Dog swimming backstroke

  1. I know right? Video was a hard watch. Dog literally can only breathe through its nose because if it opens its mouth it'll take on water.

  2. Dog gets zero purchase like that. Seems like he maybe isn't actually trying to swim, but just to float (on back - a good trick), and the leg-kicking is more reflexive than anything.

  3. How come animals like dogs and tiger swim naturally, while humans can’t ? I mean they both stay on land and mostly never experience being in water, still manage to swim. PS. Sorry if this is a dumb question

  4. Humans come out way underdeveloped and have a longer learning period than most animals because of our pelvis and the amount of new information we need to learn to survive. Most animals come out mostly developed but undersized which why they can walk minutes after birth. Also they’re instincts and “knowledge” is more hardwired into their DNA since it’s simpler. This is all from a bunch of random podcasts I couldn’t come up with the name of so don’t take this as fact lol. I know a few were Lex Friedman and guest.

  5. I'd guess it has something to do with the position of the mouth and nose when the body is in its natural floating position. The center-of-bouyancy of a four-legged animal keeps their face out of the water and puts their limbs in an ideal paddling position.

  6. I woke up this morning not knowing that today I would see a dog swimming on its back for the first time in my long life.

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