Guy teaches police officers about the law

  1. This is what their training teaches them to do. They're trained to look for anything at all to give them probable cause to cast their fishing reels and try to generate income for the state. They're also trained that if they don't have probable cause make it up anyway. They're trained to lie to citizens to find trivial reasons to arrest or fine us. They're trained to be above the law. Go out to any town city or state and you will see Police officers abusing their authority, violating traffic laws they extort civilians for etc. etc. Laws don't matter to these armed IRS agents wearing military fatigues like they are at war with American citizens. Respect is earned not given and police are at the bottom of the totem pole. I wonder if they tell their moms what they do for a living.

  2. The police should have more knowledge of the laws they are entrusted to enforce. However, as the man in the video demonstrates, it is also important for us to the laws as well. If he wasn't familiar with the law, his civil rights may have been violated and he never would have known.

  3. I think they just need to pay attention in the ones they attended and stay updated with changes in law. This is a pretty common teaching in every academy.

  4. And get rid of the "fraternal" order inside it. Doctors don't kill patients and then cover for one another. Include basic psychology and sociology classes. Extensive background checks.

  5. It’s not a training issue. It’s an authority issue. They “feel” that they have the authority to whatever they want. They absolutely know that they don’t. The Supreme Court has reinforced that the police are not required to know the laws that they are expected to enforce. The police have qualified immunity from prosecution of crimes if they are not aware that their actions are violations of the law. This immunity ends at the point where the police are made aware and are informed of the law.

  6. Nah man a few weeks training is more than enough to unleash these racist clowns upon the streets with a gun. America is the most backward country on the planet, best part is they think its awesome.

  7. They do go through extensive training, and the result of that training is they learn how to get away with violating the civil rights of Black people with impunity.

  8. “Name a crime other than being black and walking down this driveway” I can only dream of having balls this big. My man dropping FACTS.

  9. These clueless cops sure look shocked this guy knows more than them. Lol....He very politely did say " Let me educate here "

  10. Surprised they didn’t just arrest him for resisting arrest, that’s usually the go to when the pigs got nothing on you.

  11. "Suspicious activity". Hmmm. Is it considered suspicious activity if the officer walks down his own driveway? Note to self: crawl down my driveway from now on.

  12. How messed up, fucking awful is it that a man walking on his own property is being questioned as to why he's there. Not only that but he had to have knowledge like that because it's obviously happened before. When will it end?

  13. They were knowingly being filmed. That's why they didnt escalate. The sad reality is that the cops now are going to target this man and they will win. You cant win against cops. They will pull him over for nonsense, rough him up when they get the chance and intimidate his family. Heard a podcast (Serial, I believe) about a cop who beat a young man. Young man sued and won but city had no money to actually pay. The guy was harrassed damn near every day of his life from those same cops.

  14. I love how he stopped himself from saying "let me teach this motherf*cker" and just kept his composure to say "this one". He knew he had the argument on lock and didn't need to piss off the cops.

  15. Incredibly smart move. I’ve been in a court room where someone completely lost favor with the judge for using profanity in a recorded conversation.

  16. I thought that was sad that he’s clearly trying not to get arrested for swearing. I’m 43, white, have lived in some really quite tough places and have never been stopped or searched by the police. I doubt there are black men or women my age who could say the same.

  17. At least the police officers were listening to the man. There are officers out there who would’ve tased, arrested, or even shot the guy for less.

  18. Here in Georgia, they'd never have allowed a guy to google a damn thing to educate their dumb asses ; they'd have bum-rushed him to the ground and pounded him silly...

  19. Yea this was scary to watch because if they try to arrest him and he resists a wrongful arrest and they shoot him, would the police even go to jail?

  20. Oh okay sure and next your going to say that cops should be required to take deescalation courses throughout the year and every year, and should be required to see a mental health specialist at least once a month, and lastly I bet you even think they should have compassion training! Fucking communist!

  21. Pretty sure that's the case in Canada, college course called police fundamentals, pretty sure it's a 3 year program

  22. A bachelors degree won’t teach you empathy though. I don’t need a degree to ask non-offensive questions and come to the conclusion that the guy was just walking around his own house.

  23. If you apply for an FBI job they interview your friends and family. A statement like this would definitely disqualify you. That’s because the FBI wants intelligent people. The police just want somebody who will follow orders. If you’re too intelligent and think critically, it can literally disqualify you from becoming a cop.

  24. You no it’s sad because he learned the law to protect himself and the police learned to serve and protect the community but they don’t use it how it should be used

  25. They're not taught to serve or protect. They're not encouraged to either. Those who do serve and protect are not even allowed to go after those who don't, because they'll be risking being shunned by the police unions and their members.

  26. They are taught to protect rich peoples property. Much likes the knights of yore. When you think about it it's funny how it ain't changed for hundreds of years.

  27. I don't think anyone becomes a cop to serve or protect the community. That's just the convenient little lie we tell ourselves about their purpose. But its not really sustainable in the face of the reality of modern policing.

  28. Shoemaker looks like he plays center for the football team in a touching coming of age tale about a mentally disabled hometown kid starring 2004 Sandra Bullock

  29. Neither is the other one. He's got the kind of dumb that you can see it in his eyes. Ten seconds in and I already knew that man hasn't read a book that wasn't of the picture or coloring variety since middle school.

  30. Lol that cops got one of the most punchable faces I’ve ever seen- like he’s feigning calmness and authority when he knows he’s not got a fucking clue how to do his job properly.

  31. This is what happens when any average schmuck out of high school can graduate from the police academy in 6 months and immediately get a badge and a gun. Make these idiots go to school for 4 years like virtually every other profession. They don’t even know the laws they’re enforcing and it’s literally getting people killed.

  32. They do know the law, they’re just used to being able to push people around who don’t. And they stand their ground to continue to assert their power.

  33. The officers DO know the law, but they also know that most people don't, and won't stand up for themselves. They use other's ignorance to their advantage. Officers jobs are to collect information to build a case against someone. When they start asking questions they are looking for information, facts that can lead to an arrest. There are rights that protect the citizenry from unlawful search, and unlawful arrest. Don't let sneaky ones trick you into building a reason to detain or arrest you. Be calm, be polite, know your rights. If they arrest you, shut your mouth and wait for your day in court.

  34. And request a lawyer. Lawyer lawyer lawyer, that’s the only word you say. “Am I under arrest?” If so “for what?” And if no “am I free to go?” Don’t resist. Just let them arrest you and ask for a lawyer.

  35. I once got arrested and charged for a DUI even though I blew under the legal limit. A lawyer told me they knew they had no case but issued the charges anyway hoping I wouldn’t put up a fight and would just pay the fines and all that.

  36. "You're being detained for suspicious behaviour " you can see how the fat cop realises he's got nothing as soon as the words leave his mouth.

  37. Suspicious behavior isn't the standard, though. It's an articulable suspicion that a person committed a specific act which is probably a crime. Walking in a driveway is in no way going to meet that standard unless there's someone else there syaing it's not that guy's driveway or that he has no authority to be there. Lacking that, there's no reason to believe it isn't that man's own home or that of a person who's authorized their presence.

  38. Probably just got charged for the website loading, usually when the carriers ask you if you want to purchase data the only thing you can do to say no is to turn off your phone. Honestly they probably charged him already.

  39. Hot damn. I don't usually side with the guy doing this as they are usually wrong. This guy is on point though. Right words, right area, right system, and right attitude.

  40. My favorite Sarah Silverman bit is when she’s pulled over by a cop and he asks her if she knows why he pulled her over. She responds You got all C’s in high school?

  41. Unfortunately this happens every day. We're just seeing it because it was recorded and uploaded. Civil rights movement was 60 years ago and yet reminding people that black lives matter today is still necessary (and for some reason controversial).

  42. Victim should also get paid, no fucking going to court, video is more than enough. Discourage police from being dumb AF but also encourage targeted minorities to also learn the law and have proof like this guy.

  43. It's even worse than that, he said "You're being detained UNDER suspicious activity". Motherfucker couldn't even form a proper sentence to build the lie he knew he was telling.

  44. As a heads up, failure to identify laws are different in each state. In Utah, for example, it is a crime to not identify yourself if you have been lawfully stopped. You can be stopped if the police officer has "reasonable suspicion to believe" that you have committed a crime, are committing, or are attempting to commit a public offense.

  45. I would assume being a public nuisance requires you to be in public, not on your own private property. I would hope so, anyways.

  46. Wooooo go boy good for you it is about time y’all start standing up to the bullies in the system who abuse it for their own purposes. Awesome job ✌🏻😉😁✊🏼

  47. What the fuck is it about bullies and chewing their gum like a cow chewing cud. That officer should be slapped upside the head for chewing like a fucking animal with his mouth open.

  48. I had that same issue years ago with Austin cops.. police have no clue about the law and try to BS you into complying. Thank god for cell phones

  49. It’s not like this is even an obscure law. This is something these officers likely deal with on a daily basis, and they don’t even know.

  50. Of course they know. They also know they’re entitled to say whatever they want to get the guy to comply.

  51. I could feel my braincells sucking on shotgun lollipops. He explains why failure to identify isn't a crime until it's a crime. Then immediately after that, officer Doofy says he's being detained for failure to identify...

  52. Was shoemaker a mentally challenged person??? He sure looked like it. We got a young inexperienced & unknowledgeable cop on one side. On the other side we have a special needs cop overseeing the whole exchange. How embarrassing 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ You know your areas police is corrupt & a joke when they walk away in embarrassment because they can't police. This is everywhere.

  53. That’s great an all but you know he’s not going to have a great time in his new home… that’s sad

  54. And these are the "good" cops. The bad ones would have arrested him took his phone and deleted the video. And he would be lucky if he didn't end up shot.

  55. They'll come back and shoot him while he's asleep and the camera got turned off and it's not in public in the middle of the day. Then theyll just say they accidentally had the wrong address of a warrant. They aren't good cops they're just sneakier.

  56. In a better world, I’d agree with you, but as it stands, I’ll take these guys over officers that would have kept escalating the encounter to the point where it became physical.

  57. They aren't morons, they're arrogant assholes that know there's no consequences to lying to civilians. At least the bald meat head had the decency to look ashamed after being called out. Cop one has that "my word against yours" shit eating grin that tells me he enjoyed teasing smaller kids when he was younger, and then getting them into trouble when they fought back. I just know that arrogant fuck is waiting for a reason to "protect himself".

  58. No lie, I had to tell my neighbor, a cop, that the EX on his city vehicle plate did not mean "exempt from law". It's a running police joke I'm sure, but he absolutely believed this at face value. Thought he could just do whatever while in the vehicle. I told him if that was so, the city garbage trucks could do the means exempt from state vehicle taxes. He had to think about this.

  59. Police academy only teaches them how to attack and detain people instead of the laws they want to enforce. Police are just a glorified mafia.

  60. And police unions are the consigliere and Teflon Don all rolled into one. Officers pay tribute for allowing them to operate and defend them when they fuck up.

  61. I can not believe they just walked away. So unlike American cops lol. They normally would of tried to arrest him, then later charged him with resisting arrest. Like assholes.

  62. Knowledge is a beautiful thing! Why don’t cops have to take at least two years of school after high school? Like at least an associates degree focusing on the law / criminal justice?

  63. That officer chewing gum looks like a sophomore, what the fuck. they have no idea what they're doing, what the law is, what suspicious behavior even is, don't even know how to make words with their mouths. These dudes were just picked off the street and given a police uniform, there ain't no fucking way they are properly educated, or even educated at all in policework.

  64. Be very careful doing the same thing. Different states have different laws about this. If you read up on identification laws and arresting on suspicion laws then do what you want. Otherwise you will fight while being wrong and wind up in jail.

  65. I posted part of this as a comment a few layers deep, but remember, laws for identification vary by state.

  66. In my state, for example, I must provide my legal name when detained, or it's a class-2 misdemeanor. I never have to provide my actual identification, although it could be taken from me in an otherwise-lawful search.

  67. So how do the police verify if someone who is standing on a front lawn is actually the resident of the house? Just curious.

  68. Walking around a neighborhood isn't a crime. The police have absolutely no cause to arrest you for walking down the street based on what they think you might at some point do later on.

  69. A cop has no more right to ask if the house your in front of is yours than any random citizen. You are absolutely not required to answer and for good reason. Otherwise you have shitty cops like this going around harassing people for no reason.

  70. Best line: what am I being detained for, except being black. The police were already sunk, but that line was brilliant.

  71. The problem isn't only the police but a generala lack of education on what our rights as citizens are. Schools don't teach children their rights as citizens any more. We all need to take the time to learn what our rights are and if you aren't sure it's always best to just stay quiet and not assist police in their investigation.

  72. Why is next fucking level dedicated to depressing stories of people only being exceptional to survive their unfair system. People knowing laws so they aren’t abused by tyrants or fucking children raising money to pay for other children’s medical needs or school debts. What the fuck world do we live in where we get to use these feel good stories to distract from the disgusting system we are in.

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