Pull ups with 20kg added (40Lbs)

  1. Fred in the background there is having a workout of his own trying not to stare at her ass while also remembering why the hell he’s sitting on that bench.

  2. He is afraid that if she catches him checking out the back end she will slam him into the ground. He is balancing risk and reward. Nice view but I might get my ass beat down by a woman. How long should I keep staring.

  3. Tbf weighted pull ups with what is probably 1/3 her body weight is pretty good. I definitely can’t do that

  4. I don't mean to undercut this, if it's an achievement for you it's still a good achievement, but this is not really nextfuckinglevel... I have personally seen quite a few people do the same or more. Hell, I myself have done 35kilos.

  5. Yeah I remember there were guys and girls at my gym in college who were doing similar things and weights

  6. Came here to say this. Know a ton of girls and guys at my gym who could do this (and also maintain a much better hollow hold during their pull).

  7. I agree. It's a nice achievement and should be valued personally, but it is not next level. You can go to different gyms and find a few people doing something similar.

  8. A number of years back I was dating a girl that was fairly petite, so I wanted to try that "couples pullup" where she would have her legs wrapped around me and, well you get the idea. I was always pretty decent at pullups, so I started training with 90lbs hanging from me. I could do 3-5. Then she broke up with me, so I just abandoned the idea, didn't think she'd still want to do it at that point ha.

  9. Also ignoring the fact that being a woman does actually make this more impressive, having less upper body mass and a lower center of gravity.

  10. Thanks for posting this, I immediately thought this was next level shit and just see everyone acting like this is common. Probably like 1% of women could do this, if that. Maybe 5% of men (at least in the Midwest where I'm from). These are controlled reps and probably not the first exercise she's done. If this ain't next level what the fuck level we starting out on lol

  11. You are so right.. picking things up and putting them down again is the absolute peak of human ability and performance.

  12. That’s my thing, she’s a very small woman and being able to pull up your own body weight with an extra 44 pounds is really impressive. Your average person cannot do this And your average woman who works out cannot do this.

  13. I watched this Netflix documentary on the making of Aliens, and Vasquez became best friends with Drake in real life! I just love that.

  14. In what way does she 'look like a crossfitter?, I'm genuinely curious isn't she just wearing like the most normal workout gear.

  15. Is appreciate that she goes all the way down to reset. People that don't reset all the way are still most likely more athletic than myself, I'm just saying

  16. It kinda boggles my mind that this is considered next fucking level by most here. Tell me you never workout without telling me you never work out amiriiiiiiiite???!??!!!

  17. I thought there’d be a second set with the Gentleman seated behind her hanging on to her back? Was she injured?

  18. Amazing effort - well done!!! You are SUPER strong to do that!! People may complain but it's all about proportionality with weight and physique, irrespective of size. I used to do similar with 4 X 25Kg disks when doing dips! You are one STRONG lady - respect!!!

  19. That is how you truly get strong, not just endurance training by makin 50 pull ups and 100 push-ups. Always add weight.

  20. Cheers to you...I can't do that shit! Also, you, or whoever is in this vid, is/are super gorgeous in a Thunder Cats (cartoon not band) kinda way. Love it...will recommend...can't wait for the sequel. Thanks again!

  21. Isn't this just a lot of extra work to set up, wouldn't it be easier to just use a pull down machine with a lot of weight on it?

  22. I thought she was going to do it on one hand and was about to be hella impressed, but this isn't something crazy

  23. Not the best form you can see it's to heavy for her but A for effort. But yeah you should Def focus on form instead of weight

  24. ....this isnt really that special. Its definitely not some "next level" shit lol I see this in the gym all the time

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