How incredible the actors are during this scene in Marriage Story

  1. Ecch-This movie was very good, but it’s not an easy watch for those whose marital wounds aren’t fully healed. It’s pretty raw. F’d me up for bit after seeing it. But damn, if Widow and Vader aren’t at the top of their game.

  2. I've always been mildly curious what movie it was the memes came from but not curious enough to look it up. After seeing this scene, I just might go watch it.

  3. As a child of divorce who's parents hate each other, this movie was almost too much. Like watching the fights all over again. Amazing movie

  4. It definitely pours salt on healing wounds but at the same time, I think that's what makes it so good. It's a damn good scene because it is believable. Just watching this clip makes your throat dry if you've ever been in a situation like this. It's one of those scenes that takes you away from a movie and all the way back to a different and very real time. It might not be a good feeling but it's damn good acting.

  5. I've had a similar fight and nearly got divorced. We worked it out, but still really loved this movie. I also prefer unhappier stories, way too many happy ending stories. Gotta mix it up

  6. Anyone who wants to see more of him acting really well, watch The Last Duel. Really good movie, really good adam driver.

  7. As much as everyone makes fun of Kylo Ren freaking the fuck out, NO ONE can deny that Adam is fucking amazing at delivering that raw anger and emotion. Fuck.

  8. Saw him live in a theater in NY. He's so recognizable that you'd think it'd be hard to believe in any character he plays but he's really good.

  9. I think they were communicating too effectively for this to be realistic. Ive had these arguments and they’re so frustrating because the other person isn’t listening. These two were communicating and listening. And taking turns without speaking over each other. That never happens.

  10. Yeah this is great to watch but it’s similar to how Sorkin writes his dialogue, which is really unrealistic. Everyone is making a coherent and well communicated argument that has appropriate back and forth. Real life people are constantly interrupting each other, don’t express their thoughts properly and honestly half don’t even know what they really want to say. Arguments are messy in reality.

  11. Absolutely. I can tell you with absolute certainty that my husband is in his own world when we argue. Comes up with his own ideas about what I said and everything.

  12. This is basically how my marriage ended. We were good communicators through the bulk of our marriage but somewhere along the way we just stopped communicating well and resentment built up on both sides because we weren't actually talking anything through anymore. When we did start communication again, this was basically what happened. Just with more graphic descriptions of how he wanted me dead.

  13. I read a marriage counselor reviewing this movie who said she thinks she could save their marriage because they actually listen and give a shit.

  14. And what's interesting is that the side-by-side dialogue in that script means they were SUPPOSED to be talking over one another at those moments and I think it would have been more realistic if it stayed that way.

  15. I don't know, everyone has different experiences, but in mine these sorts of arguments sometimes come after a lot of it has already happened in our heads, a lot of replies have already been though trough many times and it's actually cathartic to finally say it, until the other party goes beyond where you have gone in your head and you just get angry and wish them dead =\

  16. I don’t think that’s true. My partner and I have arguments like this (well not exactly like this we don’t say things like we hope each other dies or whatever). Different people - and different couples argue differently so this hit the nail on the head for me. But we both are very dedicated to clear communication even when it’s hard, we manage to stay curious and listen even when it’s the last thing we want. Which isn’t easier either. But it’s how we operate

  17. I'd love to agree with you, but my wife and I really had these kind of fights. Tbf, she came from a pretty fucked up family situation and vowed (and kept her vow) to not repeat the mistakes of her parents, and I come from an environment where anything can be said, and everybody gets a chance to voice their opinion. Yes, I realise that's uncommon, to say the least, but after 4 months of zero communication, after the umpteenth fuck up on my part, this was exactly how we argued. In the end we both realised our relation had run his course and decided to divorce. Our children never saw us fight, and we never badmouthed the other in front of them.

  18. You gotta bear in mind though that these are two Hollywood/Broadway types and obviously both very good wordsmiths and also both very up in their own asses. They’re an unhappy couple at the end of their rope and have had these arguments built up in their minds for a while.

  19. I dont know, have you actually been a part of or witnessed a highly toxic argument between 2 scorned lovers? It can get pretty brutal and scary, to me this scene was done with the right amount of exaggeration.

  20. I honestly feel like the weirdest part is not how it's a bit overdone, but how they perfectly wait for their time to talk. Like, in a real life argument people would probably start cutting off each other in this scenario

  21. As someone who grew up in the middle of parents divorcing and has been stuck in awkward situations between two very emotional people, this is actually pretty tame.

  22. Imo I think the acting was pretty on point, so much rage and frustration accumulated showed in this scene. To the point he broke down. Not everyone has such “intense” or maybe “toxic” relationships, but many do have explosive ones like the one we see here. Its cinema yes, but thats the art of it - translating emotion.

  23. have you ever been in a fight with someone over your marriage and soon to be divorce? it’s definitely not overdone

  24. Dude I could barely watch it it was so spot on to what I’ve seen irl. Reminded me of my ex I dated for 7 years and how we argued at the end. It’s rough and they played it extremely well. This was one of those scenes I had to marinate on for a while after watching it.

  25. I thought Scarlett looked awkward and forced like a YouTube actor. The center framing didn't help that aesthetic.

  26. Overdone? No, it wasnt. This is how relationships are for many people. I've witnessed shit like this from my room. It is definitely not overdone

  27. Overdone? This was pretty spot on how divorce arguments go. It was enthralling watching their performance.

  28. It only feels overdone without the context of the movie. At this point in the movie, Nicole has pretty much ruined Chalie's personal life with the divorce proceedings (In his view), and is painted as a villain for most of the movie to the audience, for going in "guns blazing" into the divorce.

  29. You train your memory. You would be surprised how much you can train your brain to be able to memorize a lot content by just practising everyday

  30. Dude, stage actors used to literally memorize entire plays, several of them. Back in ancient Greece, some people deplored the growing trend of writing because actors didn't have to learn the plays by heart anymore.

  31. I have absolutely 0 desire to watch this movie. I can appreciate they acted well, but I don't need to watch this kind of raw suffering for 2 hours. Life is hard enough lol

  32. New found respect for these actors. This scene sucked me in and had me riveted. The camera work was also part of that.

  33. Dunno, to me this looks a bit drama school. And like the last film on earth I'd want to watch. Didn't fancy it when it came out, even less so now.

  34. It’s good acting but the dialogue kind of takes me out of it. It doesn’t sound believable, so the emotion the actors are conveying comes off as overdone.

  35. Ugh, yeah, this feels like Noah airing out his embarassing inner thoughts. "I wanted to fuck everybody and I could have because I was on Time Magazine! Wahhhh!" (Wall punch)

  36. That wall punch was weak as hell. Who in a fit of rage punches the wall like a hammer? Poor baby didn't want to hurt his knuckles.

  37. I mean he's a former marine irl not saying that makes him him some kinda super spec ops solider or something but just saying that he's probably been roughed up worse going though basic training. So he probably only hit it like that because they had to probably film this scene multiple times and he probably hit it multiple different ways and that's the cut they decided to go for maybe that's how he pictured the character hitting it.

  38. That not even a fair criticism of the scene lmao I have elbowed a wall in a fit of rage. Am I a baby for not wanting to hurt my knuckles?

  39. I guess those are like cardboard walls. Try to do that in a european house and you'll definitely break your hand.

  40. Didn't see the movie, but the dude fucked someone else when married and supposedly that isn't cheating?

  41. It isn't a good argument by any objective measure. As he says he was a young and successful director with a real name, and he could and would have cut a swathe through the young women in their circles, except she had to go and drag him into a marriage he now thinks he didn't want and he blames her for missing out on his prime. But he frames it in a way that she should be congratulating him for it, grateful for being the bare minimum of loyal to her. It's her fault he wasn't whoring around and she should be grateful - like she says he's good at gaslighting. And finally, as the distance between them grew too large and the relationship died, he moved on, grabbing at the nearest attention. In his mind the marriage was already dead in every way except officially, and to him this was him being loyal and not cheating.

  42. Yeah; his argument is they had a dead bedroom; their relationship was essentially dead, so he doesn’t count it as cheating I guess?

  43. The scene is supposed to make it out as an “everybody is wrong here” which while true there is fault on both sides, one side’s fault is significantly greater

  44. She cheats on her fiance with him, then he cheats on her several years into their marriage. The point is that they're both cheaters, liars, manipulators, etc. Trying to asign blame for the marriage failing defeats the point of the movie

  45. Maybe I’ve seen too many real-life arguments in my life but this feels kinda overwrought and hollow. Not bad acting per se, just doesn’t feel in any way real to me.

  46. Someone once pointed out that this scene is the same sort of scene that every pair of acting students do when presenting to a class, and I can't unsee it.

  47. For whatever reason, probably because I strongly agree, I remember that thread so well, including the point of sharing how Revolutionary Road has a very similar scene but with actual amazing acting. I wish I could find it now.

  48. I think you can find critical analysis for basically any show or movie on YouTube. I think they're fun to watch, but I don't know how much weight we should put in them

  49. I doubt acting school folks can act this well, that's why it hits so hard for the common person when watching this scene. These two actors do a masterful job of acting.

  50. This scene is good, but I think the big fight between Carmela and Tony Soprano feels so real that it’s scary. Some of the best acting I’ve ever seen.

  51. I honestly think this scene is some of the worst overacting either of these actors have ever done. It feels forced and their mannerisms just don't ring true.

  52. Having gone through a husband fucking someone for 2 years and then leaving our family saying he never loved me, i can't watch these kinds of scenes. We never fought until after he left. Adults shouldn't have to. And i can't watch others fight. Fighting would not have prevented his infidelity. I found out too late what a sociopath he was. My son is now 27, and i still feel bad for what he went through with ex and his now wife. Son went to therapist when this happened. But it was still horrible.

  53. Acting is amazing but the writing is entirely too composed for people that are in a serious argument. It feels.. off, as if they're too upset to be being that well spoken.

  54. the amount of time people keep referring to ScarJo and Adam Driver by their roles in one of the worst Disney made, billion dollar social experiment movies..

  55. Jesus, I feel like I had that conversation with my ex fiance last week and they acted it better than I played it out in real life. The only thing it was missing was a ear splitting scream of agony and my blowing my knees out falling down.

  56. This movie was ok, but was basically a poor remake of Kramer vs Kramer. I certainly don’t think it was Oscar worthy and was not even in the same league as 1917 (which should’ve swept the board) although it was better than the God-awful movie that won best picture that year!

  57. Never heard of this movie but having had arguments like this idk if I'm ready to watch it. In tears at the end of this video

  58. I loved this movie, but I've heard from a few friends that they thought the script was over exaggerated. They're parents are all still married and I basically had to explain to them, nope, very unbelievably accurate.

  59. This movie was so good and so raw. It had me bawling. Definitely difficult to watch if you’ve been through a divorce.

  60. Shit the problem with posts like these is that they always spawn thousands of keyboard acting pros, "never saw the movie, this impressive? I could do better".

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