Here's a River of Sand just in case you don't know it does exist.

  1. Reddit seems to have figured out the lightning struck a rock and caused it to fall on the road breaking the road and the rock. Idk which is crazier that lightning can split rock or that it could have blown a hole in pavement.

  2. I just recently seen that fire mountain Yanar dag, on some travel show. That's also pretty crazy.

  3. (some) Aerated powders move like fluids. This technology is often used in industries. I'm going to assume that is the case here, but I have no idea how it got aerated like this.

  4. In other words it's a river of mostly water (melted hailstones) with some hailstones and sand mixed in. Not that bizarre really.

  5. I literally just finished watching the 1984 version for the first time. I’ll admit, I liked it more than I hated it. I’d give it like a B- or so.

  6. Could someone tell me the original poster of the ticktock? I would like to show this to my geology class but cannot link to nextfuckinglevel because fuck is frowned upon at the high school level. TIA.

  7. I legit thought he was standing on a raft or something and he was moving down the river like he was made of pure awesomeness.

  8. I remember first hearing about this in like the 3rd grade, circa '95. Guess our teacher was a survivalist or something, cause looking back on it now, it seems like such a random time to gain that knowledge.

  9. I have a feeling this river of sand turns into an actual river once the flood has settled its course. Soo not really a sand river just the aftermath of a huge rain fall further upland.

  10. Imagine being lost in the desert, dying of thirst and you come across this..."WHHHYYYHYY!" *shakes fist

  11. But how does it flow? The sand has to much friction on its own, must be air creating the flow and liquid effect?

  12. Oh look, there's something that can grab me and kill me in about a second, let's go over and touch it. Sheesh.

  13. No it is not sand. This is a water stream with so much hail floating in it. Some times it gets cold in the desert.

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