In the city of Amol in Northern Iran, Iranians are protesting the death of a 22 year old woman by the 'morality police' and defying the riot police, who are trying to run away.

  1. I’ve seen middle eastern protests (I’m Iraqi American) and they do nothing. The people in charge are so corrupt they don’t give a shit about the people.

  2. Iran could do well with some reform but I'm not hopeful. One part of this story that people might not know is the President of Iran , Raisi is speaking now at the UN. The Basij are likely under orders to not crack down too much while the president might be questioned about it at the UN. Once he is home I suspect the gloves will come off and many more of these protests will be dealt with swiftly.

  3. I think that’s a dumb way to look at it. Their home is that land, and the government is simply who claims control over that land at that time.

  4. All governments have a "morality police," it just depends on where you draw the moral line. Most people agree murder is immoral and should be restricted, robbery is immoral and should be restricted, insider trading is immoral and should be restricted, prostitution is immoral and should be restricted, etc.

  5. If you build an empire with violence, you'll get your share of it eventualy. Way to go people of Iran!

  6. How is Christianity bad? I know it says some pretty crazy stuff in the Bible, but modern day Christianity is nothing like what it used to be

  7. What happened to that guy at the end of the clip with his hands on his head. He just doubles over and falls into the bushes.

  8. i feel sorry for the people of Iran. i’ll bet they average person is a victim of this like so many. not talking about dems and republicans but people who actually live under regimes they have no choice in. oppression and cronyism and fear. depressing. think of a bunny with a pancake on its head now. better?

  9. Brave ppl!! Good for them! she's just a son's her age! 💔🤬 someone's baby girl "beaten" to death. makes my being late on rent not so much of a problem

  10. This is protesting. Now compare it with protests in russia when people are like slaves going into police busses with no resistance while everyone around filming it and waiting their turn.

  11. People around the world are fed up with authorities killing us over basic human rights and decisions that belong to the people

  12. Meanwhile in gf pointed this out to me and I told her don't get any ideas, "Don't start thinking for yourself, that's how women gain control!" Next think she will expect is control over her own body. /s

  13. Find your intelligentsia and academics and philosophers. They will help with advancing society should you all bravely overthrow the regime. Irán can change. It is possible. But it has to take courage and careful planning!

  14. Maybe they will finally be free from tyranny in a few years. Russia can’t help them. They’re too busy getting it handed to them in Europe.

  15. LETS GOOOOOO!!!! Get these greedy, thug, gang-running politicians out of our governments. THIS GOES FOR EVERYONE WORLD-WIDE. 💜

  16. Mesopotamia has been a trap for human souls for the entirety of our existence. It has ground the strongest militaries to a halt countless times. It has changed hands and religions more times than history can count. It has absorbed so much of our blood that it has to be living by now.

  17. This is more than just about a woman being killed. This is decades of anger and frustration coming out. These people have been waiting for such an opportunity.

  18. The real question is, what COMPANY makes it possibly to shut down the internet in a whole country? And how do we make sure that company dies ASAP.

  19. Can anyone tell me why this is barely being reported in UK news? Found 1 article on the BBC website about her death and that’s it.

  20. This is what was missing in Hong Kong. The crowd greatly outnumbered the police but almost never fought back. This is bad news for the regime.

  21. I'm sad there are so many people in the police force all over the world who are ready to destroy people's lives, to lay their own life (although the cowards probably think that's not an option, it is though) for the interest of a dictatorship that will make their children's lifes even worse than theirs

  22. United States of America, 1963. Only violent. That’s the mistake here. The other side will only hunker down and resist. Non-violent protest will get the attention of international media and change things. This will only get a stronger response.

  23. Whats sad is iran can be a formidable world power. They have one of the most smartest and capable population of that region. Im shocked why it's taken so long for the people to revolt. Give 10-20yrs after the establishment of secular gov and they will be a powerful nation.

  24. The amount of bravery it takes to face tyranny and death head on is NFL like it or not. These people are risking their lives to live free of theocratic authority.

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