Incredible marksmanship ends a hostage situation

  1. Did she... Did she still check both ways before crossing the street after what appeared to be brushing brains out of her hair!?! ?!

  2. Im impressed that she actually looked both ways before crossing the road! It would have been a shame if a truck ran over her.

  3. Legit SWAT guys are no frigging joke. He had forearm rest in a standing position, I'll bet his guy knew he had the shot nailed. That was just pure confidence and competence.

  4. It was a nicely timed shot. he was in a seated position with his back up against something and the split second his head stopped moving, lights out. High risk high reward shot.

  5. Tbh I'd rather the risk of being shot by a trained professional trying to kill my kidnapper than to continue to be a hostage with a gun to my head.

  6. I don’t know shit about fuck so someone correct me but this situation seemed extremely dire. Way more than similar hostage situation vids I’ve seen online. All that jostling and struggling I’m surprised he didn’t shoot the woman plus the gunman was gonna end up dead anyway. Perfect shot by the SWAT member.

  7. I mean, it was a life or death situation for the hostage. I'd say it was a judgement call, because she could have just died by the hand of the kidnapper as well. It's hard to tell what happens, but that shot was deadly accurate.

  8. They're a trained SWAT officer and it's like a 10 yard shot. Even with a handgun that'd be pretty fucking easy for them, let alone a rifle.

  9. I always figured if I were taken hostage (or kidnapped) The best tactic is to pretend to faint (or actually faint). I mean just go limp, or at least let your legs go limp (ie; bend your knees). Anyone trying to pull you around or keep you as a human shield will have a hell of a time trying to hold up a sack of potatoes. If you help them by holding your own weight with your legs, you are ... helping them.

  10. What an unsecured hostage situation. Great shot , but damn, the collateral damages that could come from a fire fight could have been big.

  11. Great camerawork. Love how he swings needlessly to the right at just the correct moment to make it impossible to observe the moneyshot in any clear way.

  12. The SWAT here in the Philippines aren't a joke since they knew the fuck up of the Manila Bus hostage Crisis (which is filled with Hong Kong tourists)

  13. the corruption in the Philippines will forever hinder the development of anything in the Philippines. The only potential that can be reached is the potential of filling up the pockets of corrupt politicians!

  14. The guy shot himself it’s clear as day he turns his head to the left and shoots himself through the right side of the head. Everyone praising SWAT but his rifle never even recoils

  15. Wow I've never actually seen someone's brain paint a wall before. Didn't expect that before noon today but that's what the internet is for

  16. When was the time where everyone agreed it's OK to Post Videos of dying people everywhere? When i was Young you find that Shit only in the dark net

  17. Shock sites have been around since at least the mid-90s, no special access required. It would probably surprise a lot of people to learn just how easy it used to be to find videos like this, in the wild west days of the internet., Liveleak come to mind

  18. I mean, the title of the post literally states what you’re about to watch in the video and the OP marked it NSFW too, it’s not like this just came without warning dude

  19. He held a gun against her head For now we'll call him Fred He tried to drop low But wouldn't you know That pink mist means he's dead.

  20. Maybe add an nsfl warning? Was expecting him to be disarmed in one shot. Didn't really want to watch someone die today.

  21. This is a lesson for all you hostage-takers out there: don't pause your head movements for a second. The instant this dude stopped moving his head around for more than a half second he was dead. Wow.

  22. Funny seeing all the SWAT team hostage tactical experts in the comments saying it was a dangerous move. Who would have thought so many tactical firearms experts were all on Reddit?

  23. I remember watching a documentary (I believe) about hostage situations and how the marksman just needs to wait for the criminal to point their gun away from the hostage to take the shot so that the gun doesn't kill the them when the criminal gets shot and start to contract their muscles

  24. What if they shot you in the face… it’s a chance we were willing to take. Officer Lloyd Christmas.

  25. What’s mad is how much she’s fighting him off like damn she probably didn’t realise this but at that stage she was literally the only thing he had going for him you really don’t want to be in a situation where you have only one hostage

  26. I like when I press "full-screen" on a reddit video and the screen just goes black and then when i'm back in the video after escaping it just is stuck and I have to refresh. It's as though there's a product-manager who is actively trying to lose monthly-active-users.

  27. Thumb down all you want but all hostage situation should end up like this. Enough is enough, time for instant karma.

  28. The blood spot on the pole it's amazing to see how much blood actually splatters from a head shot......kinda scary that the mark that ended someone's life was that small

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