Army ants build bridge to invade wasp nest

  1. They could crawl the ceiling, but this a much effective way to carry their food without doing much effort! Imagine them upside down carrying some weight...

  2. My guess is they attacked across the ceiling, but as more and more ants came, the bodies started forming this rope, and this is just the natural equilibrium form of an ant based bridge.

  3. I'm guessing they have trouble walking across the ceiling while they're carrying things. So they probably walked straight across the ceiling to get to the nest in the first place, but then when they started carrying food from the nest back, they needed the bridge. I'm just guessing though

  4. i would like to see how they started out building the bridge. i mean how did they make it starting to hang ... did they first go straight line along the bottom of the roof and then kept piling up and make the string longer?

  5. Most likely began as a connected line along the ceiling which then dropped down as more ants and weight were added

  6. Ants dropped off of one another for millions of years until eventually enough ant particles created the rope. Then the Earth's poles reversed and the ant rope began building upward until it met the wasp nest.

  7. I find it super fascinating to watch how ants work. I live in Bali so there's all kinds of different ants here. And they all act differently.

  8. This is an old video. My presumption was and still is that bridge indeed follows the roof. At some point. Ants in the middle slip and bridge starts to hang. Since ants do not have that much brains the probably didn't even notice and instinctively grabbed each other. And every time one ant lost its hold on neighbour due to ever increasing weight due to new ants one new one would grab on.

  9. The fact that it happened at my country switched my feelings towards this video from vicarious awe and curiosity into a feeling of impending dread.

  10. Look at them, they're frightened. I can see it in their eyes. And they should be! Three hundred...against ten thousand?

  11. How did they “build” the central part? Did they start going down from start point and the went up again to form that arch?

  12. I have the same questions. I'm wondering if at first there was just a straight line of them along the ceiling, then as more and more ants started coming along, the "bridge" started to droop down from the middle as the ants were walking on top of each other and pulling the ones in contact with the ceiling off from it and eventually the bridge would just get longer and longer as more ants joined.

  13. May not be able to carry their spoils away properly without the bridge. The whole ants can carry 10x their weight is kind of misleading. 10x of almost nothing is also almost nothing. They may be able to support that weight but that doesn’t mean they can support that weight upside down

  14. I wonder if it’s a way to sneak up on the wasps more, or maybe limiting the scent trails back to their nest. I don’t know much about either at all but I wonder if it’s something like that.

  15. Nature is so crazy. Tiny insects building an awesome nest hanging from the ceiling only to be fucked by other tiny insects building a fucking bridge.

  16. If you look really close, you can see a chain. Especially in the part of the video going upright, when the whole thing twists on itself.

  17. Id pick ants over wasps any day . So if ants solved a wasp problem for me i would fucking build them a small shrine with like , cubes of sugar or something in the garden

  18. These are army ants, they can form columns 100’s of metres long consisting of tens of millions of ants and instead of creating nests underground like normal ants they make nests out of their living bodies. Probably not the thing you want in your house. These ants are such effective killers that they have to live a nomadic lifestyle as they sanitise the area surrounding their nest of all life within a few days

  19. The wasp larvae are good protein source for the ants. If you look closely you can see ants carrying away larvae from the nest. So the nest will be completely empty rather soon.

  20. I’m not an ant expert but from what I understand the “queen” is more a birthing machine than an actual leader of any sort

  21. i found this in an article about this video, "They will even build across the water!” Boni also explained that several species of ants realize it's tough to run upside down. "Apparently for ants, it’s more effective to follow the path over a bridge that ‘goes down then up’ than having to navigate an inverted walk."

  22. It looks like certain type of ants are walking on top of the rest to move the goodies. Reminds me of how billionaires and politicians take advantage of regular folks.

  23. Is it wrong that I want to see what happen when you know down one of the sides? Like to see if they'll swing like a rope, all suddenly fall down or act like a stick hanging from a tree.

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