11 hours later, this is my newest completed oil painting, on 36x72” canvas!

  1. Lily Tomlin: “I bought a waste basket and brought it home in a paper bag. When I got home, I put the paper bag in the waste basket.”

  2. Yeah I'm a digital artist. People in the comments are mentioning Bob Ross but as lovely as his paintings are they are nowhere near as detailed as this. This canvas is 3 x 6 feet long, and you have to use progressively smaller brushes to polish a painting enough to achieve this level of realism.

  3. If they paint oceans, waves, water all the time, i wouldn’t be surprised. After awhile if you paint one subject long enough, it gets quicker.

  4. I saw Bob Ross do a painting including a wave like that in 30 minutes. This is more detailed but looks to be similar technique.

  5. Nah, it’s not that hard when you’ve practiced. There’s probably only 5 colors used here and with a minimal palette, it’s pretty easy to work a painting like this…again, with practice. This is a good painting and will probably sell for 3-4k$.

  6. I lived near the beach for a few years next to this old woman that woke up every morning at five to go surfing. Each day without fail, she’d be out there on her board, riding waves like she was born to do it. She must’ve been seventy or eighty, but when she was in the water it was like the years fell away from her body.

  7. Fuck me! If you don't write for a living, you should. That was the most engaging piece of a story I've ever read

  8. I mean, the painting is amazing, don't get me wrong. I just can't wrap my head around how you convinced a wave to sit still for 11 hours.

  9. The work you did live through parts of the pandemic kept me going. Before I saw your username, I thought that looks a lot like your work, and then noticed. Amazing as always!

  10. That is... perfection. You've reached nirvana and it's unspeakably amazing. No words can describe how awesome it is. Thanks for sharing this, I'm awestruck by the talent you must have and the work that must have gone into getting to this point. Thank you again for sharing.

  11. I will have a timelapse for this in the near future. You can find the real time video in 5 parts on my Facebook (Dimitri Sirenko Art) though!

  12. I just want you to know that I’m the person who stops and stares at paintings like this and marvel at the artists talent, and I love that Reddit has allowed me to reach one of such artists to give said compliment to!

  13. Thats a painting for real? And 11 hours? I dont know much about anything to do with painting but that is something I would buy for alot of money and hang it on my wall somewhere. Well done. Impressive

  14. 11hrs? I painted a self portrait for art class that took me maybe half that time and looked like shit.

  15. Mad respect for people who can draw, paint, etc. photorealisticly. Photorealism doesn't do it for me personally, but damn is it impressive.

  16. Nah thats gotta be printed on canvas man, if not that is one of, if not the best painting i have ever had the pleasure of seeing

  17. It's worse than shit. Honestly 11 hours? Did you spend 10 of them deciding which canvas you wanted to ruin lol jk fucking unreal work.

  18. Amazing! Can you actually do this in one day for 11 hours? Or is it like 2 hours for 5 days? Genuinely curious :o

  19. Hello Dimitri, next time you paint such an incredible painting like this, could you please take work-in-progress photos? I'd love to learn from you!

  20. I rarely comment on artwork I see on Reddit, but for this one I felt compelled to share my thoughts. You need to hear the brutal, honest truth about your artistic skill.

  21. Do you have a time lapse video of you painting this or something similar? I've never understood how someone can paint photo-realistic pieces. Drawing I understand but painting boggles my mind.

  22. Maybe the Internet has made my cynical, but how do we know this is a real painting? I just started Reddit a couple of months back and I’m taken back when people post stuff they didn’t do. It’s just weird. They do it for monetization I’m told…so they can resell the account. Like I said, people are strange but also stupid.

  23. Well one thing you can do is check the posters profile and see their history of posts and correspondence. Also, I did make a video of this so I’ll be posting a time lapse some time next week!

  24. That is fucking bonkers. Tested my girlfriend, she never doubted for a second it was an awesome photograph of the ocean. Blew her mind when I zoomed out..... well done

  25. I follow your etsy and have ordered a few prints. It's my dream to own an original by you one day. One of the big 5-8k pieces. Well done!

  26. One day, I’ll have enough saved to buy one of your originals. It’s been on my wish list for a long while! Absolutely mesmerized by your seascapes

  27. So does this mean that after 11 hours of work today you completed the final touches on this painting that quite obviously took weeks to fully paint or are you trying to bamboozle us and say that your skills are so off the chain you went from canvas to masterpiece in less than half a day?

  28. It's hard to appreciate how large 72" x 36" is unless you work with something this size. Very impressive; you should certainly be proud of your work.

  29. Thus is beautiful. It really reminds me of Deep Water No. 1 by Ran Ortner that hangs in Le Bernardin. You’ve captured the light perfectly.

  30. Beautiful painting, OP! It looks like something my favorite Russian painter of the sea, Ivan Aivazovsky might've made! I'm sure you're familiar with his work.

  31. Great job on this. I had to do a double-take though because it looked so familiar. I found the other painting I was thinking of and it was one that you did a year ago. Love the seascapes keep up the great work.

  32. jfc that's gorgeous. how do you not get frustrated? I'm only asking because sometimes when I'm painting (just starting out slowly) I just feel it's not perfect enough to a point I just toss the painting and start over or just stop completely. how do you motivate yourself to keep going?

  33. You have a very distinctive style — I’m sure you must have done tons of studies and practices for painting waves like you do. I saw the waves and instantly recognized your style from the painting of the seal looking at the orca about to come at it through a wave. “Fear or” Something.

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