Penguin leaps to safety as ice breaks

  1. I mean I’d rather jump to a different piece of ice rather than jumping into water where my natural predators might be

  2. They’re humans with fur and flippers basically so yeah they should be able to swim. But belly slides are where the chicks come to play. You need to add 5.

  3. “BUt ThEy CaN sWiM” Well, maybe the mfer didn’t want to get wet. Would you just float off into the ocean filled with predators trying to eat you just because you can swim?

  4. They are like 98% fat for a reason. Dudes live in cold no human could stand on their own. They are literally built to withstand constant cold and frequent dips. Not to mention they are extremely graceful in the water while on land they are silly little wobbling bowling pins.

  5. Exactly! And who's gonna go back to the dorms and get him a fresh change of clothes? You? You, Lieutenant Weinberg? No? Then shut the fuck up.

  6. Kinda cute and sad at the same time. This is taken from a U.S Coast Guard Cutter and the ship is breaking through the ice, so yeah, the penguins are literally running for their lives. In the longer video, one penguin trips from a crack that opens up beneath him.

  7. Me saving up money and buying a house in 2018, colorized. I don't think I could afford a house now the way the market is.

  8. I can literally hear the penguin equivalent of a group of bro's going "oooohhhhh" after a gnarly water bottle flip -

  9. Penguins are dicks. Anytime I go to the zoo I love going to the penguin habit. It never fails that there will be 2 or 3 of them standing by the waters edge and one will slap another from behind and knock them in.

  10. It looks like the other penguins are yelling, "Jerry! For crying out loud! Stop messing around and let's go!" Then Jerry jumped to the other slab of ice and did that belly-slide. (Chef's kiss)

  11. Another thing getting said is they get chomped up in those waters and that there just so happens to be a whale lurking under that moving ice (its pushing it away)

  12. the fuckin' thing can swim. and jump out of the water again less than 3 feet away. yeah, it'd be next level if there was a visible group of Leopard Seals waiting in the water... but otherwise, wtf is next level about this? lmao

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