Designed for Parkinson's sufferers: spoon with balancer.

  1. alternatively, this is also good for when i get high as tits and pour my spoonful of cereal down my chest because i didn't realize i'm not at my mouth yet

  2. Yeah it's great and all but the damn thing dips every time it gets to your mouth. Makes you feel like you're Sisyphus with the way it teases your tastehole

  3. I dont have Parkinson (that I know of) but some days my tremors are so bad Id kill for something like this. Especially if they made something for drinks. Im constantly spilling my coffee.

  4. My grandpa didn't have Parkinson's, but he had a terrible shaking in his hand. This would have made eating so much easier for him. Awesome job by the engineers who designed this!

  5. The original spoon was designed by a company called Lift, way before the rideshare, they were scooped up by Google. I shared a startup space with them, there was a wall of letters from Beta testers on how it changed their lives, I couldn’t read them without getting teary eyed, this technology made such a huge difference in peoples everyday lives. Go Engineers!!!

  6. You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out, you put your right hand in and you shake it all about, you do the hokie-pokie and you turn yourself around.

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