This woman helps people in need to clean their house so that they can "break the cycle"

  1. I got like this once or twice in my life. Really bad like 6-7 years ago. Shit like this everywhere. I'm not a dirty person though. The funks ended and I was also heavily drinking during these periods (haven't drank in over two years). It's horrible really. Never be afraid to ask for help, especially small stuff before it snowballs into this.

  2. I used to be a tidy person, depression crept up and said “fuck live alone…who cares?” Nothing this bad, but it’s a level of mental illness and then it gets so bad you can’t even start. This woman is a rockstar for digging them out of the hole to get them to a place to start.

  3. Yep. I've just started working on mine today. All the rotten food got pulled out of the fridge. Tomorrow night I'm off work so I'm going to put on Netflix and do as many dishes as possible. It's amazing what you can do when you find the right antidepressants.

  4. It's quite likely an old lady who lives there. The video is from Finland, recognized it by some objects around the place like the books and stuff in the fridge.

  5. Thanks for posting the link. As I commented on her video in the link, having been the person whose apartment was like this and gotten tremendous help from someone, it was a Godsend and is one of the reasons why I’m probably not dead (serious). I had been in major lay down and rot mode.

  6. This arrangement is absolutely perfect. Someone gets something they need or may not be and to afford, a content creator gets content to post that we enjoy then the creator gets paid far more for the video then they ever would have for the work.

  7. For free? Well now I feel like an asshole because the whole time I was thinking "she better have been paid a generous amount for this work".

  8. My family was hoarders growing up and that was always the worst part, me and one of my brothers would spend a month cleaning and getting it spotless just to it being back to trashed in a couple of weeks. We would mostly stick to our room that we kept clean ourselves. I will say this though my parents house has stayed clean for the past 5 years and they seemed to have broken the cycle recently, so there is hope. Although I'm still not taking that bet.

  9. She has said before people will relapse, and she has helped a few people again for a second time. Depression sucks, without the right system of help, it's hard to break the cycle.

  10. I get your point. But the point of this and the woman who does this is that it gives people hope and everyone deserves that.

  11. I saw an episode of one of the hoarding shows that revisited people months or years later (edit to clarify: it was a compilation show, so it showed several people who had appeared on the show), and they actually had maintained the cleanliness, It was the show with Niecy Nash. I was really happy for the people.

  12. The Youtube channel shows at least one follow-up (not this person but similar) and the place is still tidy and clean and organised. While you might be right about most of them relapsing, sometimes - just sometimes - a start will help. Depends on the issue I guess.

  13. Exactly what I was thinking. This person was clearly not mentally stable and cleaning their house, while kind and helpful, is only a bandaid. It doesn’t address what got them to this place.

  14. True but I have to think periodic cleaning such as this is better than the health hazard of not doing anything at all. Maybe the person can beathe now, can use their sink, maybe the roach life cycle got disrupted. The goals are probably different than what you or me would set for ourselves

  15. Hoarding has a terrible prognosis. There's some possibility this is just depression but if she's a hoarder then you're right

  16. Agreed. I did this a couple of times for a couple of different people, and in the end it just ended up where it was before. It all depends on the person’s want to make the change, and if that’s not there, this won’t make much of a difference.

  17. I wish there was a job like this , I don’t wanna be a house keeper I just wanna clean up depression dens and dirty AF homes . Idk if it makes sense but that would be my kinda dream job .

  18. Hopefully she gets both. I have a therapist but not a housekeeper, mine never gets this bad anymore but this person is right that breaking that cycle can help put someone on the right track to start feeling better and start making changes. It can get overwhelming living like this, even if you’re working hard on your journey a therapist can’t come clean with you so getting this done can be a boon

  19. Seen her videos, she helps a lot of people by cleaning their depression nests. She really is amazing, does all of that for free and often travels quite far away. She usually gets her travel costs covered by sponsors, but can you imagine how much work houses like this need to make them look clean again?

  20. This is fake, I’ve tried clicking my fingers to clean the house. It doesn’t work. Took me 4 hours and a dislocated thumb to realize.

  21. This really is amazing. I know it’s not a permanent solution, but a fresh start every once in awhile can surely make a difference.

  22. U know I started doing that, when I’m making like eggs or something that requires like 5 minutes in the microwave, I just put things away/ clean them So I don’t have to deal with things left outside. It’s a good way to kill time spent otherwise wasted

  23. This is the truth. Im an untidy but clean person, if that makes any sense, and I get really frustrated sometimes because I feel like I spend half of my life cleaning, and nothing is ever clean. I feel like a hamster on a wheel. you have to get to a point where its clean, and then stay out in front of it always;

  24. The nursing school at UCSF, Divisadaro in San Francisco. They have an entire program about healing Hoarders. An actual textbook and and trained people that come out and help you

  25. I'm not sure this is really a hoarder. Just someone with depression who literally can't find the motivation to clean. I've dealt with it myself and it's the worst. You are sitting in your dirty ass house and you know you are a fucking slob and it would only take a hour or so a day to have it at least looking decent within a week. But you just don't, and shit keeps piling up.

  26. My 71-year-old father is a hoarder, and he lives in SF. Not sure anyone could break through to him, but I'd love it if one of these people could help him.

  27. I'm sure I'll get hate for this but no matter what someone's problem is, you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

  28. Yea that’s a mental problem they need to address. Having an outside person clean up isn’t going to fix the underlying problem.

  29. I hate to say this, but I’ve cleaned for people who lived like this, and as soon as I was done, it went right back the way it was. It’s a lifestyle position, either through depression, or apathy, or I don’t know what. But these people need more than a clean space to change.

  30. From what I can see above, she goes out of her way to help mentally ill people who request this assistance. I’m sure some of them fall right back in, but hopefully some of them are already getting help but are stuck feeling helpless to get that part of their lives back on track. I know when I was at my worst, one of the best things someone did was just spend a couple HOURS on my hair and wardrobe. We sat there and went through all the garbage clothes I was hoarding, she washed and did a mask for my hair, and like, I was coming back up out of a depressive state, it was the boost I needed to carry myself the rest of the way.

  31. Like a mate of my father... he was always a small slob but after his mother died it got worse. His Kitchen or place never looked this extreme but idk the last time he actually deep cleaned before we had to put him into a proper facility. Cleaning his place and get rid of all the stuff was interesting...

  32. I had to rewind to confirm it was a moccamaster. It hurt my soul a little bit to see it in that condition.

  33. That was the first thing I thought also. I have it and love mine. Hate when I get a little coffee stain in it. Couldn't imagine it looking like that!

  34. I am halfway to this. I keep seeking help professionally and none of them believe me because I work (part-time) and appear neat.

  35. I had a doctor who actually made me cry because she said that living with my chronic sleep issues must have been very difficult and it felt so good to finally feel validated after a decade of listening to doctors tell me there was nothing wrong with me.

  36. I’m sorry you couldn’t get real help when you reached out for it. Keep trying! It might take a lot of agonizing self-advocacy and solo research but you you’ll get there. Rooting for you to find someone who will listen and steer you in a positive, more cleanly direction!

  37. That sucks. There's often an endless loop of negative emotions you need to break before recovering from this. One thing you can try is taking a break from your daily routines and giving your brain completely new stuff to process. Go to new places, do a new activity, etc. Our minds are often stuck in a negative feedback loop because we repeat every day the same.

  38. God, I fucking hate doctors. Every one I've ever met is like "you can walk. Stop wasting my time."

  39. Saw further down thread that you're Aussie and I'm so sorry you're stuck on the shitty GP/ shitty psych merry go round. Best advice I can give for finding a good person is seeking out reviews on people before you see them.

  40. I saw an interview with someone who works with hoarders and he said the one thing that is common amongst all of them is they all absolutely believe that tomorrow they're going to clean everything up.

  41. My sister in law is a hoarder and we have done this many times. They aren’t as gross in the kitchen but definitely the piles of dirty dishes. It’s full days work per room. We’ve done the garage and rented a giant dumpster. It always comes back but it feels really good for a while. They’ve actually got at least the living room consistently un-hoarded.

  42. I'm 35 now. But when I was growing up with a single father with a drinking problem, our house was very bad. A terrible mix of filthy and a hoarder house. When I was in jr high school I started realizing that my house was not normal. And I was definently a sad kid. But in high school I started to open up and got some close friends. One of my friends was a super sweet Muslim kid. He was incredibly nice to everyone and I always admired that in him. One day he told me he was coming over and I freaked out. Like" um well my house is a mess. I dont want you to see it. " with out missing a beat he said. "Oh that's ok my parents can be messy too. We should help your dad out and clean the house for him" and that's what he did... That day we were throwing out a bunch of garbage from the kitchen and we stumbled across a old food dish full of maggots and mold. I was so embarrassed, but he just cleared all that shit into a garbage bag and moved on like it was nothing. I apologized for it and he was like" it's no big deal dude we just got to throw it away."

  43. What a way to love somebody who may not be receiving much. This is wholesome even if she’s getting paid

  44. I feel like the show “Hoarders” put these people down and yet this women came in with zero judgement and zero fees to do something difficult just to see another human smile. Really amazing woman.

  45. I’ve never been able to watch Hoarders or any other similar shows because it feels too voyeuristic. Hoarding is an anxiety disorder, and it hit way too close to home to see people struggle with their anxiety like that.

  46. She seems to have antidepressants so she's definitely seeing one tho, you can't buy them without a recipe here in Finland. So at least she's been trying to get help which can be one of the hardest things to do.

  47. I used to wonder how someone's place could get so bad. Now that I've been through this I am so grateful there are people like her. Sometimes all we need is a push in the right direction

  48. It's mostly exhaustion. Things get a little dirty, but you're so tired so you say you'll deal with it on the weekend. But in the meantime the mess grows and when the weekend comes the mess starts feeling overwhelming and you're still so tired, so you say you'll sleep over the weekend and be refreshed to tackle it next week. But the mess keeps growing and the idea of fixing it becomes more whelming and the stress makes you more exhausted. It's a vicious cycle.

  49. Why the fuck would you even scrub those dirty floors if you could just snap your fingers and everything gets cleaned? I would help someone too if I have this kind of powers.

  50. That’s Auri Katarina. She is from Finland and has a YouTube channel and cleans depressed peoples houses for free. She’s really cool.

  51. You're not wrong, but a change in pace does help a lot to shake up stuck mindsets. Even if things may go back the same again, it has an effect on the present moment.

  52. My gf owns a cleaning company and once every week she makes sure to clean for someone like this, or people who just can't afford it like vets and what not. Really makes a difference in people's lives

  53. Depression is a bitch. My mom would do this for me in my teen years and always seemed to help me get out of it. Had to do it for my kid too.

  54. Maybe it'll become like this again, or maybe they'll gain the strength from seeing it clean the way it should be to keep it that way. The person who cleaned it took that gamble and seems quite content with it, why can't you?

  55. Tbh - I need help from someone like this. :/ But I am too embarrassed to ask for it from anyone I know. And I don’t want to put anyone through the burden that I can’t even deal with myself.

  56. I used to live in filth when I was depressed, I got over it and live fine now. If I were to get put in a facility because of my depression I would have seen it as being imprisoned for thinking of myself as lesser than other, which would have made me think even less of myself which would have most likely caused me to end my own life. Now I work with mentally disabled and mentally ill people. Don't be so blind as to see the world as black and white, by the way I work home Healthcare because when I worked in a facility I realized that in a lot of cases it did more bad than good. I wouldn't do this for free though, if this person truly did it for free that's some true strength in character

  57. Lots of ignorant comments here. These people arent lazy, its called depression, and you clearly have never experienced the depths of hopelessness and pain it can cause if you cant understand how peoples kitchens get like this.

  58. fr like if you think people letting their houses get dirty is bad wait until you hear about how some people literally end their lives. it's weird how people know depression can lead to suicide, but somehow view a messy kitchen as even more extreme t

  59. I don’t think this is laziness. This looks like extreme depression. At my darkest point my place looked like this. Not quite as bad, but fucking gross. It wasn’t laziness that stopped me from cleaning it, but a deep, painful apathy and incredible sadness that made it so that I could not do anything about it no matter how much I wanted to.

  60. id bet you it's not laziness. it looks like depression. depression causes this. I have it. been through this multiple times. and yes, the cycle is hard to break, but it's possible if they get a chance. in the previous state, 0%. that's way overwhelming, especially to a depressed person. now that it's clean, they have a little bit more of a chance.

  61. You clearly have never experienced depression. Imagine being so low in life that you wish you were dead. Your last priority is cleaning up your kitchen and your first is simply finding the will to get out of bed and not kill yourself. I hope this never happens to you or a family member but if it did im sure you wouldnt call ur brother or mom “lazy”

  62. She uses mainly dishsoap, oven cleaner, Power paste, Scrub Mommy/Daddy and a cleaner blade made for cleaning. Products are mentioned in some of her

  63. I suffer from clinical depression and my kitchen wasn't far off this. The council replaced the entire kitchen recently (unrelated, it was just time for an upgrade) and ever since I have kept it clean, having something nice really makes you want to keep it nice. It definitely helped my mental health so this lady is doing a great service for people in need.

  64. mine too. wanted to do work in astronomy and astrophysics and now I can't even do algebra without slamming my fists on the table.

  65. This is brilliant. I have had my mother come help me clean before. I was that down that things just got on top of me an I didn't know where to start. It wasn't dirty like this, just a bomb site, but iv managed to keep on top of it since an it helped lift my depression somewhat. Too many people judge straight up, like you are lazy. I don't have the will to live yet you think I have the will to clean my house lol. There are many things you can do to help somebody going through depression and this is one of them. "Break the cycle" is the perfect way to describe this.

  66. Depression pit. Hard to break out of the cycle, and what this woman is doing is making it much easier for people. It's hard to ask for help without fear of judgement.

  67. Any parent will tell you that "breaking the cycle" is a myth. But she's still a hero in my book.

  68. Man I really appreciate the fact she does this. I’ve been here myself. Not this bad but that being said. “Breaking the cycle” starts with you. Nothing changes if you don’t make the change yourself and want the change.

  69. I was off work for depression/anxiety when the pandemic started. Before the pandemic I could at least go out to eat, but then I had to order take out... I accumulated tons of trash and couldn't get myself to clean up. I was despondent over lost treatment options for my depression (deep rTMS study, psilocybin study) and my place got worse and worse.

  70. As someone who recently finished their Spring Cleaning... This really makes a difference to your mental well-being.

  71. I do this for people in need of help as well. Depression and/or physical impairments can lead to this type of situation that only feeds into the negative feedback loop and will destroy a person's sense of well being and make them feel lost or hopeless. It falls on the shoulders of those who are able to be willing to lend a hand too them who are in need. I may not be a church-goer, but there are lessons to be learned and followed in books of faith.

  72. I did this once to a friend who had a total mental breakdown and everyone told me not to. I fed his cat everyday and slowly slowly cleaned up his house. He’s ok now.

  73. My depression looked like that 100%. I cleaned it after 2 years of isolation. Im still depressed but i can keep it cleaner now. I do my dishes after every meal so I cannot let it sit there and accumulate. Depression is a bitch.

  74. Wow, I’m not gonna judge the person who owns the home. People go through a lot, and are affected by many thing. I just want to say what an amazing job the lady did! 👍

  75. I know exactly what this is like and you get into this cycle of not being able to physically clean because you’re dealing with mental issues, then just seeing the kitchen on your way to get water causes deeper self shame and depression… this is a VICIOUS cycle and this woman is a SAINT. My entire apartment looks like this right now. I will be hiring a weekly maid soon, I’ll be able to afford it because instead of going to the bar to get trashed to avoid looking at my mess, I will be paying a maid to make me love being at home.

  76. People who live like that don’t just need someone to clean their house. There are deeper issues.

  77. Its mostly about money & time. Depression took both so people are left in this state. Someone like this women who helps out would start the depressed person on path of recovery

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