What happens when a rock is thrown into a volcano from a height?

  1. Isn't it the opposite? Eruptions come when too much pressure is built under that solid layer, so theoretically couldn't you prevent an eruption by prediodically releasing said pressure like this?

  2. Exactly! My brain the entire clip: did you just start an eruption? Did you just start an eruption? Did you just start an eruption?

  3. it was just responding to the cock & ball torture he recieved from that rock. Can you honstly tell me you wouldn't eurpt every where like that volcano?

  4. Thank you, I suspected rather a bottle of water than a regular stone too as it looks like something starts boiling.

  5. Ah so really this is just the rapid expansion of water molecules inside the organic matter turning from liquid into gas, NOT the forgotten gods of Krakatoa being awakened from their slumber to cover the earth in darkness for a thousand years?

  6. Hm i guess if a volcano did this when a human was thrown in when other materials didn't elicit that reaction, i could see how primitive people might start human sacrifices. Interesting.

  7. if a body falls onto the lava, would it actually go under or just float on the surface because of buoyancy? Since lava is supposedly pretty dense it should create a lot of buoyancy compared to water

  8. OP was wrong, it's not a rock. This is a bag of "organic matter" (ie. mostly water). A big ice cube would exhibit similar behavior.

  9. I remember hearing from some folks that Volcanoes are extremely unstable, but it’s only when extreme pressure is over the head of the lava lake ,pool, canal, or whatever it’s called that it becomes a threat. So either these guys are testing their luck, or everyone knows the Volcano is safe. Either way, active volcano? No thank you

  10. Active, and they know it's safe. Rock has very low tensile strength as a material- it doesn't take much force to break through a thin sheet of it. So any volcano that has a lava lake has- pretty much by definition- reached a state of pressure equilibrium.

  11. If molten rock has allready surfaced it does not really contribute to the pressure of the magma chamber supplying the lava.

  12. It's just all the water in the bag of organic waste boiling off explosively. It probably calms down almost immediately after the cut, which is why they cut there.

  13. This lava lake is not a threat. The extreme pressure is causes by volcanic plugs, when the lava of a previous eruption cools and hardens in the vent, plugging it. This can build up pressure slowly over hundreds, or even thousands of years. It's what happened to Mount St. Helens, and most other catastrophic eruptions. The volcano in this video does not have a buildup of pressure, as there is no barrier between the lava and the outside. It's just sitting there bubbling. Maybe it will eventually rise from in increase of magmatic activity and bubble over, but it won't explode. The dark layer on top is a thin skin of cooled lava, but it hasn't hardened. It's still very soft and easy to break.

  14. The fact that the layer broke this easily means its a volcano low (?) In silica or that just recently exploded. This means it does not have a lot of built up pressure and won't be dangerous. Really dangerous volcanoes look like mountains.

  15. I didn't know they had raw footage of Gollum in his last moment... Looks much more realistic from this angle.

  16. Thank you for adding to the list of my anxiety driven night time worries about ridiculous but awful situations that will never happen.

  17. Fun fact: the initial fall would be similar to falling from that respective height onto concrete! The same thing can happen with bodies of water due to water tension. In this case, it's caused by the viscosity of the magma pool, like Ooblek!

  18. If I recall correctly, this is a video of someone throwing a bag of rubbish ("organic material") into the volcano.

  19. was the destruction of those 30 villages worth the joy you got from throwing that rock? absolutely.

  20. I’m no scientist but I kinda knew this would b the result…now if some doves flew out of the hole, that would be next fucking level

  21. A redditor posts it in even-greater potato quality, without providing source, and doesn't even get the details in a single sentence correct.

  22. Except for the fact that wasn't a rock, it was a bag of organic waste - that's what happens to people if they fall into a volcano

  23. Ancient peoples be like: that was cool now lets see what happens when we throw in a person!

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