Dancing with anti gravity boots.. found on TT..

  1. Unpopular opinion here: I don't like this... does not look very smooth. Dance is usually more fluid, elegant and appealing.

  2. Depends on the dance style. Some dance styles are smooth, some are more "choppy" I can understand not appreciating it, but it is still a very technical dance that these two performed amazingly. Those are not easy dance moves.

  3. This is a Mexican dance that was popular in the 90s called La Quebradita. If you think this isn't fluid or elegant enough then you probably haven't seen any new dances that have come out in the last 20 years. Still over thinking everyone's doing the waltz and shit lol

  4. Explain square dancing , tf is that weird lookin ass shit Wheres the appeal or elegance ? . Dont get me wrong ill still fuck around and dance that shit and get a chick named Sally pregnant but thats just cuz i love dancin .

  5. It scares me as well. I thought he would either let go or she’ll hit her head on the ground. I felt anxious watching.

  6. I mean, they’re definitely not pros. Likely a couple that have been taking classes and were showing friends their progress.

  7. I’ve seen this dance style in the Latin community. They call it “Quebradita” and for the most part some people dance it with a better rhythm.

  8. This is regional from Mexico. I always thought it took inspiration from west coast swing due to the extravagant moves. Still dope due to skill

  9. That’s no small gymnast Either. That’s a full size lady. My back is hurting just looking at this. But super talents and gorgeous as well

  10. Yeah... not overly sure about this one. Reminds me a little of the roller coaster mine shaft scene in Indiana Jones. Exciting and frantic but not really sure they were gonna make it to the end!!

  11. “Yes, I know she’s four inches taller than you and we’re all still very impressed, we are every time we see it, but I asked you nicely NOT TO DO THIS AT MY WEDDING.”

  12. I've read a bunch of comments below and I don't care what anyone says - those two are killing it and they look like they're having a blast while doing it. Just look at the smiles on their faces!

  13. As much as I hate this music, the fact that this is how they are suppose to dance I wouldn’t mind learning it. I always wondered why my family who is from there don’t know how to dance it this way lol

  14. For some reason I read the title as "ANTI GRAVITY BOOBS" and i was watching the video to figure out what's so anti gravity about it.

  15. It’s like Strictly Come Dancing when the female celebrity can’t dance so the male Pro just throws her around to make it look good!

  16. So they met at this bar right and the lady goes I really like parkour and he goes I really like to dance, they stare into each other's eyes and realize a evolution was just about to begin.

  17. People that have never done dance or martial arts probably think the girl is just along for the ride. I ASSURE YOU she is helping. A lot. She is 100% a partner in that.

  18. Ahhh yes the music of my people. This is known as Quebradita. This is probably a dance battle that is going on.

  19. imagine having sex with her and she flips over like that and just snaps your dick and half thats game over right there

  20. That’s sped up to look cooler than it is. I wouldn’t call this “next ducking level” but if I saw it in real life I might call it “neat”

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