam and if flew off. When I got to the exit a gentleman was waiting there with my shoe.

  3. I'd feel like an ass for just saying thank you after they saved me 1k for a new phone. Even cotton candy wouldn't cut it I think 😂

  4. 8th grade trip to Six Flags, my friend just got the number of the really cute girl he had a hardcore crush on earlier in the day. His phone dropped out of his pocket on American Eagle. This was like almost 15 years or so. To this day I still kind of laugh at it cuz thats the sort of shit that would have happened to me

  5. Yeah I was expecting the dude to just happen to catch it with his hands in the air. Not actually see it and then fucking reaching out to catch it! Next fucking level for sure!

  6. The phone probably looked like it was floating to him. I have caught sunglasses on a roller coaster ride before.

  7. This kinda happened to me when my favorite hat flew off on a ride. I got off the ride and a guy sitting a few rows back returned my hat. Too cool!

  8. Yea that’s cool and all but the real question is why would you wear your favorite hat to an amusement park, the place where everything not stapled to your body goes flying and everyone knows it?

  9. Since there’s a higher chance that the wind just forced it downwards based off how the hat was oriented in the air. The same thing happened to my dad

  10. After catching the object of value he looks around casually to see if there are other goods floating around to bring in.

  11. As a former roller coaster ride operator, it was extremely annoying when guests wouldn’t just put their loose stuff in the bins (after being directly asked too). But multiple times a day, someone loses their hat or phone and asks to shut the whole ride down so one of us can put on a hard hat and go looking for it. Sometimes I said no.

  12. I'm pretty sure Six Flags (near me) has a "fuck off until after we're closed" policy. There are signs everywhere telling you to fasten your shit or put it in those lockers.

  13. My friend lost his glasses at the end of the night (15m to close) on a roller coaster and the staff wouldn’t get it till after close. There were literally no other people in line for this ride, so we just rode it ourselves 3 times straight till they shut down. Good times.

  14. Lol We always said no unless it was something very important like prescription glasses. Cars keys and phones they had to return after the rides closed for the day.

  15. I was actually more surprised that the operator didn't e stop the ride when they saw someone pull their phone out. Have seen coasters get stopped on the lift hill for that- but then again, I'm always amazed when a POV of a ride turns up on YouTube where someone is obviously just holding their phone (rather than having a GoPro secured to their body)and I wonder how they got away with it.

  16. I’ve worked in 4 parks, and I’ve never stopped operation to get a phone unless it was posing a hazard. If it’s prescription glasses, keys, or a wallet, then yes. Otherwise they can go file a lost item report at security.

  17. I caught a hat once, not nearly as impressive as this. Plus i am glad there is no video of it because I didn’t catch it as much as it hit me in my face because I am tall. Told the guy I caught it and he was stoked, gave me $10 and I bought a hotdog and churro.

  18. I lost my favorite hat on a ride when I was a kid and I still wonder if some RO from Hersheypark is wearing the hat I got at Wendys

  19. The other day I had my eyes dilated and I put my headphones on the counter, or so I thought. They fell off and I caught them like 2 feet above the ground.

  20. Neat! I knew that it was 100% a B&M hyper coaster from the track and train style but didn’t know the name of this one.

  21. This is why you don’t have any loose items on you when you ride a roller coaster. Apparently, not everyone has a brain, and a pair of eyes.

  22. I lost my phone on a roller coaster once because I thought putting it in my back pocket was fine. It’s not. Lol. I only wear zipper pocket shorts to amusement parks now. My phone was completely fine though, which makes me wonder even more how some people always seem to have broken screens.

  23. Where did it come from? They look to be in the front, and then he turned around, so presumably it came from someone behind him? Yet it came from in front of him. Like what the hell lol.

  24. I think he turned around because his mates were behind him and he wanted to rejoice with them. Probably was someone else's phone in front of him.

  25. I remember this happened to me on a ride at 6 flags over Atlanta anyway my phone was in my front shirt pocket and it was a coaster that basically went up the a straight downish drop and my phone flew up out my shirt when we dropped and landed on my lap at the bottom of the drop. It was wild. I couldn't even enjoy the ride because I couldn't believe what happened.

  26. I remember when merry-go-rounds had brass rings that you could grab as you went by to exchange for a prize. Amusement parks certainly have raised their prize game.

  27. Isn't that everyone need to remove their mobile phone from their pocket before getting onto the ride?

  28. This happened to me with a tshirt at the big drop on Top Thrill Dragster. Didn’t even think about it, just reached up and snagged it out of the air. I felt like the baddest motherfucker alive for 2 solid days.

  29. Now the person who dropped the phone will be able to drop it again and not learn from their mistakes

  30. Men are simple creatures. Look how happy this guy is. Looking behind him to be acknowledged of his super human abilities. "Look guys I caught it!!!" "Omfg your a God!!!!!"

  31. I had something similar yet less epic happen to me when I was younger. The Superman roller coaster at six flags Darien lake has a whoop section at the end of the ride. Someone at the front of the cart had a lanyard with their keys around their neck and I saw them flying in the air and stuck my arm out and was lucky enough to snag the lanyard.

  32. I’m late to the party here, but I posted a gif 6 years ago of someone else catching a phone on the exact same rollercoaster. Coaster is Shambhala at Port Aventura in Spain.

  33. This made his ride much more memorable and terrifying and he definitely would keep this experience with him for lifetime.

  34. This guy definitely has children. Possibly also grandchildren. There is no other explanation for reflexes like that...

  35. My brother sneezed a big booger out on a rollercoaster loop and it hit the people behind him on the the way out. Definitely possible

  36. His hand must’ve hurt after catching it when moving that fast. At least it didn’t hit someone in the face

  37. Wish someone could've filmed me catching a hockey puck at a Red Wings game. I felt like how this guy was feeling. Also the fact that the lady one row up would've ate it lol

  38. This MF really caught it on a ROLLERCOASTER I would’ve had my eyes closed tight screaming like a pussy on that ride and let the phone go yeet!

  39. Now the question we want to know is .... how much did the guy have to pay that dude who caught it so he could get it back ....

  40. What a hero! I lost a phone to The Banshee at Kings Island last year. Shattered that poor pixel, if only this guy had been on that ride with me 😂

  41. Looks like it Was during the flash of the ride camera too. Definitely buying those after the ride

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