Huge rope waterspout in the Black Sea today.. 🌪

  1. Something deep has awaken from its slumber, something that should have stayed dormant. And it's letting us know.

  2. stranger things music starts playing and gets louder and louder as the monster approaches their boat

  3. So I know that tornados are basically a swirling vortex of air that extends down to the ground (or water in this case). If I had to guess, the air currents surrounding the vortex and air pressure are somehow warping that vortex, causing it to have that weird shape. It might also have to do with the water literally weighing the vortex down.

  4. Hear me out .. what if water tornados are not tornadoes at all they are a act of aliens stealing our water right in front of our eyes !! 👀 😂🤣🤣😂

  5. They’d be disappointed cause the water is polluted so they crossed many galaxies and took many light years only to get poisoned

  6. Awesome! Thanks, Op, for showing it all the way to the end. To (what seems to be) the disintegration and falling apart. Rarely get to see that.

  7. The main villian just pulled his super op move that won't be seen anymore/is only a quarter as powerful in the final fight for no reason

  8. Not sure if it is 100% certain, but I heard there may also be a cyclone forming in the Black Sea that will head into Romania.

  9. I live on the black sea coast and I just want to say that stuff like this is extremely unusual for our part of the world. It's so unusual that a couple of years ago I didn't even now this type of phenomenon appeared anywhere near me. (I just thought america gets spammed with these things lol).

  10. Both tornadoes and water spouts (which are just tornadoes over water) begin their genesis from shearing forces vertically. This manifests into a horizontal rolling pin kind of vorticity. Through some complicated physics that horizontal vorticity is stood up on end to get your textbook funnel. But sometimes it doesn't quite work out that way over water nor over land, which is what you see here.

  11. Love the comments complaining about the camera quality like we’re not watching the video of a person recording a scythe like hurricane while out at sea.

  12. Imagine a whip lash from that shit. Is it water? is it wind? nobody would tell coz everybody would be shifting their pants and aware if anybody's watching that

  13. No one would ever believe it if it wasn’t on camera. Son, I saw a huge rope waterspout extend a mile long and spiral into the clouds like a dragons tail. Dad was always telling tall tales when I was a kid.

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